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Chinese markets are still selling bats

Squalid meat markets have reopened in China as Beijing celebrates 'victory' over the coronavirus

3/30/2020 12:01:00 AM

Squalid meat markets have reopened in China as Beijing celebrates 'victory' over the coronavirus

Terrified dogs and cats crammed into rusty cages. Bats and scorpions offered for sale as traditional medicine. Markets in China are operating as usual.

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DannaMaor Awful. hells_bells2207 Please When will who MichealJRyan DrTedros Insist these vile wet markets be permanently banned Globally. xijingping AmbLiuXiaoMing You must implement animal welfare laws ASAP for the sake of Animals Humans and the health of our planet.MattHancock DominicRaab DefraGovUK

Tanta crueldad me da náuseas!!es vomitivo a la par que desesperante,además de ser algo completamente irresponsable que hace persistir la amenaza de nuevos virus.qur se prohíba y se castigue severamente YA Pretty soon i fear humans will also be in these cages being eaten openly...what i have read from history is that each turmoil from above increases the misguided nations deviance till their time is over

😬🤦🏼‍♀️ Hijueputa chinos remalpridos hijos de puta Cochinos, bestias HP,,, Hay dios malditos chinos por eso está como está y les pasa cosa malditos asesino Avoid this in the future. Go vegan. Like the realDonaldTrump. I'm sure that there the seldom people eat cats. sisifosanchez 😡 are you serious 😡 Andfelegrom

ChinaEmbEsp Time to nuke them. Pre-emergent Bat coronaviruses (BatCoVs) were generated at Fort Detrick AMRIID 2019 'Reverse genetics approaches have generated pre-emergent BatCoVs from sequence, especially those related to SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.'-S Totura & A Bavari, AMRIID THIS NONSENSE MUST BE STOPPED ASAP! This poor angels suffering horrible torture and death and the whole world struggling with the Corona virus!! This MUST end NOW!!! 😨🤬🤬🤬

Bat coronaviruses (BatCoVs) were generated at Fort Detrick AMRIID - 2019 'Reverse genetics approaches that generate novel coronaviruses currently circulating in bats are an innovative but under-utilized resource to provide additional zoonotic and pre-emergent virus diversity' Everyone should BoycottChina until they stop torturing animals! Just don't buy Chinese products. Sanction and force the Chinese government to pass an Animal Rights Law. The whole world is sick and tired of watching videos of cruelty to defenseless animals!

Then the world should hold China to account because this will start all over again. What's the matter with these people eating these animals. The Chinese government are rich they loan money to the world. Feed your people on proper food Let them Darwin themselves to death, almost like Americans and their guns. Let hope bullets and viruses can eliminate as many idiots from these 2 countries.

Qué asco!!! No comprar nada de los chinos 😷🤮🤮🤮🤮 Hopefully the UK won't be far behind los males, pandemias, etc que padecen y padeceran cada vez peores los seres humanos tiene su origen en la destrucción de la naturaleza, la cruel matanza de animales en condiciones horrorosas como lo hacen en China, pero el humano prefiere morir víctima de la peste a no matar.

_jecad Is this news or ancient olds ? These are copyright photos from Vietnam wet market! These animal photos are from Vietnam Please Note: A lot of the same images of chinese markets circulating online purporting to come recently from China are actually old images, and some are even from different countries entirely, including this one from Indonesia...

😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Fort Detrick Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (AMRIID) made bat coronavirus as reported 2019 'Reverse genetics approaches have generated pre-emergent BatCoVs from sequence, especially those related to SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.'-A Totura & S Bavari, AMRIID

00R0UX Chit chit. China man ate a dead rat China: no more wild games. Reality: they still eat bats. China: we didn’t cover up, we are here to save the world, the virus originates in USA...uh no, Italy. Reality: some people actually trusted CCP. Thanks for this we have been campaigning about this for a while BatsareforCricketonly please share some of our tweets/like so we can end this barbaric practice once & for all any support would be great

abi çözün şu işi yeter ChinaEmbTurkey Stupid Asians Chinese will never learn, they will never get the lesson and the worst, they don’t care. Because of their bad eating habits, the entire world is suffering now the consequences, thousands are dying per day... Chinese stop eating everything that moves..!!!

This is total madness ataegemenc No one talks me about to love Chinese people anymore!! I leave their judgment to hands of God!!! TarekFatah Collective and global ban on China is the need of the hour. China is another level of evility. BanChina ataegemenc 😡🤬🤬 TarekFatah So painful. Please spare the poor animals. 🙏 Please.

OMG why is this happening !!!!!!!! Just shows what a backward country it is. Let’s just carry on as normal eh? Un fucking believable 🤷‍♂️🦠🦇 What a pathetic practice by the people of China 🤦‍♂️ The opened the market and they allow the vendors to sell bats, cats, dogs, snakes, spiders, centipedes, pangolins and all kind of shit because they know where the virus come from, they have eaten all that shit for centuries and noting had happened, that virus was created.

A los Animales hay que dejarlo vivir,asesinos 😈 those people deserve to die TrueStory. Just wait a bit and we will see a surge of new Viruses exported from China to the world. 'We are not letting you take a breath, so we can build our economy to be number one.' Chinese intelligence Agency😎 'the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.'

19.5 million people died in America in 1500s because the Europeans get them viruses that origin cows sheeps and pigs. People use the animals and virusesas gun. And the world never stop eating animals. Today we have a chance for stop eating animals. China debe ser castigada. Sus pobladores no deben comer animales. Están provocando pandemias en el mundo con cientos de miles de muertos. Pongan un alto a China! NoQueremosALosChinos LosChinosSonUnaEscoria Covid_19 CODVID19 Coronavirus

Didnt China ban the sale of wild animals during the virus outbreak? I can only assume that this restriction has now been lifted. China's attitudes towards animals and its utter disregard for the environment should be challenged by the rest of the world. I am a Chinese, and I have never heard of such things as slaughtering cats for their meat! If the news is true, why don’t the author put pictures they are being slaughtered? Can’t find one? Stop make fake news!

That is TERRIBLE. People who eat animals such as dogs, cats, rats, scorpions, bats, etc. ought to come down with something. That is awful that a human would stop that low. Every traveller’s, tourist need to ban China from theirs Bucketlist. They don’t respect the rules. To all the backpackers don’t go in China. You have many beautiful other country. Do it for all the doggos. Dogs Doggo Cats

Never been in China in my life. And because they don’t respect animal I will never go in this country. I mean poor dogs and cats. I rather to eat salad everyday in my life. No dogs ! TarekFatah Bc maroge puri salo kutto puri dunia ko khtm krdoge tum hrmkhor chines virus chor do in masoomo ko suwar salo

This world doesn't need a china Stop eating animals Shut these down!!!! 🤬💔 All China peoples blocked in every country. The people can't enter other country. RonaldRaffle It ain't the meat. It's in the Wuhan labs. Bcc SecPompeo SenTomCotton TuckerCarlson IngrahamAngle En serio? Acaso no entienden no entendieron mmm!!!! Miren a todo el mundo lo que esta pasando por us acciones 😤 que mierda tienen en la cabeza, matando a estos pobres animales acaso no tienen conciencia ahh!!!! 😤

Cnuts Savages after a global disaster throughout the World how can this be aloud to happen ? Very sad. Karma will hit again Primitive people Time for sactions against china. If it bloody moves these dirty buggers will eat it Disgusting race Please someone do something stop them killiking animals in china smokeydogg777 That’s nothing, in America we kill unborn human beings.

These are basically places with weapons of mass destruction and the world can't do much.... Bokumu yiyin amına godumun çin çan çonları sizi o boğazınızı sikiyim tüm dünyanın amına godunuz Disgusting 🦠should be shut down immediately ffs After all China is a crazy country. China cannot be trusted in everything. China is faking the numbers of infected and dead. In fact, it continues to increase.

Prepare for a new type of virus in the next few months Close the fucking borders to China and ban flights to and from them. If the people didn't learn anything after causing 3 virus diseases in 20 years, they won't learn it anymore. Let's them die in their own mistakes. What exactly are you trying to say ?

MinnaSuhonen Country is just gross. Stop eating everything you find🙄 Nuke china realDonaldTrump VP SecPompeo where are the sanctions when needed?!! What the hell !!! The world must isolate China and cut off trade with them for its own good. Taiwan and perhaps Hong Kong being an exception (if it wins its independence).

🤦🏾‍♂️, this is why I believe this virus came out of a lab. Common sense will tel u if the virus came out of these markets, then u shut down shop but they are not doing that!! 🤬🤬😥 Actually the way you think eating-dogs are brutal is nothing different from a vegetarian thinks your eating animals is brutal...

But the history to use dogs as sacrifice could also seek back to thousands of years ago, and dogs meat are also regarded nothing different from pork, lamb, beef. Of course no one will eat dogs safeguard their own houses... but only those raised for that purpose. This is absolutely abhorrent & repugnant behaviour towards animals🤬 This makes me feel so f*cking depressed & thoroughly ashamed to be a human being. Animals deserve respect & kindness. NOT heartless cruelty like this 😔 This is heartbreaking beyond all measure. I’m done here🖕

As to dogs, it’s a tradition for like 5000 years. And dogs are considered one of the “six beasts” (六畜)used by human beings. Other five are:” Pigs,Cattle, Sheep, horse and Chicken” . Dogs are well-known about their loyalty and used to safeguard the house/yard. Seriously, we Chinese don’t eat bats. This pic/video clip(I mean the lady ate a bat) was popular in China in Jan on Weibo coz everybody was criticizing her from which you could know it’s not something common in China.

Actually it’s some Southeast Asia countries who eat bats a lot. Probably this video was taken there as a tourist. And it is not “NOW”. Don’t make fake news! Hey peta do you have a Chinese arm? No? Not that you scum are any better but how about funding an international campaign for commercial boycott of China? No? Ok.

JoostNiemoller RT please WTF!!! This has to STOP!!! NOW!!! NLinChina CoronaOutbreak COVID19 STOP MEAT MARKETS!!! JoostNiemoller Let them eat eighother and get something Like a mad cows disease. Chinese are crazy. wacht maar... JoostNiemoller The motherfuckers kill that People!!! Even though selling wildlife has been banned

NEXT VIRUS IN PROGRESS 😡😡😡 STOP IT!! Wtf 😡🤬 Fake news. China has already imposed ban against selling any kind of wildlife. Name your source. Those pics you showed are long time ago. Absolutely disgusting 🤬 This treatment of animals is abhorrent. My broken heart is w/ all the poor animals suffering such heartless cruelty day after day. This makes me feel EXTREMELY DEPRESSED & VERY F*CKING ASHAMED to be a human being. ALL animals deserve respect & kindness🖤

Disgraceful ugh should be torn down.... Sham on Chinese Govt ! There is more to come ..... wait and watch (rest of the world) World leaders need to call Xi Jinping to account, like pronto! I believe that the Chinese government have put a strict ban on these markets. Fake news comes to mind. OMG This is absolutely disgusting. And one minute china is cov19 now tht are not communist lies

Bilerek dünyaya corana virüsü bulaşıyordular bunun bir tazminatı olmalı tüm çinliler bilerek heryere tükürdü These “humans” aren’t good for the planet. Let’s just erase them. TarekFatah China virus biologicalvirus chinavirus chinchangchomacho Believe it are not! Disgusting and vile!!! WTF is wrong with these people?

Painful to see this. Any government that has a heart will stand against this. Anyone who can do this to innocent animals is nothing less than a terrorist. Yummy Those poor cats & dogs.. 😢 Surely something can be done to stop this!! They've crippled the f**kin world with this virus and wiped out thousands of innocent people! Absolutely disgusting! 🤬

When will they learn that its because of them that thousands of people world wide are dying or are getting really poorly 😠 Why 🇬🇧 🇹🇷 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 All humanity, Unite ! Disgusting When are going to cancel China? Gross and barbaric. When will the social distancing evolve to economic distancing from China. ChinaLiedPeopleDied.

The country that brought the calamity upon us have now left the group They shouldn’t be allowed to do this is barbaric 🤬 Biz Türkler olarak tarih sahnesinde defalarca Çin’le savaştık çoğunu kazandık ama hiç Çin coğrafyasını egemen olmadık sebebi bu işte her siki yiyorlar bizim midemiz kaldırmaz China is cursed 😡😝😠

Well isn't that bloody fantastic? Doesn't matter we are going through hell fighting an invisible killer, our whole lives have been turned upside down, people are losing loved ones from a virus that started in one of these markets, but hey its business as usual for the China! 🤬🤬 Fabulous really pleased for the most polluting and revolting country on the face of our unfortunate planet! boycottchina

Dear Mr. President (realDonaldTrump) Would you give orders to launch some inter-continental balistic missiles against those chinese virus spreading markets. Yours Sincerely, Trump should nuke all china! Did you stop eating chicken after H5N1? or did you stop eating beef after BSE( Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) ? Everyone were scared of H1N1 but you still eat pork. So shut the fuck up westerns.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤬😡😡😡 they need a bomb dropped on them!! They are going to kill us... I believe there should be some sort of trade embargo with China, buy trading with them we are just shutting our eyes to a culture that doesn't fit into today's world. Shut them off and let them self wollow in their own shit

Yaaa bok yiyin oçları bokkk hoaxeye please When someone doesnt learn a lesson(even after sars,chinese virus) It becomes the duty of others to make them learn DwayneDibbers Says it all 😡😡😡 What victory, they made everyone sick. Get the fuck up !!!! China ... XHNews if your country don’t shut this down the world WILL because we will all gather as one unit and shut YOU down ! How dare you insult the dying and OPEN back up this filthy dirty barbaric cruel animal market 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

That cat image is from a market in Vietnam. When Stubbornness is part of your life🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ rvaidya2000 sick chinese Fuck China! quarantinedKim The bastards will never learn ChinaEmbIreland glad to see things are going well for you. I hate that country TarekFatah These people will never come down their high horse and start releasing their unjust habbits are sources of diseases ChineseVirusCorona

This is totally outrageous!! How can we let this happen again after it has been proven the virus started in these Chinese wet markets. Do they (the Chinese) have no social conscience or respect for the rest of the world population? Appalling. This has to be stopped fucking stupid koniçiva's OMG they should ban all sale of cats, bats, dogs and all other animals there..there hygene stinks!

I am totally speechless, when this virus started because of the Chinese wet markets why are we allowing this to continue, to reopen when the rest of the world is suffering and dying from their irresponsible practice of slaughtering live animals and the supply of infected rodents. Awful that these markets even exist let alone reopened.... how.... China must have the antidote, or they are lying because why re open if it really caused covid 19 ?

fucking chienese virus. all world should break all ties with china And British companies still buy from china 🤔 boycottchina Fuck this shit Annnnd it will all start again! As I have said before, BorisJohnsonGB needs to seriously look at suing the Chinese govt for reparitions for its negligence. SARS and coronavirus don't apprear to have taught them any lessons at all. coronavirusuk

China eat my dick . Amına kodumun evlatları Bok yiyin ak Blody hell.. we are locked down for possibly 6 months and Chinese acting like nothing ever happend .. Nuke China. Disgusting vile heathens Yah. Gak kelar kelar 😅 COVID19 chinese people needs to stop eat food like that , FUCK THEM!! High time world should block china

Let’s start treating China and CCP for what it is, a bag of shit, stop buying their products and block their travel to this country until they change. Without the money pouring in from countries round the world they have no power and their world domination ambitions are doomed! China preplanned this to covid 19 and now they are going to bloom..... 🤔

Whilst the rest of the world is trying to contain a virus that originated in these squalid places, China have reopened them and practically allowed it all to happen again!! The world will never be the same again... chinese people : selfish, ignorant, foolish When are the rest of the world leaders going to grow some balls and boycott China? Not only to stop the suffering but to prevent the next pandemic.

Another Chinese Virus will be unleash soon. oh Yes u know everyting about China Especially what never happened This is beyond disgusting after what the world is going through! Seriously, this what they have learnt, waaaoooww ,, Shame Fucking culprits! covid19 TarekFatah Whole world is having trouble with ChineseBioterrorism & China is celebrated their misery!! ChineseWuhanVirus ChineseCoronaVirus

In 2020, your photos will still be so blurry. BBCr4today 10DowningStreet Is it/was it CRUEL Chinese food market OR was it a CHEMICAL attack on the WORLD? If it was the latter, then a reappraisal of Chinese technology (H'wai) is a MUST! I do not know the answer, neither do No10 I presume, so let's get 'Boffins' on to it NOW

I really hope this is fake news! CarolMidgley The world must demand this practice ends NOW. It will only have dire consequences if it is allowed to continue. It is unethical on so many levels. I hope China fucking burns to the ground who ? peta ? BASTARDS 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡 Senin Allah cezanı versin çin, ama bu sefer tüm dünyaya yaymanıza fırsat bulamayın🤬🤬

TarekFatah Actually they've started preparing other viruses...... They have come again They should have regulations. DON'T BELIEVE THE NEWS OF CHAIN GOVERNMENT TO CHALENGE OF CORONA VIROUS! THEY WANT SAVE THEIR ECONOMIC Seal the borders Ben bu Çinin amk All of Muslims,christians and jews must United for destroy the china.this is the real jihad , crusade or whatever you say🤬🤬

TarekFatah How can someone eats dogs and cats 😭 I don’t believe it, what/why/shocked aesdetics International sanctions should be imposed on China. They apparently have no regard for the people who have died, who are suffering, the hardship they have inflicted on the world. Their behaviour is disgusting and these practices are vile and cruel.

This lot are just mentally twisted and too thick to learn. Why dont people ever learn? Well what about the slaughter of sharks as well, slaughtered in their thousands just for their fins ,just for a bloody soup and the rest of the carcasses are just dumped. Masi aja.. what could be done to save them? peta PetaIndia PETAUK CNN cnnbrk bestfriends RSPCA_official RSPCA RSPCANSW RSPCA_Frontline AnimalsAsia SoiDogPhuket HSIGlobal VanessaHudgens LeoDiCaprio ASPCA

I thought China had banned them , and it is the Daily Mail 🤔 Close them down. It’s there fault all this is happening Will they ever learn? This just makes me cry. I just feel useless i want to do something for them. I just cant understand why some Chinese are so cruel and love to hurt and kill these living things that are loving and caring once you have them as a pet. I wish people wouldn't buy them as food😭😭

sreeniv51294598 sreeniv51294598 Still no lessons learnt.... World healt organizations is guilty. They worked with china to infected world. When this is all said and done, every country effected by this virus needs to level sanctions on China They need to be held responsible for their negligence, coruption and arrogance in this entire fiasco

Shut them down....Did the virus not start at something like this. TarekFatah Guess they want more curses Disgusting 🤬 TarekFatah Mader cod dalley sale gandu... kash xing ping ki maa c ...d sakta...gandu Seriously, now is the time to boycott all things Chinese. Boycotts china products. TarekFatah boycott china

pinkhedonist as if nice stainless steel cages would be better eh! twats pinkhedonist really! I bet not but crack on with your agenda. Disgusting Isn't it time to move all the production out of China and ban them all from coming to Europe? fuck china TarekFatah These Chinese will never learn don’t trust them

If that's the case then they think it came from some other sauce. Who would have thought that the people with the smallest dicks would rape the world upside down. This is the proof. The size doesn't matter. The function is what matters. Weird people,, that's the look like bats really? TarekFatah Lav day puri duniya ko barbaad karke chodenge

Stupid and dangerous if allowed to continue... TarekFatah Incredible.. the very thought that someone can eat dogs makes me want to consider turning vegan TarekFatah 'MADE IN CHINA' 'BACK IN CHINA' 'MORE IN CHINA' 'END OF CHINA' Good! China resume normalcy until another virus strikes. They fcking eating cats WTF!

AnnuHappy Celebration for exporting ChineseCoronaVirus19 worldwide. Celebration over coffins of innocent. China is a asshole of the world dwnews AFP China has apparently learned nothing. NotReallyABear2 I see that nothing has changed in China. We shall wait other viruses😂 TarekFatah I guess that's because the Coronavirus never started from a place like that. It was probably created in a Chinese laboratory.

TarekFatah Prepare for another ChineseVirus The filthy meat market opens again TarekFatah They will continue to sell because they know the real cause of CoronaOutbreak DrManishKumar1 excuse me what the fuck 😞😞 Carl_CE50 Vieslik!!! TarekFatah When will these ass holes learn ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChinaVirus19 MadeInChina IndiaFightsCorona IndiaVsCorona IndiaFightsCOVID19

TarekFatah The only solution is bycot china ....If u can Welcome to McDognalds Only realDonaldTrump can take some action against china since other countries president are asking to clap hands and stay home These sellers never learnt it’s lesson! Now the virus is still far from over. Where is the curb! Ban n penalize these idiot sellers!! 😡

TarekFatah People are still dying everyday! Do these people have no sense of guilt whatsoever? Has working in their innumerable factories made them heartless robots? These folks they don't learn from their mistakes of eating forbidden animals! KJV Hebrews 13 8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

TarekFatah Then it is highly possible that the virus didn't emerge from the meat market and was a diabolical planned attack to cripple the west. Today Europe and USA are worst affected. It means virus man made...it is loud n clear now These folks don't learn from their mistakes of eating forbidden animals!

If they gonna keep doing that, weatern world should immedietly draw back all the manufacturing plants from china and leave them as they are with a strict traveling bans and maybe even sanctions! That's enough! TarekFatah What is this Are we waiting for another virus from them now ! TarekFatah This is not Chxxxxx fault it's West who 100% depended and trusted now results are in numbers....

Pagalo ka economy kase chalega? 1. Export 2 wild animals TarekFatah This is a highly racist & fascist article. How can someone intrude into the food habits of 🇨🇳 . What about their right to eat ? This is highly condemnable.The 🌎 should start practicing 🇨🇳 food habits so that HERD IMMUNITY is built and we can then start facing new viruses from 🇨🇳

TarekFatah TarekFatah Gotta try the sweat and sour cockroach!!! They are to die for 👍 TarekFatah Omg you mean the “hotdog” woks are back on? Talking live crying dogs ChineseVirusCovid19 F...n chinese, they eat everything but shit TarekFatah Reminder to not have a lively personality as the chineese will make it their dinner.

TarekFatah Pathetic ! America should attack China as soos as possible World will always remember your contribution to the human civilization. You will have to pay for this. BoycottChina ChineseVirusCorona WuhanVirus TarekFatah realDonaldTrump Sir... please do something about this .... Put pressure on China to stop this nonsense ... we have suffered enough

TarekFatah These people eat damn anythng that is moving & people like us who even check ki cake me egg hai ya nhi , such people r also suffering! 😢 Ah shit here we go again TarekFatah Fark the CCP TarekFatah China ready for round 2? McDonald's junk food market works all the time around the world ChineseVirus 😢😢

It's almost evident that China aims to sabotage the rest of the world through its inhumane wild life markets. They controlled the virus in their country after spreading it to the rest of the world. All countries should impose an embargo on China and close their borders to it. OMG. WILL PEOPLE NEVER LEARN

They would eat people too if they could If The West will unite and attack to China, I swear will be volunteer soldier of them. Chinese people doesn't deserve to live. Arsehole off the world!!!! The PRC will never learn..SMH. kuku27 How can centuries old food habits be erased. It will invite massive trouble or upheaval.There is nothing state will do to create imbalance in society. Even Communism can invite problems

Yummy Idiots!!! Lanjodakallara The picture about the traditional medicine means that it can be used to treat bites from animals such as bats The fuk Dirty scumbags You must be kidding me Stupid people. chrisdelia U insist to concocting stories...Isn't the Western media determined to smear China's image? Whats the time of the photoes is...

Unless the rest of the world join together and ban chinese products they are going to keep doing this Whole world is suffering from Chinese virus. Everyday people are dying. We still can't go outside and they still do not care about disgusting food habits.All countries must close their borders for Chinese!

pinkhedonist To believe anything that China says is the definition STUPIDITY the communism government of China is to blame coronavirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChineseWuhanVirus Alllah belanızı versin ama sadece Çin in belasını .. covid-20 is loading... WHO DrTedros Is China prepared for Round 2? 开局一张图,内容全靠编。中国仍然在和役情做搏斗,还不敢妄称胜利。除两广有少部分人吃,其他地方基本不吃猫肉。 Fake news. I lived in China 20 years,and never seen people eat cat.though a little people eat something strange trying like Bear Brylls to getting people’s eyes.

Because of their mistake the whole world is paying 😡😡😡😡 Didn't they learn anything from WuhanCovid19? This is UNACCEPTABLE.. THERE IS ONLY ONE THING TO DO. WE MUST CLOSE OUR BORDERS AND CUT ALL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL TIES WITH CHINA New viruses are coming !! Chineses are on their way to end the humanity .

Orospu evlatları geberin şerefsizler! Fuck u china! Mother fucker China tradational foods Quarantine China FOREVER!! Covid_19 coronavirus COVID19 CoronaUpdate Nothing will happen for so many years until US armies visited there! FAKE NEWS Oh My God!! This must stop : evil : in every sense Them no dey learn

Nuke China We can’t change their cultural practices. Our government could sanction them for animal cruelty and close all trade with them. These people will never learn! But this is an opportunity to stop our dependency from ALL made in China! Absolutely sickening 😷😷China is fked up period realDonaldTrump bomb China get it down !!!!!

pinkhedonist Covid 19 ii ANNENİ SİKEYİM ÇİN ! Rest assured, it is definitely not the meat market in your picture. China is strictly investigating wildlife trafficking and can be held criminally liable Sike sürmeye akıl yok bu adamlarda. ezralevant Because it didn't come from there... DUH. STOP trading with China !!!

The West has no right to complain about China China is always right It is a well known fact that western Chinese Restaurants and take aways send millions of $,€,£, of their profits back to family’s in China, as always the only sucessfull way of change is to vote with your own 2 feet and influence change by altering the flow of money Covid_19

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 It comes from CHINA! CHINESE virus! Export all the shits in your country to China. Free , delightfull and Tasty for them !!! really? I thought that this could leave some teaching but I see that not ... Could this mean that these markets were not the source of Wuhan CoV? fake news Those mofo!! Why they don’t plant vegetables instead of keep eating cats dogs monkeys and all the f... the world should united against China now. That’s enough!!

My God. What a shamethis virus didn’t wipe us out Bok yesin orospu cocuklari here we go again oh it is ChinaLiedPeopleDied MakeChinaPay BoycottChina BoycottChineseGoods Kedi lan neresini yiyorsunuz şu garibanın soysuzlar kitapsizlar ezralevant Welcome to hell. Racist bs They never learn and thats why the world must boycott them

Zıkkımın kökünü yiyin 🤮 So when is the rest of the world gonna nuke China? False news, now the ordinary market is not open yet, where can there be such a market as you mentioned, please tell me the specific location Insane, Chinese barbaric ibrhmTanyalcin The world needs a production mechanism that does not involve China.

Time China was removed from the Planet!! CHINESE VIRUS gogetsmarthome Memory shorter than a locust! modyhassan07 Was it even a bat which caused all this mess? Allah belanızı versin. These should be shut down... surely 🤮🤮🤮 😲😳🥴 I SEE NO BATS BUT CATS IN THE PICS pinkhedonist Somehow these markets reopening will be Trumps fault. Can’t wait to hear that....

Wahboom 🤢 The definition of Insanity...... Do not buy Made In China. Let’s make an effort. How about being prepared to pay a few dollars more for stuff. Restart our own manufacturing industries around the world. Why doesn’t the UN pressure China to shut these markets down? Daily mail = fake news, look at the law enforcement by the government, I have been here for a long time, but never seen any market selling these animals

STOP THEM!!! That it might mean that is was never bats Or there just stupid Goddamn Chinese... Most stupid people.. For god's sake someone stops them !!! Great Mete Khan !! Genghis Khan !! Help us !!! Siz ne pis milletsiniz allah sizi helak etsin fuckin' business as usual... I don't this this strain of Wuhan corona virus came from bats... the Chinese have eaten strange shit for centuries... sadly, all flesh is eatable if cooked thoroughly enough... I think this little 'nasty' took a vacation from their bio lab in wuhan

pinkhedonist Seriously I see a cat and dog there When we call chinese virüs then u get angry? Are they courting round 2 of the WuHuFlu WHO WuhanHealthOrganisation ChinaLiesPeopleDie we should stop that cannibal people People in the world would all die by those kind of medias, sad!!! In fact, the tweet wasn't news, it was baloney

In China, usually cats and dogs are pets. What do you mean? Don’t open your borders China, forever!!! Fake news,people would all die by those social medias! ezralevant Awesome, bats anyone? Veuillez lancer une bombe atomique en Chine, sauver des vies! Omg... a great saying, especially for you chinese people... eat shit&die...

TAX THE HECK OUT OF CHINA’s PRODUCT AS LONG AS THEY SELL AND CONSUME FRIGGIN BATS Orospucocuklari Fuck china ezralevant No all cultures are equal. Some cultures are better than others. Some people are better than others. Don't buy anything from that part of the world unless they change their ways! Soon all these poor animals will have a WHO stamp of approval on their bodies.

WHO Why are Chinese people so stupid? WHO be like: Ahlaksız ibneler Sanırım bu çinliler deli ve bizi öldürmek istiyorlar. I think the chineese people are crazy and they want kill us The govt should impose stricter law on protected animals. pinkhedonist And that means... Disgusting people They want to be hold accountable. For the death they caused ..MASS MURDER

Chinese are making the COVID 20 ChinaLiedPeopleDied Oh well... get ready for 'coronavirus 2, return of the virus. ' Some nations just do not and will never learn Nasıl yeni virüs çıkartırız diye deniyorlardır. Bunlar harbi gerizekalı I hope the US nuke this country. Disgusting culture. Yes. I mean it. Absolutely disgusting.

This is crazy. How can they allow this to go on the risks are massive OR they know it WAS manufactured and let out by mistake 😡😡 THIS NEEDS DEALING WITH BorisJohnson WHO How in the hell do you eat a dog, cat.or bat? I will never buy anything marked with.. “made in China” on the label Disgusting 😡 no one: china: fuck the mommy of the world

Disgusting people! bok yiyin diyeceğim de onu da yediniz siz 🥺 This is awful, those poor animals, the markets should be shut down. Sadists I hope that get ill...🥊 Once I realized they all eat chicken with bones . Still can’t step up and imagine bats rats etc . China is the epicentre of destroying our Society.

WHO any sanctions? Bats yuk ok but why do they have dogs in there? This is who they are though 🤷🏻‍♂️ They have blood on their hands forever 🤮 China needs to get in the fucking bin at this point, for real. Can I order some through Amazon? They will never shut down these squalid meat markets, The world should impose restriction to this evil country. Otherwise, we will continue to suffer and die. ChineseVirus19

fake news disgusting chinese!!!! you are a shame community to this world. Disgusting. They should banned to eat dogs, cats, bats and any of those poor animals. Catriona_Rtree Seriously China? You obviously have not learnt from the latest outbreak. Please have commonsense and not put people's lives in danger. Why isn't WHO doing anything about this and close these markets down? CCP coronavirus Covid_19 CoronaLockdown

So the libs and the ccp are celebration by cooking dogs and cats. Assuming the libs r still team china These Chinese fags will bring the world's end, if we, people don't do anything. First World countries should get together once the fight against COVID19 is over to find a solution of dependency on China and unless China stop these practices cut trade with them

World should boycott China..... Idiots pinkhedonist Chinese are subhuman. ⚛️ yükleniyor Wait...I thought they shut them down ⚛️ dowloading Next virus means they're toast Amina kodugumun salaklari bok yeyin bok It’s biological lab made virus sailed to world eu USA to destroy thm wuhan was mock drill and drama to make world fool thy made it

This news may be fake but the message is clear. These horrible markets should be wiped off the surface of Earth!!! This needs to be stopped China, Cancer Of The World!! B.k yiyin aq a.kodunuz dünyanın.. 🤬 Freakin’ unbelievable! This time I am with Trump. He is giving what she deserves. At least they should regulate these places.

WHY? Are you kidding with world? Enough! Go to hell China please go to hell. the earth like a hell because of you ? Sun of the beaches... Hijos de puta 😠 Terrible That is FAKE news Yeah CCPVirus v2.0 is coming soon. Let's make Mongolia great again! Because of this selfish act, people's mum's, dad's, grandmother's, sister's, brothers are Dying, all across the world! It NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!!

china a danger to the world WHO ReutersChina weibao yulin sars COVID19 coronavirus This is unacceptable. Morons Anybody who eats that, I hope they get COVID-200 FUCKCHINA So vile. Disgusting humans J_Niemeijer Ik eet nooit meer een hap van de Chinees. Nooit! Sorry maar dit is écht the bloody limit!

US drones should bomb these markets if China won't close them. ezralevant Setting the stage for another pandemic. I thought there had been some sort of agreement made to stop this happening! They have disgusting traits over there!! Covid 19.1 beta 🧐 ready ? Apart from the sheer barbarism, this might be another indirect clue that China knows the markets aren't the cause. That research institute in Wuhan looks more and more interesting.

Just disgusting behaviour on every level. This is so nasty! Hate the CCP.... but we all know this virus came from Wuhan BioLab not some soup w bats in it. stopdogmeattrade Savages Jan_S_B_459 Is bat soup back on the menu over there? Was it ever taken off the menu? 😷 Stop! Fuck is wrong with these people What part of looking at a cat , dog , bat etc makes you want to eat them , disgusting

It is like 'we won against corona virus, what is next?' world must close all borders to china , let them eat whatver they want even their shit , but without passing borders , dont let them in ! fake news!!!! Can someone stop those bastards from eating animals , they must be forced to be vegan 🤦🏻‍♂️☢️ the world that did not embargo to china.... fuck the world

Soulless gooks. My heart goes out to all those Vietnam veterans. Dear realDonaldTrump , please nuke the China. WHO CDCgov UN EU_Commission Cats, 'wolves' and yes, bats. Stop eating everything for God's Sake Please Mr realDonaldTrump, use nuclear bombs, and solve the problem. Sizin ben amınıza koyayım çinçan çonlar. ( turkler favlasin da sayımızı bilelim)

Chima virus fuck china For the love of god 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ The same media that accuses realDonaldTrump of xenophobic and racist behavior puts out this headline and nobody calls them on it. makGauBalak Every country must ban Chinese nationals from coming in. This has to be stopped. Ffs haven't they learnt anything!!

china Chinese eat shit Dear God, next time directly aim these Chinese scums. China is the cancer of the world. LegInsurrection This is disgusting especially after everything that's happened but it really doesn't surprise me at all. mrhyne68 The world needs to unite to put a stop to China. Can’t Donald Trump organise something?

They need 2stop this, please! If this is the truth, why are we not just cutting ties with China completely!!! They have put us in danger over and over. This time the whole globe is in danger of wiping out humanity. Just boycott them completely for good!!!! 😢😥 ezralevant Awesome. Please ship my BBQ bat ASAP. I will down it with Corona beer.

China.... ugh Rank. Cruel. Beyond awful. Defeated = bodybagged No infected left alive to 'flatten the curve' KungFluFighting itunes65 But seriously, who is sitting back all pissed off that the bat and cat market is still closed? I can’t even hit the gym because of the Kung flu and they’re going for round six.

I said it before now.. there's nothing like Wuhan - virus.. China deliberately planted a bio-weapon.. There's no dislike option on Twitter... when is that this people understand 😣😣😣 Ffs. Can’t we all treat animals with dignity? Would anyone want to eat a sentient being who’s been treated this way? Can’t believe humans sometimes

So the meme ‘covid 19 plus’ is real . Unbelievable 🤦‍♀️ There really should be some restrictive measures taken agains China all around the world - They are the cause of many deaths of people which are still happening in Italy !!!!!! And they have the guts to reopen their markets? Fake news JZmirak Shameful.

But the world won't agree to collectively ban China from entering other countries Global agreements are few +far between. They eat Batman if they had the chance itunes65 MOAB. Awful!!!! I don't think this is a real story. It could be anti-Chinese propaganda. But then again, the CCP isn't doing enough for the citizens of China. So maybe it could be real. I'm 50/50 on this tbh.

Shame on you. CoronavirusPandemic What is the matter with them? Seriously? 😲 Gerizekalı bir millet misiniz siz amına koyim ezralevant GOD HELP THESE POOR INNOCENTS 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 ezralevant People are mindless. They have been eating like that for centuries. If you truly believe that this virus came from an animal go back to that rock you crawled from. God dam ignate

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 As a Chinese I have 2 things to say: 1. The majoy of us don't eat strange things. I personally eat fish, chicken, beef, sheep and pork. 2. Those people who eat strange things are stupid and we hate them as well. Where is the world's law Disgusting. ezralevant Savages Bok yiyin ezralevant PetsRFriendsNOTsnacks

Mother Fuckers. FUCK CHINA What the fuck is wrong with people? Fuck china, china virüs bok yiyin aq çinlileri No man! Human race we need to move up our learning curve after this pandemic, we cannot go back to old ways, we must learn and do better... Where is greenpeace? where is this dumb Greta Tunberg? This is pure fascism.

China put a STOP to theses WET markets, this is all your making Ffs What's wrong with these bat eaters Better totally keep it to yourselves Fuck all chinese With the amount of fake media these days can we believe it? WTF China ! It's up to us, folk. We can start by copying the Chinese Embassy in on our tweets. But TRY to be restrained. We stand a better chance of getting through that way. Insults will be ignored and most likely get us nowhere. This is the Chinese Embassy in the UK. ChineseEmbinUK

Meanwhile in the EU THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW 🤬marcthevet PeterEgan6 rickygervais Yes I believe this because I believe what the Daily Mail has to say and it only wants the best for its readers and would never lie. Why would it? ezralevant Yeeeeeaaaahhh.... For the safety of the rest of the world, China needs to be cut off.

Seriously...not only lesson not learned but totally barbaric! 2020 folks, there is no desperation for meat. Just sick! steph93065 That is going be shut down in another month. Cruel and sickening ChineseVirus Mk2 ezralevant Cunts!!!!! I’m never ordering a Chinese again!! Except maybe that crispy chilli beef mmmm

I am starting to think that The great wall of china was bulit to protect the world from them realdonaldtrump WhiteHouseBriefing cdnpoli JustinTrudeau COVID2019 COVIDー19 COVIDIDIOTS Plz don't bring us a brand new virus again. steph93065 Cruel bastards. I despise China. CRUEL. steph93065 Horribly inhumane country/people.

A ruinous culture. How are these still a thing in China? Something has to be done about it steph93065 Disgusting. The world really needs to “uncouple” from China. The world needs to start enforcing harsh penalties on China. peta did u have any office in China? ezralevant peta comments? How in the hell do you eat a dog, cat... or bat? I will never buy anything marked with.. “made in China” on the label

Here they go again. ezralevant What kind of monster celebrates by eating cats and dogs? Fucking Chinese lost generation. I can’t look at this, how they can treat animals like this is beyond me. Absolute scum of the earth That is just disgusting ezralevant Anger beyond words could express I AM READY TO GO TO WAR!

Kbaa06 this was like the article I read earlier. Disgusting bastards! Of course they have. Makes you want to weep THE SUFFERING WORLD, TAKE NOTE! THIS could be the beginning of yet another pandemic, thanks to CHINA's insatiable lust for eating anything that breathes or moves! Lessons need to be learnt as much as they need to be TAUGHT! This world affecting peacetime threat NEEDS addressing!

UN Do something! 🤯😤 They ate bat n ppl got SARS-CoV in 2003. Then the world got SARS-CoV-2 bcoz of the same reason. And Now they're still doing so? Seems like Chinese never learn from history. Fuck off!!! They will only start another bloody disease from eating thilfy food and animals makes me so angry!!!!!

Son of bitch Pricks dontbuyfromchina Looks like they got a memo that it wasn't from the markets...but the labs. 🤔🤔🤔😢😢😢🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕china This justifies international intervention, possibly military, if China doesn't take care of it. This cannot go on, which it certainly will. The communist in his most fundamental nature is an unfortunate soul in misery n wouldnot stop until world gets same misery. even though its sad it's responsibility of sane ppl to put them to rest, give them peace just like a pigeon with bullet struggling with death is given.

China is just obstinate about changing its unhealthy food gathering & consumption culture (bats, scorpions, lizards, dogs, cats, snakes, etc.). There should be sanctions against them until they cooperate. We just can't have anymore pandemics coming from them. It goes to show this Virus had nothing to do with what they eat but everything to do with it manufactured and used animals as a scape goat

These markets must be shut down. By force, if necessary. They are a threat to world safety and security. Wtf; why why why... Is that finally a proof that the origin of the virus was no 'wet' seafood market at all? Sub human bastards What the helll Fucking savages 😈😈😈🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🦠🦠🦠 They’ve ruined countless lives! Ban China

judylovesfishi1 Hope every single one of these inhumane low lives gets the virus tenfold and rots in hell It’s the daily mail promoting peace and love in the world There should be an international sanctions on China. It's about time. China has to be prosecuted somthing has to be brought into force now from other nations and WHO to stop them with killings slaughter to animals other creatures before they keep on on spreading viruses and the next virus they spread into world could be worse then Coronavirus.

Where's the 'Avengers'! 😬 Covid-20 incoming! HEROES!

Fox host who said coronavirus was plot to impeach Trump leaves networkTrish Regan accused Democrats of trying to engineer a ‘mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off’ Should be a nice administration job for her Can the network choose to leave the network also? One less idiot

Nintendo Switch sold out everywhere in UK and US because of coronavirusThe Nintendo Switch is basically sold out nearly everywhere, with the only ones available being sold at ridiculously high prices. It's nice that people can afford them. I’m surprised people are not bored with those things yet. The switch lite is still available and just as good if you’re not bothered about TV docking x

What should I do if I am buying a house during the coronavirus outbreak? The latest property adviceProperty is coming off market and some deals are falling through. Here's what you you need to know if you're in the middle of a transaction Wait for the correction. Real estate has been overpriced for years.

How will coronavirus impact UK house prices – and should I hold off buying a house?Experts are predicting house price falls of 3 per cent over the year and are advising sellers to hold off for now 3% is wildly optimistic, more like 15-20%. In the South East even more. Banks are already restricting mortgages to 60% LTV. economy recession The market is closed for fuck’s sake. The government and the banks have shut it down. This is not a V shaped recovery after everyone has a nice few weeks at home.

US awol from world stage as China tries on global leadership for sizeMike Pompeo labelling the virus ‘Chinese’ has added to lack of international cooperation Pure liberal fantasy. Global leadership or Global Pandemic Chinavirus China virus

Cabbie rejected by army because of 6-inch penis tattooed on his legKevin Price, 28, says he was ‘eight pints deep’ when he agreed to having the six-inch manhood inked on his thigh 🤦 Goes to Judgement your Honour. Imagine wanting to help defend the country and not be allowed because you have a tattoo no one will see.. What is this? A cabin crew policy Needs to get it lasered off.....