Climate change: Melting glaciers could release tonnes of bacteria

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Scientists say potentially harmful pathogens may leak into rivers and lakes due to climate change.

Scientists are concerned thousands of tonnes of harmful bacteria could be released into rivers and lakesVast amounts of bacteria could be released as the world's glaciers melt due to climate change, scientists have warned.

They studied meltwater from eight glaciers across Europe and North America and two sites in Greenland. "The number of microbes released depends closely on how quickly the glaciers melt, and therefore how much we continue to warm the planet," he said.The team's calculations are based on a "moderate" warming scenario, as developed by the IPCC, an international panel of climate experts.As the flow of microbes into rivers, lakes, fjords and seas increases, there could be "significant" impacts for water quality, Dr Edwards explained.

"In others there's a lot of economic activity and billions of human beings whose livelihoods depend on water that ultimately comes from those glaciers.

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That's wonderful, then you can make a new lockdown right away and continue vaccinating.

Melting glaciers? There are thousands DYING right now because they can’t heat their homes. Keep publishing lies and garbage like this… the people see right through it.

Could, or will?

Is that where that evil plant creature in 'The Thing' came from? No, not played by Biden. He was played by James Arness if I'm not mistaken. Biden's roles are as traitors and sexual predators. He's a natural!

'It's not the hottest/coldest it's ever been', yeah but we're making get hotter/colder faster. That's what people don't get.

Climate change with adverse conditions represent major threats to persons with disabilities who are prone to be left on their own due to lack of valid framework to adequately cater for their needs.

Could the key word here. More scaremongering.

Torys climate change report.

Such is the cycles of the planet. It’s not the hottest it’s ever been and it surely isn’t the coldest it’s ever been.

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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