Conservative Party chairman admits ‘failings’ at 10 Downing Street

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Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden has admitted ‘failings’ at 10 Downing Street over Boris Johnson’s handling of the partygate scandal. But he rejects the idea it was a resigning matter. ameliaajenne reports.

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The Conservative Party chairman has admitted there were “failings” at 10 Downing Street, claiming that Boris Johnson would seek to “address the underlying culture” that led to the partygate scandal.

But he rejected the idea that it was a resigning matter. Reports claim that the prime minister is preparing a series of major policy documents to win back support – said to be dubbed “operation red meat” – including a plan to freeze the BBC licence fee for two years before getting rid of it altogether.

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ameliaajenne I am shocked that women are not repulsed by the Conservative Party given their misogynistic, repressive and archaic attitudes, ideology and government policies.

ameliaajenne Why do insist on spending endless time on BorisJohnson lies etc? Many people are worrying about the massive cost of living crisis (worst I’ve known in 40 years) huge energy costs from April, disability/other cuts & more😭😡

ameliaajenne He breached his own rules, and has admitted it. At a time when people couldn’t even see dying family members, he partied. And that’s one time we know about! If that’s not a reason to resign, what will it take?!

ameliaajenne you see no one was worried in No10 - staff, Doris, wife , parties, trips up north, rules broke (and they worked with the scientits and 'experts' daily!) SO WHY DID THE REST OF THE COUNTRY HAVE IT'S FREEDOM TAKEN AWAY NEVER AGAIN - BIN THE REGS .....NOW

ameliaajenne General election now

ameliaajenne In 2020, the MAIN issue is that no one was double vaccinated & ubiquitous PH interventions to minimise ALL work/personal contacts, mask wearing, sanitiser were only way to prevent another 100,000+ deaths. Boozy gatherings aren’t work & ⬆️ PH risks


ameliaajenne It's no resigning matter for BorisJohnson. Wrongdoers still need a smidgen of integrity, honour, rectitude, selflessness and knowing, although they did wrong, what is actually correct. Johnson is devoid of any such quality... and is terrified of his chances down the Job Centre.

ameliaajenne Operation Save the Little Bitch

ameliaajenne Dowden an absolute liar! Just covering for Johnson. Johnson DID NOT APOLOGISE in parliament! He was sorry that he didn’t break up party! He KNEW it was a party because he was warned and he said they were just over reacting! Hope the electorate remember all these lies when voting!

ameliaajenne Apart from Allegra Stratton not a *single* member of the government has resigned over breaking the law No moral compass No understanding of leadership The worst government in my lifetime

ameliaajenne These were not failings or mistakes. They were premeditated and planned for events. The Tory government failed to follow their own rules on many occasions putting the lives of others at risk. There cannot be one law for us and a different law for them. They must be punished.

ameliaajenne It's irrelevant whether the PM thought it was a party or not. It was a social gathering and it was against the rules on the date which it occurred. The PM then lied to the HouseofCommons, he's history. The Ministerial Code is crystal clear on the matter OliverDowden

ameliaajenne I don't think it's down to him to decide if it's a resigning matter 🤔

ameliaajenne What planet is Dowden on? Misleading the house is a breach of the Ministerial Code and the admission to the House of partying and breaking the law on isolation cannot be denied. Big Dog Big Dump Big Smell

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Tory party chair signals Whitehall shake-up as anger towards Boris Johnson builds\n\t\t\tKeep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world.\n\t\t\tStay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert\n\t\t\tcommentary and analysis you can trust.\n\t\t Couple of (5) months trading with rookiexbtrade are always profitable, I earn good return trading Bitcoin with Adriel and make huge profit, i withdraw my profit and convert to cash in the bank, DM him now and start earning massively. BorisJohnsonMustGo This lady certainly didn't get a party invite Check out our other Boris videos on our channel and SUBSCRIBE!! IMHO after this morning’s interview. It’s with regret, The 1922 committee needs to effect change this week. Ideally BorisJohnson OliverDowden should step down. DominicRaab grantshapps michaelgove SteveBakerHW SirRogerGale
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