Closing schools has 'marginal impact' on virus

Coronavirus: Scientists question school closures impact

4/7/2020 2:46:00 AM

Coronavirus: Scientists question school closures impact

Countries should now question whether keeping schools shut is justified, says one team of scientists.

What is the UK's current policy?We have entered the third week since UK schools closed to pupils, with the exception of looking after the children of key workers and vulnerable students.Nurseries, private schools and sixth forms have also been told to follow the guidance to close their doors.

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At the time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the move was necessary to"apply further downward pressure" on the virus to avoid a"catastrophic epidemic".Chief medical officer Prof Chris Whitty also explained that schools were"not dangerous" for children during the pandemic, but that the decision to close them would slow the rise of infections.

Will it change?The government says it will be guided by the science in terms of when to lift any of the restrictions it has put in place to help slow and suppress the disease.New cases and deaths from coronavirus continue to rise, suggesting the UK is not yet at the peak of the outbreak and tough restrictions are still needed to ease pressure on the NHS and save lives.

Is it even practical to let schools reopen?The measures that have been urgently put in place to fight the virus, including school closures, work in combination with each other.While some have more of an impact than others, it may not necessarily make sense to lift just one.

For example, even if schools were allowed back, the social distancing measures that we are all being asked to heed, which experts say are very effective, would probably have to remain.So children going back to school would probably still have to follow the stay-at-home advice outside of school, and also the 2m close-contact rule while in school.

There's also the staff to consider - some may be in high risk groups who should not work away from home.Prof Viner says schools could have a phased comeback - banning or limiting playtimes and scheduling some part-time classes for pupils to reduce mixing, for example.

"There's a whole range of things that schools could do to reopen in a way that involves social distancing at schools but keeps schools open."He said that opening schools should be part of the early step away from lockdown.What do other experts think?

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Dr Samantha Brooks, from King's College London and team member of the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Emergency Preparedness & Response, said:"The finding that school closures have at best only a small impact on the spread of Covid-19 is of great significance, especially linked with the sensible suggestions for how a gradual return to normal schooling could be implemented."

Prof Robert Dingwall, professor of sociology at Nottingham Trent University, said:"This is an important study that confirms what many of us suspected, namely that the public health benefits of school closures were not proportionate to the social and economic costs imposed on children and their families.

"It also underlines how the assumptions used in modelling the pandemic may rest on very flimsy foundations in terms of scientific evidence. This work suggests that UK schools could, and should, begin to reopen as soon as practicable after the initial wave of cases has passed through."

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Getting children to school & queueing to go in whilst maintaining social distancing. Pupils not being allowed into the playground, at least not to play together. Having to stay inside, at least 2 meters apart. I imagine the blood draining from the faces of our 500,000 teachers. Irresponsible nonsense. How about this phrase in the article? “School closures can affect deaths during an outbreak either positively, reducing transmission+number of cases, or negatively, through reductions in health-care workforce available to care for the sick. 1/2

Our town's main school has over 2000 pupils, that's 4000 parents, plus 350 staff and their relatives, plus support workers and deliveries and their families. Opening this school could potentially affect 10,000 people. Keep them closed! Pupils can spread the virus. If they pass the virus to their parents or grandparents and their parents or grandparents died because of this virus, will these pupils think they actually kill their parents or grandparents? It's definitely not good for their long-term mental health.

I don't see the logic, how can we tell young people they should not meet in public areas and in the next breath tell them school is ok. Preventing 2%-4% of deaths is better than letting them die. Pupils can spread the virus. If you have time to do this kind of ridiculous research, why not join the team to find a way to produce the antibody tests? So we don't need to buy fake test kits from 'that country'.

And who takes the kids to school ? What about teaching staff Absolutely bizarre statement this . My wife is a teacher and if she came home from school with symptoms of Coronavirus then she is going to put myself and children at risk from this horrible virus , I myself suffer from asthma, kids are among the biggest spreaders , will my wife have the correct PPE. NO

This is ridiculous. Based on assumptions and a severe lack of knowledge of how schools work and the adults that will put at risk These idiots dont live in the real world. 😠😠 Piss off my kids are not going back to school until this virus has gone as my wife is high risk. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🎶 Dear Scientists, I see your scientific info and add it to my professional understanding of 'my' working context. It's nae happenin', min. From, a teacher.

This makes no sense at all. Germs and bugs spread like wild-fire in schools. Don’t care how small an impact. It has an impact which is what counts Do they really think teenagers would go on to practise social distancing outside school after being forced to stay in a building with up to 1000 people all day ? Doesn't make sense to me and I'm an adult !!

Some ppl have lost their mind..if our children are safe at their homes, cant you see the reason behind it? They are protected and not on the streets way back home with their friends, fish and chips, or travelling in the buses. I take it these people have never been into a state school. Sons school had NO soap in soap dispensers or any hand sanitiser. Anyway a school of 1k washing hands every hour - you do the maths. Plus staff absences due to isolating! Ridiculous to open schools!

Do these Scientists have Children? If so, are their Children at School in this current COVID19 situation? Somehow, I doubt they are. Just because COVID19 appears to be less 'severe' in children that does not make it less 'serious'. 4% of death toll of 5000+ is approx 200 lives lost. 200 Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents gone! 200 souls lost 2the virus! Scientists & their research need to pull their heads out of their backsides, stop analysing & start to treat the data with value. EveryLifeMatters😒

Suggest the scientist who wrote this stays out of the meth lab .. only 2-4% deaths closing schools will save !! Fgs every life matters can’t just put the 2-4% down as collateral damage heartless loonies Let's file this under 'scientists said something, except they didn't if you read the detail carefully' shall we?

Once again they’re forgetting THE TEACHERS ARE ADULTS. and even the parents are adults. And the cleaners. And classroom assistants. And kitchen staff. And admin staff. And caretakers. Can you share this article that disproves the fake news you are sharing? What a load of twaddle. Schools are petri-dishes. Many parents irresponsible enough to send kids into school who are ill. This has to be the easiest way to pass infection to other families. Even if children aren’t impacted they can spread the virus!

Many adults keeps schools afloat from teachers, admin, grounds, cooks and cleaners. Each one susceptible to the virus, each one that can pass the virus on to others when travelling to and from school. Many who live with susceptible individuals. Have a wider perspective! Seriously, how many children have died of this virus along with other age groups? Keep yourselves occupied. It’s a life or death situation. You go out you could die, high probability. You stay in you are saving your life and lives of other. what’s more important? Money? No!!!

I don’t mind going in to help when there are just a few students and staff but I would not agree to going in when the whole school community is there. Bonkers! Was this the same science team that came up with the ‘herd immunity’ idea🧐🤨 Even if it is “marginal”, surely that’s better than “no” impact. The only lesson I have learned so far is not to trust those so-called 'scientists'.

Very flimsy. I dont think they have modelled that primary need to be taken to and from school by parents... and 'children going back to school would probably still have to follow the stay-at-home advice outside of school, and also the 2m close-contact rule while in school.' 🤔 This is irresponsible. I cannot believe that you would print this while we are in lockdown. What about teachers? Or are we to be added to the cannon fodder that so many key workers already are.

This has shocked me. I was in school yesterday for children of key workers; only 2 kids in (Y7) and we were constantly having to remind them of the 2m rule. We have 1800 kids in our school; it would be impossible to observe ANY social distancing at all. A nonse suggestion... It's all about the margins. The vast majority of people are dying because we didn't make enough effective small interventions fast enough. The math is not hard!

What about the teachers, what about getting kids to and from school we supposed to be containing a virus not carrying on like it’s business as usual So children must social distance with parents to protect others but they are fine to go school and mix with each other, staff, support staff, catering and cleaners! You try and get 1,300 children and young adults to stay 2metre apart ! Another pointless piece of research

I understand the focus o children but adults get the virus. Adults run schools, no adults, no schools open. A third at my school are vulnerable so not at work. Also, that's not taking into account staff members who are self isolating due to them or family members with the virus. Children are spreaders, are not the most hygienic or prone to follow rules - they spread it to families and the general population. Schools stay shut imo

Not too sure about this. We have to remember that there are those amongst us who will do or say anything to get their way. So is this a case of scientists being bribed or put under pressure by big business/economists to cut corners and hurry along a return to normal? This article has made me cross this morning. How do you keep 30 children 2m apart in a classroom? Have the writers of this nonsense seen the size of classrooms?

Whoever the scientists are advising the UK government are should excuse themselves or retire... UK deaths are soaring, the government is actually sick.. please start following WHO and the scientists in the world who are actually positively affecting outcomes nd what about teenagers travelling to college by bus or train? I see numerous busses in the morning travelling to and from my local college rammed packs of peole

Whether or not the research is correct about marginal impact, reopening schools would have an immense impact on those families where a parent/carer is shielded. The risk to those people, let alone the anxiety of having your kids leave home every day, is not worth taking. So the kids go to school, they start hanging out with friends and bring the virus into our homes.. yeah great.. they will go into shops, on buses, people will start driving kids to school again.. of course it will have an impact on the spread.

Scientific evidence yet again that herd immunity is still the only way out of a pandemic virus. Kids get the virus, gain immunity, they shed low amounts of the virus infection so most adults infection is asymptomatic. Shielding the vulnerable is vital, hiding could prove futile. So how do you implement social distances at a school.. the best and safest option is SHUT DOWN

But school staff are dispensable then yes!? Thanks 👏 Technically schools have only been closed for 2 weeks as it is now Easter holidays. Come on people, having your children at home is a good thing. You are saving lives. Stop trying to find a way of sending them back to school and away from you early.

how is isolation right for some and not for others? what is the theory behind it? 2m apart in school? Are they going to dismiss children from class individually every 2 minutes? Corridors are overcrowded between lesson change. There would have to be 10 children in class to keep them 2m apart. Impossible

May, suggest, limited data - all good cop outs for we're not really sure and don't know. BBC just please give us a break with this kind of news on this days! Interesting use of statistics, sounds marginal in a % but when you realise theirs nearly 11,000,000 school age children the numbers are frightening. That's not counting staff, parents and visitors.

Scientists should self isolate in their labs if they don't understand how children spread infections. Crazy people. Yeah has that person ever been in a primary school? Social distancing, the parents themselves stand on each other shouting for their children at the end of the day, our dining hall is minute, you would have to be serving lunch all day to get through the whole school.

Genuine question: I just don’t understand this. If the point of us all staying home is to stop the spread, how will kids returning to school support that? Deeply misleading headline. School closures alone make only 2-4% difference. But in the context of a lockdown opening schools would have a very big impact. Much more than 2-4%. Very poor communication

Children would need to keep 2 metres apart in schools. Can’t quite imagine how that would be possible! The completely varying and often opposing view of different groups of scientists during this pandemic has clearly shown the so called “scientific community” quite often have no concrete evidence to back up their claims.

This is irresponsible reporting. Firstly 2-4% represents around 5000 extra deaths at the current infection rate. Secondly SARS infection rate is lower than Covid 19. Thirdly closing schools is not a measure taken in isolation as used in the model for this report. The UK scientists seem to be at loggerheads with one another concerning the litmus-test of school closures on the control of the coronavirus epidemic. Prof Viner &his team have done very well with their recommendations. It makes no sense to throw away a baby with its water bath.

More BBC bullshit Sometimes you wonder if they have actually been inside a school... 1. 2m is impossible 2. Number of available sinks and 1,200 students using them at the start of the day keeping to the 2m rule 3. Number of staff self-isolating etc Ask any parent what happens when the kids go back to school after the Summer and we will all say, everyone gets sick. You can't manage the hygiene of that many children in one place. There is no way my children are leaving the house during this. I need them protected.

Which Scientists EXACTLY? I want to see the evidence, sounds like people with a conflict of interest, possibly an economic one. Given everything we know about this virus not closing schools would result in many many more deaths and quite possibly younger mums and dads. Well. Yes. “No great mischief if they fall” approach. 'This is an important study that confirms what many of us suspected, namely that the public health benefits of school closures were not proportionate to the social and economic costs imposed on children and their families.”

Irresponsible of the BBC to promote this. Perhaps you should report the staff and students already infected. Or the fact every September we all get ill. Schools are virus spreaders. (And we are still open to key worker children so it’s wrong to say shut). Yes BBC, why not jump on the bandwagon and start digging up 'experts' to undermine everything the PM and his team (and their are scientists including there too remember!) have done now that he is sick in a hospital bed. You disgust me and many others!

Wonder if they took into account how busy & crowded the area around school gates are? Social distancing among adults? Sure that would of had to been in the modelling. Really! It has a lot to do with protecting young lives. What you going on about? I’m a teacher. I’m sad pupils are missing their education. Yes. It may cause damage to their learning. You know what damages their learning more? DEATH! If whoever wrote this IDIOT article thinks 2-4% isn’t significant, then they’re the ones who need to return to school!😡

This is bullshit, why the hell measures are working in italy and spain (and China before them)? Because they did a full strict lockdown. Kids in schools require a much higher number if workers around, not just teachers. Stop talking about humans as numbers Have these people been in a school? Social distancing with 30+ adult sized humans with desks a couple of inches apart. Corridors. We don’t all have modern buildings. ONLY 4% deaths?! We are talking about humans. There are teachers like me who are in high risk too.

Send your child there if you still feel it’s safe to do so. Is it 2-4% of the original 500,000 potential deaths? So 20,000? Or 2-4% of the deaths predicted after closures and other distancing measures? Absolute rot : you have big schools of 1000 kids from 11 to 19 running around than swarming home to mum, dad, grand dad, grand mum, older siblings, etc some of whom may other conditions. China and most Eastern countries closed schools. UK has more deaths than Korea, China, Tawana

School closures only prevent 2 - 4% of deaths. 2% is enough justification. It doesn’t say 2-4% of what, but if it’s of 66 million people that’s a lot of lives saved. The scientists, from University College London, have made the following announcement on their website: On 13 March UCL suspended face-to-face teaching for the rest of the academic year and all assessments scheduled to happen in exam halls will be replaced by online alternatives.

After recent deaths involving children perhaps the “experts” should have thought about their families before releasing this opinion. In addition, all children live with adults and extended their families, you may as well ditch social distancing measures. Tell that to seriously sick staff Not a good scientist then herd immunity rearing it’s head again. Who would send their child to school while this virus still around and children have died bloody awful to even contemplate this

We will be at 1000 deaths per day, 140-280 deaths per week could be stopped by this policy. We cannot treat people as statistics. I thought kids are 'carriers' of the virus & could potentially pass it on to adults? Also have you ever tried to do the school run without coming into contact with anyone? Social distancing wouldn't be possible at all. Are the scientists secretly trying to get the virus to peak?

Is this information not taking into account the numerous school aged children that have died from COVID 19? Also are teachers expected to 'take one for the team' and take unnecessary risks with their own health? What a great time to release this poorly researched article...when teachers are working through their Easter break to look after the most vulnerable & children of key workers 🙄

I see that the CITY prepares us to come back to the heard immunity program Utter rubbish Scientists? Is this is for real I can't believe level of ignorance 😳😳😳 As a teacher I can tell you it was imperative to close schools. Not just to stop the spread of the virus but because safety wise there were not enough teachers to oversee all the students. It was getting dangerous.

What's the point in social distancing if schools are reopened? Ridiculous and whiffs of political interference. 'children going back to school would probably still have to follow the stay-at-home advice outside of school, and also the 2m close-contact rule while in school.' How would this be enforced!!

Can they be opened again so that the economy and productivity can recover a little? We can work fine from home without the kids OMG!! They don’t read newspapers? In Singapore, they opened schools 2 weeks ago. But now? They withdrew it and close schools again because of sudden increase of the confirm. COVID 19 is not SARS! At that time, South Korea didn’t school closing like now as well.

It was because too many staff were off Another convenient study for the government. Funny how this happens time and again. Flying in the face of common sense, but adding weight to the herd immunity by stealth. I’m getting increasingly fed up of this. This is a very misleading headline (as usual for the BBC) - read the article.

Doesn't sound like science to me, more like economics. So people are not allowed to sit in a park nowhere near each other, but you can be inside an enclosed space, where social distancing in virtually impossible, with children who can spread the disease without showing symptoms!? Didn't have to wait long...Little over 2 weeks before they begin to rejustify delaying closures in the first place. Money, money, money. Who'd be given the job of telling the families of dead children / teachers 'it's OK, they're in the 2%'. Shame on you. schoolclosureuk BBC

In large secondary schools with 1800 pupils there just is not the capacity in school buildings and classrooms to keep pupils 2m away from each other. Lunchtimes, breaktimes and changing classrooms for different subjects would be impossible to manage safely. Utter bollox I wish would stop publishing these types of stories. It brings into question the reasons why we are in lockdown and that in turn breeds apathy at a time it’s not needed. Keep the analysis until after the virus has peaked and when we return to normality!

This would not be safe for teachers, pupils or parents. Children would spread the disease back home to more vulnerable members. If we need to social distance then schools should be closed. Obviously industry needs the daycare to reopen and here is the start of the propaganda. Heartless to publish this with the words 'ONLY 2%-4% of deaths' prevented by school closures, those are PEOPLE, not numbers, kids are disease “super spreaders” according to BBC articles, tune would change if it was writers family, not one person should be sacrificed.

My boy is staying home with me until this is over, be that 6-12-18 months. I know exactly where he is, what he is doing and who he is coming into contact with. 30 kids in his class, how do they stay 2m apart? What a load of shite. Even if schools being closed isn't affecting the curve enough, I think a significant enough proportion of the public have proven they can't be trusted to remain at home themselves as soon as they no longer have to provide childcare for their kids during work hours

Ffs are these scientists for real (see below), wjat do they actually ‘know’? Again i am also not sure what sort of ‘model’ of schools they are looking at. Gvt policy has long since trashed the homogenous ‘catchment area’ model of school attendance. My school has 1200 pupils. How exactly do you propose they stay 2m apart during the school day? On a classroom level this is impossible even if you halved my average class size.

School closures had a disastrous impact on the economy, keeping parents at home & triggering a '3 Day Week' situation. What's so precious about teachers they get leave to sit out the crisis? Schools stayed open in the Blitz.. RishiSunak Keir_Starmer Seriously. Anyone believe this? This is capitalism at work, get some quacks from Universities to start the propaganda. If we need to social distance, schools should be closed. ITS A HIGHLY INFECTIOUS DISEASE. Bringing 30 odd households together for 6 hrs a day is lunacy!

I said that from the start. It's idiotic to close schools. Education does not cause viruses. In fact, schools might even teach kids to wash their hands. If their parents had been taught, the virus would never have spread. In primary schools there's a mass gathering of of adults twice a day. Picking up their children. Up to 4% of deaths saved - on current UK figures that's 160+ people. By the end it could be 800 people. It's tricky keeping the children of key workers 2m apart all day long.

Uk scientists... unbelievable!! I honestly can’t understand who are what kind of scientist they are to make such inferences that even lack common sense.. not to talk about the scientific knowledge or the grounds on which they make such statements 🙄🙄 Schools wouldn’t be able to open as we have less than half the staff due to vulnerable groups or living with vulnerable groups. The marginal gains talked about seem to be in isolation of other factors. Ie school closures makes people stay home

Parents are staying at home because their children are at home or many more would still be going to work. In Italy schools are closed since the end of february and students follow lessons online. Probably it will go on like that until June. Then students of some grades will have exams online. Schools will restart the 1st of September. Children's and teen's life first!

If, by closing the schools, that has prevented just one death, then that is a sufficient reason for them to remain closed. well there will be a call for the 7 week break to be removed this year as they will have had 3 months off by then . So does bars and hairdresers The UK scientists seem to be at loggerheads with one another concerning the limit-test of school closures on the control of the coronavirus epidemic. Prof Viner and his team have done very well with their recommendations. It makes no sense to throw away a baby with its H20 bath.

We not even pass pick in this country!!!!! And they thinking about open the schools!!! Horrible!!! You done a lot of damage all ready!!! It’s COST LIVES!!!! get them back at school all they are doing is walking around in groups Scientists? Have they not seen some of the ages of some of the children we have lost to this terrible virus? On top of the amount of adults. I’m glad my children are at home and safe regardless of the fact that some days I’m pulling my hair out!

Keep your rugrats at home. Home schooling will be okay for now. Not as good as properly going to school, but this is a fucking pandemic. Have some perspective. You dışla school closenig İs better so they dont bring home and spreyden coron19 100 people going to a park - bad. 1,300 kids and teachers in a school - good.... ok?

You don’t know enough about this virus yet!!!! Chian was cowering up!!!Economy first hire you are not interesting to saving lives !! That’s the most stupid I’ve read yet, 1,000’s of children, 100’s if not 100’s of super spreaders, giving it to Teachers, staff and taking home to their families. Zero social distancing throughout day. Anyone who thinks this is safe is nuts, sounds like witch doctor Trump.

We were all happy celebrating this year, not knowing it was a year of tears 😢..... God help us Come on BBC what are you playing at reporting shit like this? Probably wasn't done soon enough. The word 'scientist' doesn't mean what it once did in light of the watering down of academic qualifications in the last 15 years.

How bloody ridiculous! Kids mixing at school will spread it! And ur small % are still deaths!! 😡 Got their info from China... Also how can you socially distance in a classroom of 32 kids in a room built for 24? Not all schools are brand new buildings. 2 weeks after my school was closed loads of teachers are displaying symptoms of the virus.

Who ever has written this irresponsible article should be sacked and as a punishment put into a small classroom with 30 children, no PPE, for 6 hours a day and for 6 - 8 weeks. let’s see how you do. 😡 Very dangerous article, no detail that illustrates the assumptions on either side! And basing on SARS does not feel comparable to COVIDs Nx transfer rate... common sense suggests if children can be your vector they create a readily available corridor to spread prolifically..

Really? So all students and staff commuting to the schools, staff spreading it between each other. Young people have died from this! Not to mention, which child can concentrate at the moment! If school closures meant even one child or staff was saved then it’s worth it. ALL Fake science sturdy 🤣 Schools should have closed at least two weeks earlier. United kingdom would have avoided many thousands of infected with COVID-19 also they took weeks to isolate the population and while NHS overflows they only worried about getting well-groomed on television 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Stupid scientists that probably dont have children and said that masks do more harm than good. Hard to see how this could ever work. Children generally do not understand the 2m rule wld hate to have to implement this in a nursery / classroom. Also hard to see the benefit in only socially distancing between households after 3pm! Also unfair to expose staff to risk etc......

What a bullshit! This is an irresponsible article!!!!! Keep our kids alive and stay at home . A couple days ago it was noticed a death of a 5 years old...13 years old. And how do you maintain social distancing at school? Are these scientists parents? BS Who were the scientists?, same ones that say smoking is good for ye, and that rain is not really wet?. I think we could do without this kind of Pish at this time. 😡..

How do you get students to keep 2m apart in a class of 30+ students? Pass 2m apart in corridors, when the corridors aren’t 2m wide? Queue for the loo, I work in a college & it would be impossible, every new school year it’s a hotbed of new cold/flu viruses Is this a joke? Is this a belated April fools thing? Which muppet decided this seems legit?

What about the health of the adults that work in the schools? Our schools are closed here in Canada and today was our first day of more recouveries than deaths from COVID. No scientist but that works for me! I think this is actually the first time a news article has kept me awake at night. GarthGodsman School closure also has marginal impact on education. : /

Absolute eejits! Of course closing them has helped, and even considering opening them again anytime soon is utter ignorance and stupidity. Where did they get their qualifications? A lucky bag? It's great don't have to hear about shootings or bullying. More responsibility and quality time with the parents. StayHome

If Prof. Viner lost someone close or his own child, would he still advocate for opening the schools? The costs are high? What about human costs? Mental health? Think about those poor parents who lost their children recently. Please withdraw the article TheLancet SantaKlausH That’s too bad. I’m really sorry you had to go through this. So did we Oprah

Are they completely ignoring what drop-off, and pick-up times are like at schools!? Across the UK, that's 100's of thousands of people intermingling every single day... These are supposed intellectuals, that we are meant to trust, yet they can't even get the basics right!! You can't compare Sars with Covid 19 in transmission, virulence, infectivity. Sars only resulted in 774 deaths in 2003 but Covid 19 : 74,647 worldwide. With no Chloroquine community treatment/or other imminent treatments in view in UK, school opening would be a crime. TheLancet

Also the BBC: Idiots. The same ones that promoted herd immunity while the world went the lockdown route. We started 3 weeks too late. Would have saved many lives. Idiots. coronavirus coronvirusuk As a teacher of Year 6, I want schools to reopen as soon as possible and definitely before September. However, the idea that you can reopen schools but 'ban playtimes' and 'ensure children stay 2m apart' is ridiculous, ignorant nonsense.

this is pure crap! BS!! schools opened could make everything worse becase many teachers are seniors It would take about 4 hours to get children into our school using social distancing, and that'll be a half mile queue down the road. Getting children to stay 2m from other people while in the queue? Did the report assume they're teleported into their classrooms?

Their logic is kids will only get a mild case of the virus. No thought to the adults in this scenario. Teachers lives are clearly expendable, most teachers will come into contact with HUNDREDS of pupils a day, hardly conducive to social distancing! Also few things ... 1. What about the highlighting of very young children dying just recently 2. What of the teachers who have died providing childcare for key workers 3. It's a limited dataset. 4. Maybe actually cover real teachers, who tomorrow will be in school.

1. The ethics Prof. Viner? 'only' 2% - 4 % deaths not insignificant. Should aim to 0 % 2. Inaccurate: control measures, including school closures reduced R0 in HKong from 2-4 to 0.4. When they returned after 7 weeks, all had face masks: can we implement same in UK ? TheLancet Just unreal lines.... ' School closures alone would prevent only 2%-4% of deaths'. You tell that to the 2-4% ucl. Your staff still in looking after keyworker children? You still working with students ? Didn't think so 😡 People aren't a %. Teachers being treated like rubbish.

Children have died so this is BS. They may be happy to take chances on their kids, but not mine. A 13yr old boy died alone last week FS.😭 Maybe look at Boris right now and determine is putting staff in same position is worth it. How do you keep social distancing in a class of 30 children! Also the safety of the staff and their own mental state to keeping their own family safe! As I know too well working in a school this is impossible to care for the children when your anxiety levels have reached the max!

Sigh…Has the world gone crazy enough for me to look at a statement by scientists and find it unrecognizable from a drunk screaming 'I can also science!!' Well done BBC for another failure of an article. People are starting to see the real BBC... This is bizarre. Seriously?! Who's paying these scientists? Where's the damn vaccines?!

Keep on putting out conflicting information. Don’t blame people for leaving their homes then. Shutting the school’s is just prolonging the epidemic..Knut wittkowski -Covid 19 Well Sweden doesn’t think a lockdown is at all necessary As others have said, even if it has saved one life, that's enough justification for me. I wouldn't be sending mine anyway. I like them at home, with me and their Dad where we have more control. Sending you all best wishes 🤗

Even if one life was saved it would be enough reason to close schools. Most students were not even turning up to lessons so it was for the best they closed First they want the schools closed - then they question the impact of schools being closed. - You do realise that this is the Fakenews medias way of keeping the public in a state of unease and instability. ScrapTheTVTax

BOLLOCKS!!!!🤬 It’s not just about “children only get it mildly!” What about them spreading germs like Nutella! What about them passing it to the school staff!! WHAT ABOUT THE SCHOOL STAFF TAKING IT HOME AND CAUSING THEIR OWN CHILD TO DIE!!! 🤬 2 metre social distancing reduces transmission but does not eliminate it. It would be interesting to see how many lives 2-4% equates to in human lives. Most schools will remain empty because parents & children & staff are rightly afraid for their lives.

I don't understand this, schools were starting to suffer BEFORE they were closed with teachers & TA's having to isolate. This just smacks of certain scientists constantly finding fault & undermining *any* measures put in place.

Hospices 'could close' as virus hits fundraisingCharities are warning they will need government and public support to provide palliative care. They should be funded directly from the government anyway. Hospices provide a vital service.

School closures have little impact on spread of coronavirus – studyUCL say small benefits should be weighed against profound economic and social costs Seriously? PrinceHarry and Megan to be stripped of their 'Du...

Katherine Grainger: 'We’re suddenly in a very different world' | Donald McRaeThe former Olympic champion tells Donald McRae she is still excited about UK Sport’s future not only in terms of medals but having a positive impact on society And it couldn't happen at a worse time: US and UK ruled by morons...... Different world indeed! I wonder how the Olympics, or any other sport for that matter will be organized from now on We still don't know what this new world is

No, 5G does not spread coronavirusClaims 5G harms immune systems or spreads the virus have been condemned by the scientific community. 😂 lewis_goodall Climate change deniers Flat earthers Brexiteers Trumpists Now we can add 5Gers Yeah, everybody knows that heavy amounts of radiation is perfectly healthy.

You shouldn't ignore diarrhoea as a possible sign of coronavirusMore symptoms are emerging as doctors learn more about the virus.

The celebrities stepping up in the fight against coronavirusFamous names including Madonna and Pink have donated millions to the fight against the virus.