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Chinese employees are forced to eat live worms

Chinese employees are 'forced to eat live worms as punishment after failing to hit their sales targets'

6/1/2020 4:11:00 PM

Chinese employees are 'forced to eat live worms as punishment after failing to hit their sales targets'

Footage uploaded by a self-proclaimed employee shows a staff member holding the wiggling insect in her palms as another worker wolfed it down with water while covering her mouth in disgust.

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FreedomHK4ever Disgusting. People in China not only ate wild animals, but also forced the others to eat such dirty stuff...🤮🤮🤮CCP_is_terrorist 5emandNot1ess So...what does the top sales eat as a prize? Frogs or rats? The real China, Disgusting inhuman society They truly are a disgusting race ! Corona from there what else !! ?

What is wrong with some Chinese people? This is wickedness. No, a COVIDー19 pandemic is enough 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Why should that worry the Chinese? They torture,batter,BBQ live Cats,Dogs,Reptiles & ANY OTHER CREATURE with a PULSE! Eating live worms is a 'norm' to them! NOT A PUNISHMENT! Cruel bloody Nation!😷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

Disgusting -and should be illegal -as it is abusive. In Mexico they toast them before eating the worms Where is humanitarian right How come they forced employees like thisbulll Viola1500 I could be they have reached their targets and the worms are their well earned Bonus. //A manager said that the bizarre punishment was part of the company's new disciplinary policies which had been agreed by all staff members.// Are they actually enjoying the worms or what... Why do they agree with it at first place 🤔

craigtse Their culture, no?! So I don't give a fuck Human live & health is worthless in China. That's why the employees are forced to eat live worms. How uncivilised and disgusting. JenniferHYChan Vermin! JenniferHYChan The local police has already on this case. The company owner will be sued. Hope these punishments won't create another virus.

It's really disgusting..... That’s just a normal lunch for them 🐛 🦇 OMG😱 how can they have this kind of terrible ideas in their mind?! ccp make ppl crazy from inside to outside GOOD This is so disgusting. No wonder why the Chinese love eating wild animals🤮 Good lord.... Can they try more civilised punishments next time....?

It's disgusting. 🤮 Are these people tired of eating bats?🤷 Now they actually like to eat worms.🤦 Batty. They should do the same to XiJinping for screwing up China & world orders. Worms & horse shxt down his throat. . JohnSmi41737878 Forced? That’s not what we’ve been told the Chinese do.... Start to make covid-20 ? CCPChina

Nothing new there, they eat anything with a heartbeat anyway Tsumtsu26165853 CAUTION!!! DO NOT READ BEFORE MEAL That's the living way in the virus-making country, Chinazi. HORRIBLE See how they made the staff crawl on the street as punishment. chinese don't respect human rights is not even news. Staff are punished in ways unimaginable and unbelievable in civilized countries. They are made to crawl on the streets, eat inedible stuff, or even got spanked.

Uncivilised. This is so gross. What a uncivilized society. Just like cold noodles really worms? is not a big deal to chinese Disgusting! ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied CCP_is_terrorist lukedepulford SolomonYue hkdemonow FreedomHKG BBCWorld They've eaten worst,how come this is considered worst And so long to the forgotten bats.

it’s 2020 and China still remained uncivilised as Qing dynasty. 💤 Is that workplace bullying? Oh no more Russia or Iran... its China now. The bought media has been told what stories to write. Actually Chinese eat everything like bat, so the world has coronavirus CCPVirus ChinaVirus I guess this is some kind of workplace bullying instead of a punishment. Why do the Chinese like to eat weird stuff? They hv no normal food in China?

WuhanVirus is not even stopped. Don't start another. Holy ....... that’s how COVIDー19 like virus born Chinese economy has developed, but civilisation definitely not yet They eat everything that is alive. employer of the month... Smh. They never learn the lessons. high protein 😒 And yet, we buy their crap. When will we learn that financing the PRC's government through consumerism and selling it technology will be, over the long run, the undoing of its neighbors and us. Like buying Schnitzel from Hitler

Sick Chinese scum. More concerned about the poor innocent worms. These people will eat anything it seems... It’s a slave state. What else would you expect? Then we wonder were viruses some from? Bats are for closers Why not snakes? Yeah, I'm sure the Chinese are horrified by having to eat worms. What a wonderful world...

Stay tuned for another pandemic 🤦🏻‍♀️ Expect no less from China under this régime. Lacks decency, character, morals and integrity and its companies merely take their cues. The world would be thriving if all employers did the same. Haha It's their culture Why not they eat everything else ....................

It’s their daily snack not a punishment 🐛🦇🦠 Before or after they eat bat soup? ThatDontImpressMeMuch I’m a celebrity gmooh Their barbaric eating habits & disgusting wet markets are staggering Thats just lunch time for them. And they wonder why viruses always originate there COME ON CHINA FFS 😂 Eating live insects is common in China.. I suspect they are just giving them more energy

What do you mean punished ..making sure there employers get fed .. the Joys & Rewards of communist collectivist corporatism Free food They call them noodles when you get them in a takeaway ! Start of next pandemic Are you sure that wasn't a bonus? Whatever works cannot judge their culture! Worms are good for the soil and farming not as a punishment tool, let them be where they should be. Stop putting random things in the mouth.

not enouth comments. so you post this again. so let me help. no.1 comment. Wtf. That’s abuse! The employer should eat them too.. I guess it’s not really a punishment if it’s a regular every-day snack. If my boss says I need to eat gummy bears for showing up late. I’ll respond “oh well, another day in paradise.”

Samantha_J9 I would say that if this is the future, show me an urn Imagine if this was America ?

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Harrowing video shows Iranians collapsing in street during pandemicEXCLUSIVE: Leaked ambulance service records show three Iranian employees of the Chinese embassy went to hospital on January 28 with covid-19 symptoms, a month before first official case. Why can’t the scumbag looters in Minneapolis do that .. Likely. Whether it was the embassy or someone else, it came from China. CCPVirus

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