Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, Government Of National Unity

Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit

Chuka Umunna: The Lib Dems aren’t standing in the way of Corbyn leading a caretaker government

Chuka Umunna: The Lib Dems aren’t standing in the way of Corbyn leading a caretaker government

10/8/2019 9:45:00 AM

Chuka Umunna: The Lib Dems aren’t standing in the way of Corbyn leading a caretaker government

Lyndon B Johnson famously said that the first rule of politics was being able to count. Senior Labour folk peddling the myth that we’re holding him back are clearly struggling to do so

has said she is “open minded” on who it should be. In fact, every other opposition party has said publicly that it is prepared to consider supporting an MP of another party to lead such a project. The only party insisting its “my way or the highway” and which has refused to compromise in any way at all on this issue is the Labour Party. McDonnell let the cat out of the bag over the weekend in an 

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a Repubblica. He told them: “We’ll never accept an interim government without Jeremy Corbyn as PM.” McDonnell told the newspaper this was the case even if a caretaker government under a different PM was the only way to stop a no-deal Brexit. Privately, Labour’s leadership concedes that there are no circumstances where Corbyn could command a majority in this parliament, even for a temporary period, and yet they persist on insisting that only he should lead such a government. The effect of Labour’s intransigence and partisanship is to kibosh any chance a caretaker government could act as an insurance mechanism to stop no deal. The final question is therefore for Corbyn: why, when everyone else has, won’t you compromise if it could stop no deal? 

Support free-thinking journalism and attend Independent eventsActions speak louder than words. The Liberal Democrats have always opposed Brexit and were arguing to stop it when it was deeply unfashionable to do so immediately after the 2016 result. So keen was the Labour Leader for the UK to head for the exit door that he was insisting Article 50 be invoked the day after the 2016 referendum result. This is because neither Corbyn nor McDonnell cares much for EU membership, beyond the needs of political management inside and outside the Labour Party. That is what has driven their contorted position on Brexit since Corbyn became leader in 2015, not any desire to Remain. 

They both spent decades campaigning for us to leave the EU. Indeed, the Labour leadership’s campaigning for Remain in 2016 was lukewarm because Corbyn didn’t believe in the cause – he never has. They have carried on in this fashion since the Brexit vote. On the one hand, when I put down an 

amendment to the 2017 Queen’s Speechto keep the UK in the single market and customs union – an amendment which also specifically called on ministers to “rule out withdrawal from the EU without a deal” – Corbyn whipped his MPs to vote against it and sacked three Labour frontbenchers for supporting it. On the other hand, when 25 Labour MPs, including 

eight shadow ministers, failed to support legal measures in the commons to stop a no-deal Brexitin January of this year, not one frontbencher lost their job. In short, remaining in the EU is not a cause for which Corbyn is prepared to put the national interest before his party political interests. That’s what’s really going on here – the rest is noise.

Chuka Umunna is the Liberal Democrat MP for Streatham  Read more: The Independent »

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ChukaUmunna Corbyn can’t appeal to the middle 15% of the electorate. He will never form a majority government especially in these fragmented times😉 MacL0ve ChukaUmunna ChukaUmunna - Talking of majorities? If you had any faith you had one you'd have stood in a by election. But you didn't. So I am afraid you lack any credibility on the subject of support

ChukaUmunna You have NO CREDIBILITY!!..come the GE..You and the other traitors will be repaid for your betrayal!...make no mistake about it!!..hopefully the good people of London and Westminster will see you for what you are!!..a self-serving hypocrite who cares not about his constituents!😡 ChukaUmunna

ChukaUmunna The Lib Dems are making a no deal Brexit all the more likely by not supporting the only way to stop it. The people will never forgive you for this. ChukaUmunna Give it up Chuka... the grown ups are talking ChukaUmunna Time will tell. Just like Boris, Corbyn is too divisive for UK. Labour will never win power with Corbyn as Leader.

But why should the Lib Dems leave Corbyn to lead such government? His leadership has been very poor. He does not deserve to lead. The caretaker government is been held up by Jeremy Corbyn's intransigence, by his personal and party ambitions. A caretaker government must be led by a universally respected figure - Clarke, Harman (or even Bercow). Don't try blaming the Lib Dems!

Why does this outfit insist on using images with symbolic messages? InPlainSight One of the classic failings of 1970s British business was automatically promoting the 'next in line' into jobs for which they were ill-suited. No having 19 mps say they will not vote with Corbyn when the SNP, Greens and Plaid Cymru is not standing in the way. With these party together they have 285 votes with the lib dems that can go up to 309 with change that becomes 314.

That'll come as news to the LibDems

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