Christian Eriksen may not play football professionally again, says sports cardiologist

Christian Eriksen may not play football professionally again, says sports cardiologist

6/13/2021 6:20:00 AM

Christian Eriksen may not play football professionally again, says sports cardiologist

UK football bodies are likely to be 'very strict' about allowing Christian Eriksen to return to the field after his collapse.

UK football bodies were likely to be"very strict" about allowing Eriksen to play again, he added."His cardiac arrest has rocked the entire nation today and that's what happens. It's not just them that it affects, it's the psyche of so many people.

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"The good news is he will live, the bad news is he was coming to the end of his career, so would he play another professional football game? That I can't say."In the UK he wouldn't play. We'd be very strict about it."Prof Sharma chairs the FA's expert cardiac consensus group and is a consultant for charity Cardiac Risk In The Young.

He said the causes of Eriksen's cardiac arrest could include an unidentified health condition or a high temperature, but reports that the footballer was awake in hospital were"a very good sign"."The fact he's stable and awake, his outlook is going to be very good," he told the PA news agency.

"I don't know whether he'll ever play football again."Without putting it too bluntly, he died today, albeit for a few minutes, but he did die and would the medical professional allow him to die again?"The answer is no."Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba experienced a similar collapse after suffering a cardiac arrest during a match against Tottenham Hotspur in March 2012.

He had hoped to resume his career but retired from professional football five months later on medical advice.One of his doctors, Sam Mohiddin, told the BBC:"The cardiac arrest is a moment of extreme peril."If you don't get someone out of cardiac arrest things are over. You will not survive.

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More to life than a soccer ball. More to one person than kicking one too. He will be grand without it. Get him back to Spurs as a coach - great player and still so much to give to the game. Get well soon Fuck football somethings are more important!! God Will definitely heals him we will play I feels that

Typical Sky, respect his privacy and wish him well. I know he’s no black career thug and criminal for you to get all prissy about, but just highlights your agenda and priorities yet again. shameful That’s it! - kick a man down when he’s lucky to even be alive - scumbags! …..just give the man, his family and his teammates some fxxking respect during this worrying time. ChristianEriksen 🇩🇰

1 footballer collapses gets more headlines than covid. Yeah I bet that’s really his worry now. Not sure what U.K. football bodies has to do with it since he’s no longer plays in the U.K. Wouldn’t imagine he would 🤷🏻 he’s alive let’s just appreciate that With absolutely no idea why this happened or what his treatment was, apart from the obvious resuscitation, how can anyone make any such comment.. More click bait from sky

I really hope this is not the case, but first things first - get well soon ChrisEriksen8 OurNumber23 EriksenStrong He 'may not' so there's possibility 'he may' Awful write up! A young man nearly lost his life last night. Drickz_ 😭 Damn Who’d want to 太遗憾了 😢😢😢 Too soon. Typical SKY FAKE NEWS, Christian GET WELL SOON, horrible ordeal yesterday, the whole world was praying for your recovery, 🙏🙏🙏

At this point the most important thing is Christian is recovering, SkyNews please DO NOT speculate without full information ,wait for the tests and all.This is embarrassing ,don't be obsessed with breaking news,Be sensitive Obviously not, let just hope from a human perspective the man can live a prosperous life

We don’t need this. We just need to know he’ll be ok. Poor again from you