Chris Packham slams Cambridge Uni over bird nets

Netting has appeared on 20 trees at the campus 'to discourage birds from nesting'.


Naturalist Chris Packham slams University of Cambridge for putting 'absolutely outrageous' anti-bird nets over row of trees

Netting has appeared on 20 trees at the campus 'to discourage birds from nesting'.

The university said the affected trees, near the Whittle Laboratory,"will be checked for wildlife three times a day."The university said the nets were to discourage birds nesting during building work, said the decision to cover the branches is"morally dubious".

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Get a life . So did I. Several times..and it worked 😁 How can you not enjoy the bird song it creates by having nesting birds 😤😡😪 So what bird poop, so do human! Use to be lucky if a bird poo landed on you. Susan_Rae1 Use the nets to catch undergraduates skipping classes. Anyone got any idea why they would want to do this?

Social media for the win; Nets get knotted! 👍 How have we got to a place where were not letting birds live in trees now? Stupid idea...its the place where birds nest...whats next, dam the rivers to stop fish swimming? Pathetic This planet is designed to have all animals free and birds allowed to nest wherever they find the best trees. Honestly these people make me so angy

Still promoting your sorry self employed presenter and his narrow minded views Chris Packham in ecolistic idiot. We don't worry about what he says, it's like water of a ducks back.

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Chris Packham really knows what he’s talking about. But most thick idiots prefer to listen to monosyllabic Greta Thunberg. Terrible. Cut them down!✂️✂️✂️ NestingNotnets NetsDownForNature Didn’t slam XR when they dug up the grass? Come on Chris, be reasonable ...last week they had their lawns dug up to let the birds get at the worms.

Go Chris x ChrisPackham CambridgeUniversity ecology obviously not a place of learning if they think netting is a good idea... So this is intelligence at work, is it? Disgrace, this practice should be a criminal offence...😡🤬 Should be made illegal - yet another year, more cases; whoever introduced this most moronic of practices should be named and shamed.

No other clowns left to put on the TV?

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Anyone who disagrees with Chris Packham here,is not a very nice person. ...just take them down...for gods sake...take them down!...just do it..there must be a stoned student there somewhere who can spare a couple of hours... Building work cannot be carried on near the trees during nesting season as it scares the birds away. The birds have to find other trees - which are plentiful so not a problem for them. However, all those people who oppose any development, however beneficial, can use it to bash it

Ridiculous, where the hell are the birds supposed to roost? University education doesn't seem to give them any intelligence! I'm not a fan of Chris Pacmkham and definitely not a fan of those idiots ER. However, Cambridge University should be ashamed f themselves for doing this. Trees have rights too. Absolutely dreadful how dangerous for wildlife.

ChrisGPackham Anyone, anywhere can apply for a tree preservation order to be allied on any tree. Just go to the local government office. You don't need to own the tree nor does it need to be on your land. A lot of fuss about nothing!! Birds still banned from the top table eh?

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If the building works effects the trees in some way then nesting birds will prevent the work going ahead. Planting new/mature trees should be a priority if any are removed to stem the decline in Bird populations. RSPB says using the nets is morally dubious. Personally I think that should be Cambridge Uni's motto

Are young people now afraid of birds, or did the staff decide it was a health and safety issue? I am so glad I am getting old, because the younger generation are the one's that will destroy this planet, because everything shall just die out, instead of being protected. can somebody go and take them down, say you are from extinction rebellion there should not be a problem!

It’s bad for bees & pollinators...they get stuck. I put in my vegetable garden last year and took it off 24 hrs later. What a bunch of W ⚓ s! Hinc lucem et pocula sacra? ...

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