Community Leaders Fear Eric Adams’ Plan to End Gun Violence Leaves the Public Out of ‘Public Safety’

'It's not getting at the root causes enough.'

1/27/2022 10:03:00 PM

Eric Adams’ plan to focus on law enforcement strategies—as opposed to more community-led initiatives—has some community leaders in New York City concerned, writes JosiahBates

'It's not getting at the root causes enough.'

However, the plan’s comprehensive focus on law enforcement strategies—as opposed to more community-led initiatives—has some community leaders in the city concerned.Blueprint to End Gun ViolenceThe blueprint calls for a focus on “new technologies and software” to identify people believed to be carrying guns; Adams has also confirmed that he will be bringing back a controversial plainclothes anti-gun unit that was

“Gun violence is a public health crisis. There is no time to wait. We must act. The sea of violence comes from many rivers,” Adams said during the press conference. “We will not surrender our city to the violent few. We are not going to go back to the bad old days. We are going to get trigger pullers off the streets and guns out of their hands.”

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JosiahBates Why enforce laws. In fact, get rid of all the legislators. It'll save a lot of money at the very least. JosiahBates ...when they parade a Black face in front of the cameras in an authoratative leadership role, other Black people should be concerned because of the likelihood the subject will buck dance the soles off their shoes to please their puppet masters...don't hate me, hate the game...

JosiahBates Don't listen to wokemonsters they care more about virtue signaling than about crime victims...listen to Adams...he is a cop and knows how to stop crime...wokemonsters will get you hurt JosiahBates New York City is as Progressive as it gets. Violent crime is as much a part of the Progressive's culture as is human trafficking and abortion. This is how liberals choose to live.

JosiahBates How about we do what we’ve been suggesting for ages; defund the police, let communities police themselves. Stop giving people have a badge and a gun and telling them to “enforce the law,” with no accountability for their actions. JosiahBates They need to take a back seat.....These community based programs make a lot of sense on paper. But statistics of crime in this city doesn't reflect the brilliance in theory. NYC is in a downward spiral now

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