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Clubs face bouncer shortage as UK staffing squeeze hits nightlife

Clubs face bouncer shortage as UK staffing squeeze hits nightlife

10/18/2021 2:04:00 AM

Clubs face bouncer shortage as UK staffing squeeze hits nightlife

Trade body says one in five businesses had to close or cut hours last month for lack of security staff

Photograph: Rob Pinney/Getty ImagesSome estimates suggest venues are having to pay security staff as much as 25% more.Photograph: Rob Pinney/Getty ImagesJoanna PartridgeMon 18 Oct 2021 00.01 BSTNightclubs are suffering from a growing shortage of bouncers, in the latest staffing squeeze to hit the UK’s economic recovery, with some estimates suggesting venues are having to pay security staff as much as 25% more.

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The lack of security personnel comes at a time whenhospitalitybusinesses are being hit by a cocktail of rising costs and are trying to rebound from months of closures during the pandemic.About one in five night-time and hospitality businesses had to close last month or operate on reduced hours as a result of a shortage of security staff, according to trade body the Night Time Industries Association.

However, the NTIA warned the situation had subsequently “deteriorated further”, at a time when consumer demand for nights out and dancing has been soaring following the easing of government restrictions.Sacha Lord, the night-time economy adviser for Greater Manchester, said “security staffing was the biggest issue” at this year’s Parklife festival, which he co-founded.

Lord said it was a struggle to hire the 1,000 security personnel required to cover the 80,000-capacity event, which took place over two days in September in Heaton Park, Manchester.“We have always taken it for granted that you can send an email to three or four security providers and get our 900-1,000 security staff,” Lord said. “But this year we had to beg, borrow and steal from all over the country.

“We had to bus them in from north Scotland, Devon and all over. Normally it is very localised and they come from Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.”Lord added that the 124 security staff working at the Warehouse Project nightclub events, taking place on Friday and Saturday nights until January, are being paid about 25% more than previously, assuming the higher wage bills charged by security providers are being passed on to workers.

Hospitality businesses have beenfor the past few months since lockdown restrictions were eased, with security vacancies just the latest problem, after insufficient numbers of bar staff, chefs and other kitchen workers. Read more: The Guardian »

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