Chocolate tubs ranked: The best value for money - and which one has the most of your favourite choccie?

Chocolate tubs ranked: The best value for money - and which one has the most of your favourite choccie?

12/4/2021 4:17:00 PM

Chocolate tubs ranked: The best value for money - and which one has the most of your favourite choccie?

Consumer experts Which? analysed the contents of the four most popular chocolate tubs, and found Celebrations offers the least variety, while Quality Street offers the most.

As Christmas approaches, chocolate tubs make their annual appearance in households across the country.Few homes will be without a tub of Celebrations, Quality Street, Roses or Heroes over the festive period, but research from consumer experts Which? has found that some brands have a better mix of sweet treats than others.

The research looked at which chocolate box gives consumers the best value, and which has the best selection.Which? found that there is rarely an even spread of chocolates in a tub - with fans of Quality Street's Green Triangle and Celebration's Galaxy Caramels most likely to be left disappointed.

Image:Celebrations offer the least variety, compared to the other tubs. Pic Which?According to the research, Celebrations are good for nut lovers, Heroes for eclairs, Fudges, Double Deckers and Creme Eggs, Quality Street for Fudges and Roses for plain chocolate treats.

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AdvertisementIf you're a nutty chocolate fan, then Celebrations is the best option, with Which? finding that it had an average of 12 Snickers per tub.There were also 12 MilkWays, but 50% fewer Galaxy Caramel and Galaxy bars.On average, there were 11 Mars bars per box, eight Maltesers Teasers and Bounty bars but only seven Twix bars.

The Celebrations box has the least variety of all the chocolate boxes - containing only eight different types.Image:Fudge and Eclairs appear the most in a selection of Heroes. Pic Which?Cadbury's Heroes box contained more Eclairs and Fudges than any other chocolate - nine of each - compared to five Twirls and Wispas.

Image:Dairy Milk chocolates appear most often in Roses tubs. Pic Which?Quality Street also offers a wide selection, with nine Pink Fudges on average, compared to four Green Triangles and four Orange Crunches.There are plenty of caramels, toffees and fruit cremes and a box of Quality Street has the most variety in its tub overall - with 11 different types of chocolate.

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Image:Quality Street offers the most variety out of all the chocolate boxes. Pic Which?Which? found Roses are a good option for those who like plain chocolate, with nine Dairy Milk bars per tub, while Fudge and truffles average only four each per tub.

They're also a good option for people who like caramel and fruit creme, as they came second after Dairy Milk with an average of eight in a tub.Which? experts recommend going for a 600g or 650g tub which tend to offer better value for money.

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I can definitely say that this house won’t have any of those tubs Just been to Germany, plenty of Quality Street abd other sweets.

Inside Christmas chocolate tubs as we reveal how many of each sweet you'll findTHE verdict is in: Celebrations have the least variety of any choc box but are also the best value, alongside Quality Street. And Quality Street’s green triangle, Celebrations’ Galaxy Caramel… Wow, someone wanted to be a reporter... 🤣🤣🤣

Quality Street, Roses, Heroes and Celebrations ranked - see which scored topCelebrations are good for nut lovers, Quality Street for fudges, Heroes for Double Deckers and Roses for plain chocolates, according to research breaking down the contents of the nation's favourites This is like the biggest opportunity I had in making money from the comfort of the home, gratitude to Geoffreypreud this is really amazing..... I'm counting the racks like never before about $15,800. I think my job is actually a waste of time. Thank you Mr Geoffrey send a DM

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