Christopher Columbus statue beheaded as George Floyd protests continue across US

6/11/2020 8:00:00 AM

The statue will be removed and put into storage while the city appraises both the damage and whether its cultural significance is appropriate.

The statue will be removed and put into storage while the city appraises both the damage and whether its cultural significance is appropriate.

The statue will be removed and put into storage while the city appraises both the damage and whether its cultural significance is appropriate.

148 Shares A Christopher Columbus statue was beheaded in Boston’s North End early Wednesday into the capital's landmarks.Raheem Sterling ’s call for increased representation for minorities in senior coaching positions in sport.Alabama mayor orders removal of Confederate monument amid protests “The confederate monument is gone.

(Picture: Getty Images) A statue of Christopher Columbus was beheaded overnight as unrest over George Floyd’s death continues to echo throughout the country.The statue in Boston’s North End was found without its head early Wednesday morning and it is now set to be removed as the city assesses the ‘historic meaning’ of Christopher Columbus.'Keep the statues and put plaques under them' Manchester City Council has also committed to a review into its landmarks, with Councillor Luthfur Rahman describing the"weight of emotion around the symbolism attached to public statues" as"palpable" following the death of Mr Floyd.Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said the statue, which was erected in 1979, will be removed and put into storage while the city appraises both the damage and whether its cultural significance is appropriate.There’s not really many black coaches or ethnic coaches, especially here in England,” Genge told the BBC.‘This particular statue has been the subject of repeated vandalism here in Boston.It is protected by Grade II-listed status, so Historic England would need to be consulted if it was to be permanently taken down, a spokesman said.Given the conversations that we are certainly having right now throughout the country, we are going to take some time to assess the historic meaning of the statue,’ Walsh said, referring to an incident in 2015 that saw the statue covered in fake blood and spray-painted with the words ‘Black Live’s Matter.“If our history prevents us from reaching the full potential of our future, then we need to take action,” Mr Curry said.

’ Advertisement Advertisement The Black Lives Matter group said they were not behind the 2015 incident, although they said they supported it, citing the explorer’s history of oppressing indigenous people, according to WCVB.As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the UK and the rest of the world, there is a growing demand for controversial monuments associated with racism and colonialism to be taken down.England coach Eddie Jones (PA) “I remember after a game we were walking through one of the tunnels and they started hurling racist abuse at myself and a few of the other ethnic boys and Eddie himself,” the 25-year-old added.Columbus, as a historical figure, has come under increasing scrutiny over the last decade because he is said to have propagated the genocide of indigenous people and took an active role in the global slave trade.Statues across the country have been targeted by demonstrators speaking out against racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death.A Christopher Columbus statue was fished out of a lake in Richmond, Virginia after it was toppled, spray-painted and set on fire.“I’ve got a lot of black family in Bristol and we’re all proud Bristolians but at the same time, we didn’t want a big statue in the middle of a slave trader,” he added.(Picture: WHSV) On Tuesday, a Columbus statue in Richmond, Virginia was torn down and thrown into Fountain Lake by demonstrators who first spray-painted it with the message ‘This land is Powhatan Land’ and ‘Columbus represents genocide.Protesters in Montgomery, Alabama were more successful tearing down a statue to General Lee on 1 June, according to.

’ It was also set on fire before being tossed into the lake.A makeshift tombstone poster was also placed in front of the sunken statue which read: ‘Racism.You will not be missed.’ More:.

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Should have left it in the water. Statues are nothing to do with history or education. Fake white privilege arguments. Dont change the status quo morelike. Pathetic people . Can't wait for the native Indians to have their say on matters!!!!!!!! Amazing! These people would not even be there if it wasn't for him!

He wasn’t a racist though. Just an invader of foreign lands Uncalled for, and uncivilized act. Period!

George Floyd protests: More statues come down after slave trader's monument toppled in BristolA statue of a slave trader in east London, a pub sign in Derbyshire and a bust of a Belgian king have all been taken down. You All want Fckin 👊🏻 C'mon, statues as a whole are absolute bullshit anyway, aren't they? Weigh them all in and feed the homeless I say. You dont learn about your history from statues put up to venerate slave traders. Good riddance to racist rubbish

Ellis Genge calls for more minority coachesGenge’s comments come amid worldwide protests against racial injustice following the death of George Floyd

Confederate statue removed from Florida park as Civil War monuments start coming across USSymbols of past being removed across country following death of George Floyd These slave owners deserve worse. None of them should be memorialized. They treated us worse than animals. May their souls never know peace. RyersonU, ToBeNameLaterU, are you watching? The madness being, majority of the black community still vote for the Democrats, the very people responsible for the Confederates in the first place! Now go figure.

Virginia protesters pull down Christopher Columbus statue and throw it in lake – videoA Christopher Columbus statue has been torn down, set on fire and thrown in a lake by protesters gathered in Richmond's Byrd Park He tripped They are so peaceful Well done.

George Floyd laid to rest alongside mum as thousands line streets for funeralGeorge Floyd, whose death has inspired protests against racial injustice across the world, was buried on Wednesday at the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston Days between death and funeral: John F. Kennedy: 3. Martin Luther King Jr .: 5. George Floyd: 14 Floyd must have been a great man Shame they didn’t revere him when he was alive hypocritical ! He was a bad man he didn’t deserve to die like that but he wasn’t a saint rewriting history isn’t the truth

George Floyd funeral latest updates as BLM protests continue in UKThe 46-year-old, who died while being arrested in Minneapolis sparking worldwide anger, is being laid to rest today at Houston's Fountain of Praise Church