Coronavirus: Anger is growing at China over COVID-19 and its apparent cover-up attempt

Coronavirus: Anger is growing at China over COVID-19 and its apparent cover-up attempt

3/31/2020 11:56:00 PM

Coronavirus: Anger is growing at China over COVID-19 and its apparent cover-up attempt

China is facing a public relations catastrophe that is only likely to deepen, writes Sky's diplomatic editor Dominic Waghorn.

A Wuhan doctor hugs a medic from after leaving work earlier this monthAnd according to reports this weekend, the British government has been told the Chinese may have lied about the extent of their own outbreak by a factor of 40.Precious time was lost for other countries to prepare for the virus and when they did, it seems it was based on fudged figures and dodgy data.

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The Chinese government appears also to have indulged in a Kremlin-style disinformation campaign too.Image:Xi Jinping wears a mask during his appearance in WuhanIts foreign minister tweeted about the possibility the"US military brought the virus to Wuhan".

Its online mouthpiece, the Global Times, reported that Italy may have been to blame, producing no evidence whatsoever for the irresponsible claim.China is facing a public relations catastrophe that is only likely to deepen.Image:The coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China

Western countries have their populations on lockdown, their economies frozen or in freefall, and the country where the virus most likely originated is suspected to have lied, covered up and spread misinformation about its role.It has not helped either that some of the medical supplies sent by China to western countries to help battle the pandemic have been rejected as substandard and potentially dangerous to use.

In Britain, there is reportedly rising anger about the Chinese government's conduct and increasing pressure for a wholesale review of relations with China. Read more: Sky News »

Stop trading with China they don’t seem to care about anyone and their barbaric treatment of animals what they do to them is just horrific. Still doing the Wet Markets they can’t be trusted ! EscapeEUSlavery fake news. China has warned you long long ago. You are stupid to oversee the alarm. Z The anger is justified. In fact, i would like the anger not to be inside, we need to show them how mad we are at them. All this is because they initially covered up their crappy act and the whole world is now paying for their porosity in handling the issue.

Blah blah blah... no evidence. sky you are making up the news and are the reason and source for anger. You must be held responsible From day one I heard that someone in China had caused this .. Illegal dirty markets were to blame but why did it take ages for China to warn the rest of the world . So Yes I blame China for covering this up 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

TomBon2019 In Fact,This Photograph Was Taken At A Wet Market In Indonesia.Stop Creating Lies And Hatred. Really Shame On You. BoycottChina ChinaMustPay Well I hope china is held to account..and their disgusting treatment of animals is stopped and their disgusting eating habits ceased ofcourse it is, they caused this and should be made to pay for it

FakeNews ! FakeNews! FakeNews ! FakeNews! FakeNews ! FakeNews! You are liars and frauds. Doesn't 'civilized' UK have some laws against disinformation, or is it just 'Wild West'? Without seaming to sound nasty or racist if this turns out to be true that it could be 40 fold more cases in China and they lied. Then China should be boycotted for causing such a world wide catastrophe.

😡 China should learn from World leaders and take accountability for their profound actions. They should apologise to the world for this epedimc outrage! Do not play political game or lie. And? So is everyone going to boycott china? Send all chinese back to china? Nothing will happen. They have the west by the shorties.

Don’t support China, don’t purchasing anything from them Chinese government respect the freedoms of its citizens very much. Looking at your government's performance in the early epidemic, failure to take blockade measures in a timely manner, leading to an outbreak across the country, even right to life and health cannot be guaranteed

It’s not the cover up itself, but the act of war they’ve unleashed on the world. Pls put things into perspective. The Wuhan spread was preceded by the World Military Games end Oct 2019. 100+ countries join Wuhan Games & these needs to be considered. Since the real Patient 0 is not found yet, the Virus maybe imported to Wuhan at the games.

Blame game won't help. Tell your medical doctors scientist to us venom of scorpion 🦂 and jellyfish. To make the cure. Or vaccination 💉 this not a blame game. Extra what they check is poisons or the inserts eat by bat 🦇 spiders and butterfly 🦋. Pls hurry. SA KZN. I get it skynews. This is April fool init?

With the shit they Eat it’s no wonder the worl is fucked by China, They Deliberaty Infected the World with this Coronavirus, They Need To Fuckin Pay. Anger is never the answer. International law with lovingkindness is the answer. ChinaLiedPeopleDie WHO TaiwanCanHelp TaiwanIsNotChina Corona Pandemic COVID19 CoronaVirus

Now the whole world is in trouble by eating each every animal dogs snake heee Chinese Who the hell looks at a fried bat and thinks ahh yeah I'll scran that Like who look at a bat and thinks I wanna scran you, they're disgusting the chinese. Whatever China did or what mistakes made, &there is grounds for concern, this must *never* become a blanket scapegoating where governments in the UK,US & elsewhere get a free pass for their own blunders & mistakes. This talk only started once it became clear UK/US were in trouble

Blaming China won't bring back our loved ones now. Lack of preparation by other governments also have equal responsible for this pandemic FakeNews ! This picture was not taken in China! China's efforts and sacrifice have bought precious time for the world. Some people are attempting to make China the biggest scapegoat for their own epidemic response failures. Use your brain, IDIOT!

China and lying... they are synchronous Fact: Chinese people don’t eat bats. I never saw and heard anybody selling bats or eating in China. Stop Lying! That's in Indonesia still selling please ask them to stop, please🙏🙏🙏🙏 China needs to be held accountable globally. They are totally responsible for the loss of lives.

It's called the China virus. Get it right. Anger needs to turn into tangible actions and sanctions on China. SARS, CORONA have originated from China.. (Even the Spanish Flu, some say).. world needs to hold China accountable... Should the world unite to shut down all the wild animal markets in the world?

Just out of curiosity, did the network in the western countries crash for two months when China was facing severe pandemic in Jan and Feb? Stop being china's flag waver. They lied at the beginning and are lying now Η ρίζα του κακού . Καλημέρα και καλό μήνα Unlike the usual Chinese government bashing. This one is directed at Chinese people. Well done

A little mistake. Just saying. China is a disgrace ! China is all over twitter with helpers praising them so many EU block fanatics now seem to be China fanatics as well same with the Rose accounts dodgy as hell this whole thing is! This is not news...hell yeh we’re angry Let's create a virus, spread it amongst our own not to raise concern and then lets infect our competitors, bring their economies down and presto China comes out controlling the world. World domination without a single shot fired. My thoughts

Spread more lies. Believing everything on Western FakeNews exposes how stupid the average Westerners really are. Ya'll aren't just gullible, ya'll are retarded beyond hopeless. COVID19 COVIDIOTS I can’t believe you are an official media but are just distorting facts. val_tigress They started the war it needs finishing, even Russia cannot defend them for this, they have wiped out their people as well. Get rid

As a human being living in 2020, I can not understand why anyone would want to still eat bats, snakes or lizards! We are intelligent beings! No one needs these creatures on their plates and no one needs the effects of covid-19 in the human race. I am angry! Father said it was a Democrat's hoax, just like common flu, and will disappear soon even though Uncle C closed his door and went to ICU at the same time! Then you did nothing while the neighbors took medicines . Unfortunately you got sick, and it's all uncle's fault! yeah

fuckoffbitch Two months after the outbreak, when your government failed to control the spread of virus, you post the article on Twitter and people transfer their anger from their government to China. What a useful trick😂 But China gov do much better to protect its people after bad and slow action at initial stage in Wuhan. Anger is no use but shows disability.

I think it escaped from a lab.. Liar, liar and liar Bats things are absolutely bullshit because these people are eating this for last hundred of years. Stop playing this stupid card and make people fool wcstpatriot AND the WHO helped them cover it up Suddenly all parties backed Trump against China. Do you believe this kind of rumor? Like markets remained open, picture of selling bats from last month. They just want to fool people,seek attention. The Chinese gov published the coronavirus in early Dec, people have been talking about it for months and did nothing about it.

UKMemz It would have been easier to deal with if they have been more civilized and boil these sh*t at 100 degrees before consumption RoundLike Hardly surprising given that they eat vermin It came from China ? It’s disgusting , not all Chinese ppl fault not at all but come on !!! Ffs apparent cover-up attempt?

I agree the Chinese covered up and the initial outbreak of COVID19 and therefore are responsible for it spreading around the world so quickly, however I still dont understand how people are still saying it came from bats! I highly doubt that is the source of the outbreak No one mentions the WHO saying Boris Johnson’s advice to isolate for 7 days if you think you have covid 19 is WRONG the WHO say isolate for 14days so many going out infecting people ,it’s like he wants people to die !

DeniseMembery Apparent hey sky........ How many serious viruses have came out of china in modern times? Going back to 1918 when they spread the 'spanish' flu and in more recent times. Now they say theyve stopped covid19, even though they denied it was a problem and allowed it to spread, sure why shouldn't I trust them

Nothing 'apparent' - it's quite clear to everyone logical at this point that China has not and will not learn. Apparent? Are you actually serious? 👍This article is on fire: The bastards boil dogs and cats Alive as it gives the meat a better flavour they are a cruel sick people,made in China I for one will never purchase anything made in China again and I mean anything.

What to expect from a country who kills their own citizens to sell organs 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Mouting angers are whether this UK GOV has well prepared/equipped the nation for such natural challenge, compared with what has been done by it's neighbour, German. A joke! A national scandal! New President will be elected if your state failed during the outbreak. But not for China Communist Party. They covered up problems & Persecuted people for a centuries, caused 2 pandemic. The world still let it got away.

HK people know CCP very well and that’s why they protect themselves against WuhanVirus since the beginning as they know HK government is same as WHO , puppets of China ChinaLiedPeopleDied I hope China gets a substantial fine and severe penalties for this Any comment on the performance of the UK in containing this outbreak, failing to support frontline staff and disseminating incorrect information.

Read book called stealth war. Never look at China the same after that read Speaking of apparent cover-up?... Scum of the earth. Sue China for the loss of priceless lives and billions worldwide. Boris's Herd immunity policy is to blame. He fails to prepare for an outbreak until its too late. No shit. Tramps

Remember the herd immunity plot? The reality of this virus was clear at that stage. Make them a pariah state. Why did the intelligence system of a country like the US fail? It should have known what was happening in China at the very beginning and fed it back to Washington. Apparent 🤔 the dirty bastards eat any disease infested things. They knew about this in September and said jack shit. You can't plan and build a 1000 bed hospital in 5 odd days.

Of course it's a cover up ,!! DebbieShattock Luke97598622 Shocked to see so many comments without logic from developed countries. Take a look how many cases confirmed in western countries when Wuhan lockdown, and what you have done since then, blamed China of overreactions and its human rights I think so.

They need ridiculously harsh sanctions once this has all finished. Completely cut China off from trade globally. This is old news. UK and USA have been caught unprepared and useless. Other Asian countries had same start and handled it much better. Where’s the investigative journos now? I DEMAND to know what actions the UK & other civilized western nations are going to take against China. It's their society that buys & eats wild animals from filthy markets. They caused this virus so they can bloody pay for it !

When or maybe I should say if this is all over there needs to be an investigation this isn't the first lifting disease to come out of China and I doubt it will be the last WW3 game on 🙊😳🙈🤣 China lied nothing new hopefully this time the world doesn't sit back and watch. So much wrong with the nation. They really are no good for this planet. No they’re not the only country that has hygiene issues but their effect on climate and the way their government control, they’re not exactly great.

They haven't told the truth from the beginning. They have however managed to utterly decimate almost every countrys economy on earth. They should be made to pay reparations. We should also stop trading with them immediately. Vile country.

Coronavirus: Spain surpasses China COVID-19 cases as deaths rise to 7,340A minute of silence has been held at Madrid's Puerta Del Sol in memory of those who have died of coronavirus in Spain. Spain has become the third country to confirm more cases of COVID19 than China - more here: Third country in the world to have better or honest statisticians than China. Still very sad though. Prayers to them.

China tried to cover up coronavirus & 'is still not telling the truth'China has covered up key information or lied during virtually every stage of its coronavirus response, from initial cases to current infection and death figures, observers experts and politicians warn. Yet most of the MSM spread China's propaganda

China reports another 48 imported cases of coronavirusThe dozens of new patients reverse China's trend of recent days after 67 cases were reported on Thursday, 55 on Friday, 54 on Saturday, 45 on Sunday and 31 on Monday. Check apartments. If you believe their lies you are insane

Will 'silent carriers' trigger a new coronavirus crisis in China?Chinese Premier Li Keqiang today urged officials to ramp up testing suspected 'silent carriers' and intensify the monitoring, tracking, quarantine and treatment efforts imposed on them. Falsifying or miss reporting a Death certificate is a Crime, Can this be happening here? No. But the upcoming Dog Meat Festival would. Stop eating bats and aardvark..filthy people over there.

China reports another 48 imported cases of coronavirusThe dozens of new patients reverse China's trend of recent days after 67 cases were reported on Thursday, 55 on Friday, 54 on Saturday, 45 on Sunday and 31 on Monday. CCPLiedPeopleDied What about the 1000s they exported to Italy and the rest of the world, any offer of financial damages yet? Should the headline not read... ‘returned cases’?

Michael Gove accuses China of hiding true scale of coronavirus crisis amid mounting diplomatic rowChina’s failure to give “clear” information about the spread of the coronavirus has been blamed for worsening the spread of the disease amid a growing diplomatic row with Beijing. Oh look! A squirrel! Remind us - how much the trousers from all those Chinese promo supplements you run? And yet - albeit in the Garrick - the things you say about your oriental sponsors... ChineseEmbinUK ? BadFormOldBoy PrivateEyeNews This is a diversionary tactic. It's entirely possible that China may not have been straight about this, but in no way excuses the UK government's own tardiness, 'herd immunity' guff, Johnson delaying the COBRA meeting to take weekend off, or lying about EU ventilator procurement