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Christian girl, 13, is kidnapped by 44-year-old man in Pakistan

Christian girl, 13, is kidnapped by 44-year-old man in Pakistan and forced to convert to Islam and marry him

10/30/2020 2:41:00 PM

Christian girl, 13, is kidnapped by 44-year-old man in Pakistan and forced to convert to Islam and marry him

Arzoo Raja was abducted from her home in Karachi on October 13, and two days later her 'husband' Azhar Ali produced a marriage certificate saying she was 18 and had converted to Islam.

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Que um raio parta ao meio este lixo na primeira oportunidade. Its BBhuttoZardari govt, ask him. He says he is liberal This girl and her family are victims of many terrible crimes! This pedo 44yrs man must be punished! He is not human! He is a demon! D I S G U S T I N G Qual a fonte ? O ocidente está ligando para os milhares de crianças em seus respectivos países ! Os casos de abusos sexuais ? Bando de hipócritas! O ocidente decadente e genocída mata milhares de crianças no mundo árabe e quer pagar de moralista !

One day religion will be history I hate muslim The religion of love 😏😏🤬🤬🤬 Pakistan needs to protect there girls and woman It's strange that many people are focusing only on that, how many paedophiles are there in other religions? How many girls are raped and make disappeared every second in many parts of this world mostly inwestern. Are we blind or just easy preys to continue manipulate.

Galaxy56807729 The media is very interested in news related to Islam while the act is the wrong person to do so but why is Islam the victim..YOU REALLY LIKE TO SPREAD NEWS THAT LEAD TO THE ANGER AND BADNESS OF ISLAM. VERY DISGUSTING TO THE WASTE MEDIA There is no christphobia, of course not..........

Poor girl, I hope the justice can be made and she can recover. For all muslin people reading the shit comments, I am sorry. 🙁👎 A tragic story for this girl.Aside from anything else, she's a child so how can the court hold up this marriage?As a Muslim woman, I know forcing someone to revert to Islam, isn't how things are done. It don't count if you're forced into it. This story is wrong in so many ways

There we go again. No protests in the West. That is a system Macron stands against. The west should stand against. But then, the west is no longer Christian. Yet another example of the countless so far of how the Religion of Peace works. porkistan Indian media has been reporting the abduction, rapes, conversions, forced marriages or murders of Hindu, Sikh & other minority girls in Pakistan, often state or mullah endorsed, for years. I’m wondering why the western media took their blinders off for this particular incident.

Forced marriage and forced conversion are both forbidden in Islam. Disguise alpha male yep! Fake news.. Deus nosso pai proteja sempre as crianças no mundo todo. Mas o problema do mundo é o cristianismo 'RELIGION OF PEACE' they said Absolutely rubish news.a fabricated news to divert attention from Europeans and american atrocious criminal acts around the world.shame on yellow journalism..

Mail is on peak of creating hater between people Filthy PIG. That poor child. Religion of love...🤥 EverrTonZe I hope all muslim in the planet D13 !! sid306am Fake news Pakistani mainstream media is silent on this it's been days since the girl ArzooRaja is kidnapped ImranKhan Pontifex ForcedConversion aajkamrankhan DGISPR ARYNews GeoNews

Forcing a minor to covert religion and marriage is a great offence. Revoltante 🤮 Pakistan had a quarter of its society made up of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Parsees and even odd Jewish families at the time of partition in 1947. Today it is less than 1%. All those families ‘eliminated’. Young girls from remaining families are routinely stolen...

How funny, you are trying to distort Islam in any way possible 😏 Now you're talking!!! It happens every day . What’s the point of bringing up race? Tf. Dirty evil Pakistani Talk about Islamophobia . Wow Great reminder to be so grateful I was born in the USA! 🇺🇸 And the Muslim people wonder why the West doesn’t like them.This is absolutely horrendous for this child.

Hmm.. Islam in war with the world. They should be banned from all the countries. Islam allows pedophilia ^_^ will it be the same in Europe? Yay!! The so called 'Religion of Peace' is at it again👎👎 WTF? Poor girl has surely been raped. Imagine if we had treated Nazism with the same kid gloves as we do Islam.

Thousands of British Christian men travel abroad every year to rape non-Christian children. DEUS VULT from Brazil! Poor girl she only 13 years old she a teenager girl for God sake🙏 the man in question is a 44 years old dirty old leech we all know why he want to marry a 13 years old girl for😠 one for sexual activity and two to convert her to he way of thinking.😰

aren't they all Muslims in Pakistan? توقيت جيد لإثارة الخوف من المسلمين . .اخبار كاذبة .شيطنة الاسلام Reason why India brought CAA to give citizenship to minorities of Pakistan. The more religious and conservative man the more likely he is pedophile. Peaceful religion at work again 🙄Do atheists expect to own women or children ever force marriages on kids? Religion has a lot to answer for teaching perverts and slavery , giving free passes to the worst crimes this could be why the real world is always so cruel

Isso não é religião. É uma seita. To be fair their prophet married a little girl so he’s only following his god’s example A Pariah state populated by cave dwelling nutters with nuclear weapons ! So you just dropped these news in this time .. specifically. What a timing! No. That is incorrect she appeared in the court and her statement is recorded in the High Court lahore she accepted Islam with her free will with out any coercion. But you are making a news because she was Christian. You press release trying to make issue.

the religion of 'love'. wtf. Why have Pakistani been allowed to come and live in the UK en masse? Daily Trash by MURDOGS rupertmurdoch ShireenMazari1 if it is true kindly take immediate action and if it is a propaganda than take action against DM Daily hate continuous the lies to feed into small minds of twats ho believe ...I hope people involved in hate spreading lies sue this B** s*** outlet

Pakistan- A failed state The western society need a Vlad Tepes Raça de filhos da puta. Do u have to force a person to accept ur religion? If ur actions cannot do the conversion, then I advice u don't use force. This is unacceptable!! Jesus tenha piedade da menina Arzoo Raja. Pontifex_pt algo a dizer? 🤔 1,400 yrs of following lsIamic doctrine. Koran 9:5 “then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush” 2:191 'Kill them wherever you find them' 47:4 'When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks'

I am a young Muslim and I do not accept that the Prophet Muhammad is insulted My religion commands me to respect all monotheistic religions and forbids me from hurting others. This is Islam Do not believe what they say about Islam except God's messenger Disgusting Evil people. This is 1 year old news, which at that time was proven wrong. When will you stop fake news ?

Meu Deus, coitada desse criança. We give this medieval country over £40 million annually. Let that sink in. pislam is the religion of peace!!!!!! only a racist would say that muslims are intolerant When is enough enough ... What the hell religious is Islam 😡😡 no muslim has ever harmed anyone Islam is a peaceful non-violent religion

What a beautiful and peaceful religion, maybe I will convert as well ☺️ muslims are civilized people What do you expect when the ‘he who cannot be named’ Illiterate Warlord who was able to perfectly transcribe the word of God death cult founder was a Pedophile himself? the must be related to prince andrew

These are sick people, there are words. You're making sound religious. pro-Islamists must be stopped You really love the Bame folk don't yee?! terrorist nation What the hack We should do the same to them. The demonisation continues. Beautiful religion of islam spreading peace... A new day - a new danger from the Islamists!

Need we say anything more about these people? Supposedly a religion of peace, and look at all the sh*t they pull. Unbelievable.

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Cops abandon hunt for child rapists who attacked girls aged 11, 13, and 14COPS have abandoned their hunt for evil child rapists who allegedly attacked girls aged 11, 13, and 14 in two Home Counties. The youngest victim was grabbed by the arm by a paedo who then dragged h… 10 bucks says they were culturally enriching them. Bastards. Gee I wonder why There too busy pushing over pipers

Mum, 45, who left daughter, 13, dying on sofa while she went to pub is jailedA CALLOUS mum who left her 13-year-old daughter to die on a sofa while she went to the pub has been jailed. Sharon Goldie claimed daughter Robyn was “attention-seeking” – despite … If she had a sever brain injury when she was a child, why was the little girl in her care. Sometimes I really fuckin hate people. Also 3 yrs for a child’s life. Disgraceful. Mum/Dad is the word for God on a child’s lips. This woman should rot in prison for ever more. Good That poor child. She must've died a horrific painful death. Time's like this that you wish there was a death sentence.

Sharon Goldie: Mother jailed after going to pub while 13-year-old daughter lay dying on sofaRobyn Goldie died having suffered a perforated duodenal ulcer after her mother failed to get her medical help. 3 years, should be 30,that level of abuse and neglect, turning down help is murder! This thing needs to stay in prison for the rest of her life, that poor child 😢. Down the pub. A matter of life and death. To some people.

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