Coronavirus - all you need to know as UK warned virus 'not coming down fast'

PM to host global vaccine summit tomorrow

6/4/2020 1:56:00 AM

PM to host global vaccine summit tomorrow

Boris Johnson led today's daily Downing Street briefing where the UK public was warned coronavirus is 'not coming down fast'. This was hours after he faced off against Labour leader Keir Starmer in a testy exchange at PMQs

(Image: Daily Record)20:31UK travel quarantine rules explainedThousands of holiday plans have been cancelled this year with coronavirus affecting millions of trips abroad.Now as the aviation industry looks to restart flights, a controversial measure to require mandatory isolation for most people arriving in the UK is set to begin on Monday.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel has defended the plan, saying it is“essential” to save lives.The measures are designed to help prevent a second wave of infection but the travel and aviation sectors has warned it will cause irreparable damage.Nearly everyone arriving into the UK will be required to to fill in a “contact locator form”, including details on where they will isolate and how they can be contacted.

The form must be completed before travelling and Border Force will carrying out spot checks.Non-resident nationals who don’t complete the form might be refused entry and Border Force also has the power to dish out £100 fines.The strict rules will be enforced from Monday

(Image: CAMERA PRESS/David Dyson)20:20Business Secretary Alok Sharma tested for coronavirus and now self-isolatingBusiness Secretary Alok Sharma has been tested for coronavirus and is returning home to self-isolate after beginning to feel unwell in the House of Commons chamber, his spokeswoman said.

“Secretary of State Alok Sharma began feeling unwell when in the chamber delivering the second reading of the Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill,” she said.“In line with guidance he has been tested for coronavirus and is returning home to self-isolate.”

Alok Sharma20:08Austria lifting quarantine rules for neighbouring countries except ItalyAustria is lifting coronavirus-related border restrictions including quarantines for all neighbouring countries except Italy as of Thursday, the foreign minister said on Wednesday.

Austria borders eight countries and had agreed with Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein that they would reopen their shared borders from June 15. It is now accelerating that move on its side and lifting checks for Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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“We are thereby returning to the pre-corona situation regarding these countries,” Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg told a news conference.His announcement came shortly after Germany said it would lift a travel ban for European Union member states from June 15 as long as there are no entry bans or large-scale lockdowns in those countries, suggesting a move towards greater freedom of movement in time for the summer holidays.

Children wearing protective face masks sit in a classroom at a primary school in Brunn am Gebirge(Image: REUTERS)19:59Reopening primary schools unlikely to lead to second wave, research suggestsThe gradual reopening of primary schools across England alone is unlikely to lead to a second wave of coronavirus, research suggests.

Admitting more children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to schools in isolation is unlikely to push the coronavirus transmission R-rate past the value of one, according to researchers, but “uncertainty” remains over the impact of other recent changes that have eased the lockdown.

Any school reopening policy should be “implemented gradually” to mitigate risk - especially in light of other policies to relax the lockdown, infectious disease experts from the University of Warwick say.The findings come as children across England have been returning to primary school this week after the Government eased lockdown measures across the country.

But a survey from the National Education Union (NEU) suggests that more than two in five (44%) primary schools in England did not open their doors to more children on Monday.A year six pupil has his temperature checked by a member of staff at St John's Primary School in Fulham

(Image: REUTERS)19:48Brazil approves Oxford vaccine for tests as declining coronavirus rates in UK make trials difficultBrazil’s health regulator Anvisa has approved human clinical trials for a potential coronavirus vaccine developed by scientists at Oxford University and supported by AstraZeneca Plc, it said on Wednesday.

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With COVID-19 epidemics in Britain, mainland Europe and the United States coming down from their peak and transmission rates of the coronavirus dropping, scientists have turned to places like Brazil, where the disease is still rife, to test potential vaccines.

The Oxford University vaccine, supported by AstraZeneca, is among the first COVID-19 vaccines to move into Phase II, or mid-stage, trials, along with one from the U.S. biotech company Moderna Inc.To speed up development, researchers are carrying out at the same time both Phase II and Phase III trials, which involve a broader age group.

All hands are on deck to find a vaccine(Image: Getty Images)19:28Unemployment levels could hit highs not seen since the 1980sBrits must brace for unemployment levels to hit highs not seen in the UK since the 1980s, according to two former chancellors.

Alistair Darling, the lastLabourpolitician to hold the top economic job was joined by his former rival and successor George Osborne in calling on ministers to ensure more structures to help the unemployed are in place.Alistair Darling, who was Labour chancellor under Gordon Brown during the 2008 financial crisis, said: “We need to get ourselves into the frame of mind where we’re thinking of 1980s levels of unemployment.

“If it doesn’t happen, that’s great but I think we need to be ready for that and if we’re not people will ask why.”Youth unemployment could go up by 600,000, experts fear(Image: Getty Images)18:57Future of Chester Zoo 'at risk of extinction' after being told to shut 'indefinitely'

One of the UK’s largest zoos is “at risk of extinction” after losing millions of pounds as a result of thecoronaviruspandemic.Chester Zoo bosses say they are fighting for its future as the conservation charity could end 2020 more than £24 million in debt.

Managers say the Cheshire site is “Covid secure” and they would be able to limit numbers and enforce social distancing in a way public beaches, parks and beauty spots cannot, but the Government has not given zoos the green light to reopen.Jamie Christon, the zoo’s chief operating officer said: “As the UK’s biggest and most popular charity zoo, we’ve tried to stay positive during this pandemic.

Chester Zoo could close for good after losing millions during the coronavirus pandemic(Image: AFP via Getty Images)18:53Council bosses investigating whether Dominic Cumming's Durham bolthole had planning permissionPlanning bosses are investigating whether the property Dominic Cummings stayed in during his controversial lockdown trip was built without planning permission.

The governmental advisor stayed at North Lodge, near Durham, when he travelled to the area on March 27 with his four-year-old son and wife after she started suffering coronavirus symptoms.The building is understood to have been the site of a swimming pool and permission for the erection of a pitched roof structure over it was granted in 2001.

No other applications have made for it since, apart from the felling of trees.Mr Cummings told a news conference last week that the building was “an isolated cottage” roughly 50 metres from his parents’ home, and described it as “sort of concrete blocks

Durham County Council has now received several complaints over whether the property has the necessary planning permission to be used as a residential dwelling.Prime Minister Boris Johnson's top aide Dominic Cummings(Image: PA)18:41How 14-day coronavirus quarantine law will work - and everyone who won't have to isolate

Stringent new laws will impose a 14-day quarantine on thousands who arrive in England from Monday.Anyone arriving from June 8 - including returning Brits - must fill out a form stacked with personal travel details and then go into isolation.Escapees can be fined £1,000 and the most serious offenders prosecuted in a bid to stop the spread of

coronavirusfrom overseas.Tory MPs have staged a mutiny, warning the rules will crush the airline industry and cripple the economy.And there are claims it’s a pointless policy, because the UK already has more cases than most other countries anyway.A passenger wearing a face mask arrives at Heathrow airport,

(Image: AFP via Getty Images)18:30DWP changes universal credit rules on how household earnings affect paymentsThe coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live, with almost 9million people now on furlough and millions more self-employed workers now surviving on state support.

It’s an anxious time, and to support those who have been left helpless, the Government has introduced salary schemes, grants and mortgage holidays for up to six months.If you’re unemployed, off work due to sickness, or on a low income, you could be eligible for universal credit to help cover your living costs.

To help those during the coronavirus crisis, the Government has increased the monthly standard rate for single people aged 25 or over.ReadHouseholds are understandably worried about how the pandemic will affect their finances once it's all over(Image: Getty Images)

VIDEO: Chief scientist warns coronavirus is ‘not coming down fast’ and R is almost 118:15Boris Johnson says he hopes to reduce 2-metre social distancing rule - depending on one thingIn a seeming clash of approaches with Professor Chris Whitty, Boris Johnson today appeared to stress how personally keen he is on getting out of lockdown as soon as possible, and reducing the 2metre social distancing rule.

At the Daily Downing Street briefing, he said in passing: “Eventually I would like to do things such as reducing the two metre rule.”But he added that this depends on the UK’s ability to keep reducing the rate of infection.Professor Whitty, however, also told the daily briefing the two-metre rule will continue for as long as the coronavirus pandemic exists.

He listed a series of measures at the Downing Street briefing, including hand washing, “good cough etiquette”, the use of face cloths and the two-metre rule.“Those are going to carry on really for as long as this epidemic continues,” he said.18:08"We are not yet at cruising altitude for this"

Professor Chris Whitty has said the number of tests for coronavirus would continue to expand.“We are not yet at cruising altitude for this,” he told the No 10 daily briefing.“The number of tests is going to keep on going up and our ability to use the tests we have got is going to carry on going up.

“This is going to carry on for quite some time before we get to the point where we are all satisfied we have got to the point we need.”18:06Johnson says negotiations taking place with European countries about “air corridors”Boris Johnson said negotiations were taking place with European countries about “air corridors” to avoid the quarantine requirements.

He urged overseas workers to return to the UK - but warned that they would have to comply with the 14-day isolation period.At the daily Downing Street press conference he said: “On the air corridors, I don’t want to go into the negotiations we are having but, clearly, we are discussing with our partners around the whole of Europe about what could be done.”

18:05Risk of coronavirus to children is low, says WhittyChief medical officer for England Professor Chris Whitty reassured parents the risk of coronavirus to children is low as he stressed the importance of schools reopening.He told the Downing Street briefing: “Clearly there’s a very complicated balancing act for society in terms of the possibility of increasing the transmission on the one hand and depriving children of their education on the other.

“This is a very hard balancing act but this is where we’re trying to, as a society, walk between two risks, a risk to education and a risk to health. And the rates of transmission are now much lower than they were at the point when schools were closed.

“I fully understand, as everyone fully understands, people wanting to think this through but... the biggest concern is going to be the health of their children and this is a disease that can affect children but is very unlikely to compared to adults.”

18:05Boris Johnson says there will be “many, many job losses” as a result of the coronavirus outbreakBoris Johnson has said there will be “many, many job losses” as a result of the coronavirus outbreak but promised the Government would take an “activist” approach to reviving the economy.

“I am afraid tragically there will be many, many job losses. That is just inevitable,” he told the No 10 daily briefing.He said that ministers would be as interventionist in the aftermath of the pandemic has they had been previously in protecting jobs.

“We will be just as interventionist in the next phase, investing in the UK economy, investing in infrastructure, taking our country forward so that we bounce back as sharply and decisively as we can,” he said.He said he believed it was “vital” to ensure young people who were likely to be the hardest hit were guaranteed apprenticeships. “Young people in particular I believe should be guaranteed an apprenticeship,” he said.

18:03Ireland death toll rises by threeThe coronavirus death toll in Ireland has risen to 1,659 after a further three deaths were announced by the National Public Health Emergency Team.The total number of Covid-19-related deaths in Ireland is 1,659, reflecting the denotification of two deaths following the validation of data at the HPSC.

There have been 47 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ireland, bringing the total since the outbreak began to 25,111. The total number of infections reflects the denotification of two confirmed cases.17:49Coronavirus alert level should remain at fourChris Whitty said it was the “unanimous view” of the UK’s four chief medical officers that the coronavirus alert level should remain at four.

He told the Downing Street press conference: “We’re trending downwards. The alert level is a clear four but with a direction of travel down - that was the unanimous view of the four chief medical officers on the advice, the independent advice, of the Joint Biosecurity Centre.”

17:49Two-metre rule will continue for as long as coronavirus pandemic existsProfessor Chris Whitty said the two-metre rule will continue for as long as the coronavirus pandemic exists.He listed a series of measures at the Downing Street briefing, including hand washing, “good cough etiquette”, the use of face cloths and the two-metre rule.

“Those are going to carry on really for as long as this epidemic continues,” he said. Read more: Daily Mirror »

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