Climate change: 'Your future depends on the future of the planet,' Prince Charles warns children in documentary

Climate change: 'Your future depends on the future of the planet,' Prince Charles warns children in documentary

10/18/2021 3:58:00 AM

Climate change: 'Your future depends on the future of the planet,' Prince Charles warns children in documentary

The Prince of Wales said his grandson, George, is already learning about the impact of climate change on young people.

.Reacting to the descriptions of change seen in their countries, the prince said:"I'm old enough to have a grandson. Like you, he's learning how climate change is causing the big storms and floods, the droughts and fires, and food shortages we're seeing around the world.

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Image:Children around the world have protested, demanding further action to tackle climate change"When I was his age, people had no idea about the damage they were doing - but by the time I was a teenager, I started to see that if we didn't stop polluting our planet we would face a very dangerous future indeed.

"This is why I've spent so much of my life trying to warn that we have to operate in ways which make nature thrive, not suffer. We have forgotten that we have to put back into nature as much as we take out and you have an important part to play in this."

AdvertisementSpeaking directly to young people, he added:"Your future depends upon the future of the planet but only, only if we all work hard now to make our planet healthy again will your future be healthy too."The film,: In Your Hands, features messages from young people to world leaders as they prepare to meet in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference next month.

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That’s double speak for Holiday in a caravan for the rest of your life. Stay in fuel poverty while I carry on flying around the world with the Important people while driving gas guzzlers , living in big houses with awful carbon footprints & huge bills thanks to your sacrifice I like to see the Gas Bill for Buckingham Palace. It has a total of 775 rooms, including 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms.

Whilst many children will read this from their iPhone eagerly awaiting this evenings Apple press conference on a new device of some type that will encourage them to throw away their old one into landfill… While the climate change threat is very real and frightening, the employment opportunities are very real and very significant.

What is Preventive Maintenance forward planning ! A crisis plan for a situation before it starts happening ! A escape route in case of a fire in a burning building ! The fire has started we know the cause but r ignoring ! Pouring more fuel on the fire only increases heating ! So it's true, it's time to wipe out majority of population? Correct? 500,000,000 Max limit right?

Why didn't he back corbyns green plan then? The planet doesn’t care about us killing our selves. In one form or another earth will survive,question is,are we going to be part of it? He ain’t wrong Some selfish prick will be triggered by this. wow

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