CONFIRMED: Furlough EXTENDED for millions of Brits

Fears over fourth lockdown as Rishi extends furlough until September

3/3/2021 8:29:00 PM

Fears over fourth lockdown as Rishi extends furlough until September

FEARS were today sparked of ANOTHER national lockdown as the furlough scheme is extended until September. According to Boris Johnson’s lockdown plan, all Covid restrictions should be lifted b…

He vowed to use every means “to protect jobs and livelihoods”.£400BN BLACK HOLEBut Mr Sunak is staring at a £400billion black hole created by the Covid crisis.He set out “a three-point plan to protect jobs” but also gave a reality check over the dire economic situation.

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Rishi Sunak unveiled his Budget todayCredit: PA:Press AssociationThe Treasury said the Budget will focus on “support, honesty and building the future economy”.Mr Sunak told MPs: “Once we are on the way to recovery, we will need to begin fixing the public finances — and I want to be honest today about our plans to do that.”

It is hoped some of the money will be clawed back through a hike in corporation tax on businesses and capital gains taxes on millionaire second property owners and investors.Mr Sunak has also frozen the rates at which workers start to pay different levels of income tax, meaning more people will be caught in a higher band over the coming years.

Last week, The Sun revealed he had been warned thenow to stabilise borrowing and prevent debt from rising as a percentage of national income.What is the Budget?THE Budget is when the government outlines its plans for tax hikes, cuts and things like changes to the minimum wage.

It's different to theSpending Review, which sets out how much public cash will go towards funding certain departments, devolved government's and services, such as the NHS.The Budget is read out in the House of Commons by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. It will be Rishi Sunak's second Budget as Chancellor.

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Boris Johnson says the next step on the lockdown roadmap can happen, with retail and hospitality reopening.

Think we all knew that was coming 😡 Fears have got greater of another or extended lockdown . Another mishap ? Oh dear Lazzzzzzy journos If we have a 4th lockdown, Boris has to go OMG NOOOOOOO!! Never mind furlough...opting in/out for parents that want to home school needs to be an option Just get the pubs and clubs and nightlife open! This is ridiculous

Click bait !! Bore off!! Its great Rishi has done this in extending Furlough, a great move, as its needed by all those who have Jobs but cant work due to covid-19 Lockdown. Chancellor has extended the furlough till September is because the businesses with take 3-4 months to start realising their recovery . Hence this support so that there are very few or no redundancies.

INDEFINTE lockdown was ALWAYS the plan, even when they lied about 3 weeks to flatten the sombrero. We wont get out of this until we replace the oppressive totalitarian dictatorship with a democratic and accountable Government. It’s not a fear it’s a fact Hes extended it to allow a slow return to normalcy and to prevent mass redundancies. There is no 'fear of a 4th LD'. you mongs talk absolute bollox. If, and its a big if, there is a 4th, then it'll be back in winter again. Tweaking of the vaccine will prevent another LD.

There will be a fourth lockdown with fans from other countries for the Euros. More lockdown is not the answer. Well I'm stocking up on toilet paper and pasta so get on with it! I’ll fix the headline for you... The Sun tries to create fears of 4th lockdown Really hope not. There will be nothing here to unlock if they do.

Absolute bollocks,nothing to do with fourth lockdown at all Absolute nonsense what a ridiculous headline Rubbish, its extended to allow workers back slowly instead of mass redundancies and businesses to build up. This paper is crap! Anyone know when summer flu season is We won’t do it!!! No need to fear a fourth lockdown - they'll just keep this third lockdown going all the way