Commuters aren’t happy about the proposed snacking on public transport ban

Do you agree with the new proposal?

10/10/2019 9:41:00 AM

In a bid to address high child obesity rates, a new proposal is urging the government to ban all people from eating snacks on trains and buses.

Do you agree with the new proposal?

- Phasing out all marketing, advertising and sponsorship of unhealthy food and drink- Providing free water refills to be available at all food outlets, transport stations and public sector buildings- Extending the sugar tax to include milk-based drinks

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- Adding VAT to unhealthy food products that are currently zero-rated, such as cakesCommuting: will this new ban change the way we travel?Although the ban on eating snacks on public transport might seem extreme to many, we can’t deny that obesity needs to be seriously tackled in the UK. The proportion of obese and overweight children has doubled over the past 30 years. And today, around a third are obese or overweight by the age of 11 – with the UK having one of the highest obesity rates among young girls in the world.

Davies says: “The unavoidable fact is that over time our environment has become very unhealthy without us realising. Our children are now suffering from painful, potentially life-limiting disease. Our politicians need to be bold and help everyone embrace healthier life choices.”

You may also like6 snacking myths you need to stop believingBut the internet has reacted to parts of the proposal by arguing that many people have to eat while they’re travelling. Some are also saying that snacking isn’t unhealthy.So, how likely is it that the ban will be put in place, along with the other recommendations?

The government published its lastobesity strategyin 2018, with a goal to halve the rate by 2030. None of the headline recommendations made by Davies are part of the current measures. However, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that ministers will study the recommendations very “closely”.

Hancock also praised Davies, who released the report before leaving her role. He said she had “done more than anyone to promote the health of the nation” over the past decade.Want to be the first to hear about our exclusive reader competitions, offers and discounts? Sign up for the

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This is the most ridiculous and unrelated solution ever 🤦‍♀️ It’s not about WHERE they eat it’s what they eat and how they spend the rest of their time Well done to outgoing Chief Medical Officer for getting conversations around snacks going.Children do EVERYTHING with an accompanying snack - going in the pushchair?-have a snack.Getting in the car?-have a snack.Why?To keep them quiet, but creates dangerous relationship with food

These people either go everywhere by car (most likely) or they’ve never desperately tried to keep a toddler occupied on a two-hour train journey by handing them a raisin every minute or two.

‘Ban food on buses and trains to stop childhood obesity’EATING should be banned on public transport to stop children snacking, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer for England will say today. Just ban food This is some kind of madness

Chief Medical Officer wants food banned on public transport to fight obesityThe report puts the CMO at odds with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has previously rallied against the sugar tax. Try going by train from Edinburgh to Penzance then. So how it will be policed? We have fare dodgers, smokers & alcohol drinkers on London trains & tubes now and nothing is done. After all, not even Labour Shadow ministers can be bothered to obey rules on public alcohol consumption. What a bell end

Eating on public transport should be banned, says medical chiefIn her final report, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said 'politicians' need to be bold to win the war on childhood obesity am glad in UAE its long done since 2016 n theres heavy fines for such stupid .. what about the people on long journeys ... whos only eating time is on trains/coaches ... crackpots Bollocks

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In a hurry? Here's what you need to know in five minutesNews Daily: Turkey's Syria offensive and call to ban snacks on buses and trains Good to have those topics together in the headline Lol Syrian genocide then straight onto crisps. What about if you wanted to eat curds and whey on the train?

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