Coronavirus: 563 more people die with COVID-19 in UK - bringing total to 2,352

Coronavirus: 563 more people die with COVID-19 in UK - bringing total to 2,352

4/1/2020 4:12:00 PM

Coronavirus: 563 more people die with COVID-19 in UK - bringing total to 2,352

Another 563 people have died in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus - bringing the total number of deaths to 2,352.

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Sly news spreading fake new about Testing we all know from the Peston show the blood test only works after 28 days STOP SPREADING FAKE NEWS WITH. Not From. Stop scaring people you horrible people. People are still shopping for unnecessary items We aren't going to be a nation to starve. Yet they are still finding a excuse to go out of the house to do shopping. It's habitual. Yet there are no tighter restriction. Bullshit

Die with COVIDー19 or Did they All die because of COVIDー19 ? Browndeus We need REAL UK stats not a general consensus. Actual people tested, treated in hospital for COVID-19 not registered by the hospital registrar as C.O.D. For quick burial And yet you quote Karol Sikora stating the virus will 'burn out' and has 'nowhere to go' where did you find her/him? Social distancing in best cases has resulted in reduction to contact instance of confirmed Cases reducing from 20 contacts to 4/ 5 Karol comes out with 0.62.genius

Cheltenham. Die with COVID19- does that mean it was the cause of death? Was it down to COVID19 that they died? Correct me if I’m wrong but surely when social restrictions are relaxed then we’re back to square 1? There is no dying out of this virus, we’re all going to get it at some point and have to take our chance with it,albeit with a better chance with a ventilator..

Virus has a religion in India and that is Islamophobia. TablighiJamaat One more thing, as growers of plants fear they will loose their stock, ask everyone who goes to buy their food, to buy one plant for their garden in memory of those that have died. And yet there are STILL flights arriving from Madrid. There is one landing at Heathrow at 19:40, a BA flight.

Rip May God help us 13th March was when social distancing rules were put in place, the numbers will peak till about 5th April and if everyone follows what is asked, we should see the curve go down but that is a big IF!!! Shut this country down for god shake what’s wrong with this government ffs hospitals only open

johnada75157425 Died with or died from? Amazon, jd, Adidas and many more warehouses still open. And many unnecessary warehouses and jobs still open why. Close them immediately. Is it necessary people order tracksuits from JD? Is it necessary people order jet washers from amazon now?. NO. CLOSE THEM AND STAY HOME

Nothing compared to seasonal flu bla bla Last year 1600 people died every day on avg Of 563 that died today we've been told half to 1/3 would have died anyway. I realize deaths will ramp up, but even at top estimates they aren't that far above yearly norms. Is the response justified? Is lockdown killing more?

The UK Govt knew what was coming in Jan., when doctors told them we were unprepared. The UK Govt saw how S. Korea got a grip on the virus, but failed to follow their approach. The UK Govt has had 2 wks advance warning from Italy, but failed to act. Is it unreasonable to ask why? If this level of lies, corruption and treachery was rolled out to the French people they would've have burned their government to the ground by now 🤷‍♂️ typical British, cowardly imbeciles about sums them up

How many people have survived? The news channel only ever give the bad news out Repent from your evil ways. Repent from sexual immorality; sex outside marriage; drunkenness; love of money; materialism; selfishness; pride; malice; slander; gossip. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and for deliverance from the judgement to come.

It’s going up and up! 🙈😬😢 and going to get higher OMG!!! This is a world wide disaster, very sad 😔 STAY IN DONT MIX WITH OTHER PEOPLE

Coronavirus UK: Graph shows 'plateau' as UK is listening - but warning issued for BritonsCORONAVIRUS cases have shown a 'plateau' as Britons have kept to the social distancing rules which were set out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson ahead of the UK lockdown.

Coronavirus: Total of 55 prisoners test positive for COVID-19 in UKThe total number of cases has doubled since the last update on Friday, when 27 prisoners were confirmed to have tested positive. taru_sisko So we’re testing prisoners who are kept in a locked down environment but not our Frontline NHS staff? I suspect those prisoners who have been tested are Tory donors or ex Tory MPs.

How long will the UK coronavirus lockdown last?Boris Johnson took the unprecedented step of curtailing individual freedoms to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Nobody knows...... next? How much of a mess has BorisJohnson made

UK researcher creates 'coronavirus test' that 'gives result in five minutes'Professor Maneesh Singh claims his company Biocel Analytics has created a game-changing piece of coronavirus testing technology which could be used alongside a mobile phone app

Call for UK domestic violence refuges to get coronavirus fundingSigns of surge in abuse and killings as women’s anti-violence groups call on government to do more Anybody else what is put their hand up for funding?

UK coronavirus death toll reaches 1,789 amid data reporting concerns381 more deaths were reported yesterday but experts warn data from NHS trusts is inconsistent 😰