Coronavirus: 1.3 billion smokers urged to quit to reduce COVID-19 risks

The cigarette industry is urged to stop making tobacco, as a study says smokers with COVID-19 are more likely to be seriously ill.

4/6/2020 10:01:00 PM

All smokers have been urged to quit their habit and cigarette companies have been told to stop selling tobacco during the coronavirus pandemic

The cigarette industry is urged to stop making tobacco, as a study says smokers with COVID-19 are more likely to be seriously ill.

All smokers have been urged to quit their habit and cigarette companies have been told to stop producing and selling tobacco during the coronavirus pandemic.Professor John Newton, Public Health England's director of health, said"there has never been a more important time to stop smoking, not only for your own health but to protect those around you".

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attacks the respiratory system and smoking can cause damage to the lungs and airways.Image:The world's 1.3bn smokers have been told to quit as COVID-19 can affect them more severelyPHE officials also highlighted a survey from Wuhan, China, where the

outbreakbegan, which found smokers who developed COVID-19 were 14 times more likely to develop severe disease.As well as smoking, the study found age, maximum body temperature on admission and respiratory failure were among other significant factors.Advertisement

The study took place between 30 December last year and 15 January 2020 and was published in the Chinese Medical Journal.An additional warning for smokers from PHE is that the virus can be given an easier route of entry into a person's body during the act of smoking which sees the smoker repeatedly raise their hands to their mouth.

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Please give up smoking during this coronavirus pandemic to protect your health and the health of others who could be coronavirus positive. Passive smoke is a big risk to others, but also smokers who become coronavirus positive are at an even greater risk of becoming very unwell. Ok, the alcohol too, and crisps and fatty foods too then please, will they do that?

Let the fuckers die it's freedom of choice NO. 'The study took place between 30 December last year and 15 January 2020 and was published in the Chinese Medical Journal.' Must be right then. Seriously?! Can the virus survive in smoke filled lungs and air passages.....just asking _joe_wright pls quit x 2222Zeus PublicHealthGib

CoVid1927605122 PMOIndia narendramodi drharshvardhan can we do this in India Even weed? Don’t be daft, I’ll quit smoking when I decide, not from anyone else Will they? CV is a good reason to try to quit or cut back to protect you & the ones you love. We make our own choices. It's a democratic country. Understand the risks & decide if it's worth it. When someone you care about dies, you feel guilt. Think of your guilt if the worst happens.

👍🏾 No bars people. Save yourself As someone currently in a country where it is now against the law to sell or buy cigarettes, I can whole heartedly say this is the worst move. I had my last ciggy on Saturday and I haven't been well since. Between puking lungs out and being too tired to work, I prefer smoking.

The tax they earn off cigarettes you think this will happen Better not I choose to smoke and stay indoors unlike the bulk buying idiots now dying Abrahamic purist's forcing non conformist to conform Cheeky barsteward, Well I'm gonna start smoking pure weed then Stop selling sugar, it kills over weight people aswell , plus they alone are killing the nhs. Just go to any hospital and all you see is over weight people walking round clutching a can off monster .

Just had thought.. Could it be tobacco is grown in other countries.. As we know the tobacco economy is strong... Strange times I wander what is next.. 🤔 Stop making fine wines, champagne, caviar and everything else the elite imbibe before you pick on the damn workers - if you want any left and willing, that is.

Tobacco is big money - no one will ban tobacco or alcohol - it would be a huge political hot potato on all sides- business and users. This may be controversial, but, propylene glycol in an aerosol form is known to kill the flu virus and very likely the Coronavirus. Smokers should switch to vaping as vape liquids can contain up to 60% propylene glycol and would theoretically kill any virus that's in the airways.

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