Coronavirus: 'Alarming' rise in people shopping despite virus lockdown

Coronavirus: 'Alarming' lift in numbers visiting shops despite lockdown

4/7/2020 1:10:00 PM

Coronavirus: 'Alarming' lift in numbers visiting shops despite lockdown

Data for the retail sector shows the extent to which people hit high streets last weekend despite the restrictions on movement.

Analysts have reported an"alarming uplift" in visits to shops last weekend as the government appealed for people to obey the UK's lockdown restrictions.Figures from retail data specialist Springboard showed an 81% decline in footfall last week compared to the same period last year, as all but essential services were shut in the fight against

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coronavirus.But there were widespread reports of people ignoring advice to stay home as the weather improved, with spring sunshine bolstering temperatures through Saturday and Sunday.People out. During lockdown. AgainSpringboard noted visits to shops rising by 9.5% on Saturday compared with the same day a week ago.

The figure rose by 21.3% on the Sunday, despite repeated government warnings on the health and safety implications of visiting public spaces.AdvertisementThe report said:"The increase on Sunday was particularly noticeable in London (+51.4%), in other large cities (+32%) and in coastal towns across the UK (29.6%) which are key locations for leisure trips but less significant for essential shopping."

It added:"With the warm weather set to continue over the four-day Easter weekend, this brings into question what further measures the government will need to enforce to curtail this movement. Read more: Sky News »

And wait in a queue for anything up to 2hrs outside stores when ppl do not want to be longer than need to b. This is the Wilko definition of what is deemed as essential during this pandemic.They have online ordering of course but why use that when you can expose 20,000 staff and their families to coronavirus They are determined to stay open no matter what.

1. People aren't allowed to visit parks, even if they're distancing, unless they wear lycra. 2. Not all of us own any lycra. 3. Clingfilm works just as well. 4. You have to visit the shops to buy clingfilm. 5. Ultimately, we will need to shop to kick-start the economy. Not everyone who is elderly and have health issues are on the governments list... It’s starve or chance the virus

People do have to eat. 🦠s Ah god forbid people need food! Idiots, how dare they try to eat, shame on you. Nonsense, stop being alarmist and help You miss typed your headline again! “ Alarming lift in Dick heads visiting shops despite lockdown “ There are no delivery slots so people need to go to the shops. Come on sky news, get better at this.

bastards wanting to eat. stop it! Definitely no shops open. Are you trying to get us banned from being able to get food now? You're just going to catalyst social unrest with articles like this. Some stores continue to trade on the back of being essential! Selling everything they stock not just essential lines. You can buy compost/plants/paint etc. Are they essential

People need food...and drink

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Young people: how has your life changed under the coronavirus lockdown?We would like to hear from people up to the age of 25 about how they are adjusting to the restrictions on everyday life ‘You’re mobile usage was up by 72% last week’. Because when you are over 25 your life is over and don't go out anymore. Pffffff. They're fine, they're on their phones.

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