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Angus Taylor, Clover Moore

City of Sydney offers evidence it did not alter documents, as Angus Taylor denounces 'conspiracy theory'

City of Sydney offers evidence it did not alter documents, as Angus Taylor denounces 'conspiracy theory'


City of Sydney offers evidence it did not alter documents, as Angus Taylor denounces 'conspiracy theory'

Minister criticised lord mayor Clover Moore over emissions based on false figures purporting to be from council’s annual report

The letter was reported in the Daily Telegraph the same day. After Moore queried the $15m figure with the Telegraph, it justified its story using a document from the minister’s office purporting to be a page of the City of Sydney’s annual report.

The one page document provided to the Telegraph also has strange formatting in the paragraphs in question, which does not accord with the format used in the rest of the figures in the annual report.

“Meta data logs prove that the City’s annual report documents, both PDF and Word Versions, were uploaded on 27 November 2018 and not updated after that date, “ a council spokesman said.

It is unclear who altered the document. There is no suggestion that Taylor himself was responsible.

“One way to reduce emissions is through limiting unnecessary air travel and I suggest that the Lord Mayor’s flights to Paris for the Women for Climate conference was an unnecessary indulgence.”

She received a copy of the altered document from the Telegraph, which said it had got it from Taylor’s office.

The City of Sydney is at the forefront of councils reducing emissions through carbon offsets, moving to renewable energy and cutting its usage. It says its carbon emissions from operations are currently 25% below its 2006 baseline.

Read more: The Guardian

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