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Chinese authorities intimate date about the Uighurs

Chinese authorities' extensive data on Uighur Muslims includes BEARD LENGTH


Chinese authorities' extensive data on Uighur Muslims includes BEARD LENGTH

Leaked data has revealed that China is compiling extensive data on its Uighur Muslim minority, including whether they are growing a long beard or if they attend mosque to pray.

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Looting in South Africa - Covid-19 Pandemic

After South Africa's COVID-19 pandemic, he witnessed the rapid plunder of shops and supermarkets. South Africa has been locked since March 27. People are like hunters on the streets. They enter the shops and spoil everything.

china ccp is horrible antichinazi This is definitely a crime against human morality. The CCPChina is too evil. The world should stand together to stop it. FightForFreedom HumanRightsViolation Appreciate if the international society can help, evil ccp use lots of economic ways to press everyone to be silent, maybe it is time to review the policy to China. We need you to stand with human right as always. Thanks so much FreeUyghurs StandWithUyghurs

this all sounds like fake news cooked up by Epoch Times and the falun gong cult.. the whole story sounds just a bit too simple doesn't it? Poor Uyghurs. Hk ppl deeply understand how poor u are. As we are facing humanitarian crisis in hk. If hk fails this time, hk ppl wil be treated as Uyghurs. More ridiculous things are happening in China under CCP regime. Anyone who does not blindly obey XiJinping will be detained or sent to jail! How many more people would be persecuted before the World finally stand strong together to condemn CCP evil doings? AntiChinazi

This is the nature of dictatorship. No justice, no reasoming but only stance abd favor of dictators We should StandWithUyghurs and stop thus evil action. Full of insanity by the CCP! State-slavery UyghurYadVashem China_is_terrorist , they can suppress and arrest Uyghurs anytime and anywhere without a proper reason.

This is inhumane. Human rights violation

China's Uighur Muslims detained for growing beards and having too many babies, leaked document revealsOfficial papers reveal ‘overwhelming’ surveillance of over 3,000 people in just one county They await another wrath of God... Even God gives room for liberty Karma will get them. Oh wait, Coronavirus! Hmmmm.... Coronavirus is the Chinese Governments Karma. Evil.

So growing a long beard, having too many children, apply for a passport to visit Islamic countries are deserved to be detained How about CCP who attempt to cover WuhanCoronavirus which leads to the uncontrollable outbreak? Being thrown to the cliff? For God's sake, beard lengths, what a control freak. But this is CCP, to make ppl living in a place which full of monitor and brainwashing. All children are told to forget their mother language, history n HumanRights, to be a blindness Pro-China ppl. uyghurs is not the only 1.

Beard, but measure of a person's integrity, and tribal status. The Wiseman has meter long beard, look at Confucius! This just shows how ridiculous ppl still allow a tyranny to implement such harsh rules on Muslims bcoz of their religion n request for autonomy. China_is_terrorist MagnitskyAct chinazi uses different ways to kill those oppose her. hongkongpoliceterrorism WuhanCoronavius Coronavirustruth

And look at BorisJohnson, AngelaMerkel, etc who love Chinazi so hard. Learnt nothing from the history. China_kills_Muslims BoycottChina China communist is dictator and murderer! HK ppl stand with Uyghur. They are suffering from China dictatorship and inhuman oppression. As US said, China Communist Party is the biggest threats in the world now. World leaders should stand up and protect the human of man kind, no matter where and who

The Uyghurs have suffered a lot. Can the world communities save the Muslim minority by issuing the global MagnitskyAct to sanction those human right violators? StandWithUyghurs China_is_terrorist Political, religious & ethnic persecution... is the world still going to turn a blind eye to the suffering of Uyghur Muslims, while we all witness how the Communist China is endangering human lives & rights around the globe during this COVID19?

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How horrible for the CCP can show in this leaked data. Communist China will do anything like this to destroy, to detain the things they don’t like. AntiChinazi Please give a hand to Uyghurs. StandWithUyghurs Allah ya fi su CCP is trying to control every aspect of Uyghurs’ lives... With all this surveillance & oppression, they have no privacy & freedom at all. Hope the global community will impose MagnitskyAct sanctions on these human rights abusers🙏🏼 StandWithUyghurs China_is_terrorist

Clear evidence that cco targets at Muslim BoycottChina Muslim AntiChinazi StandWithUyghurs chinazi CCP_is_terrorist BoycottChina China_is_terrorist Every life matters CCP is a devil government, it must be dismantled. omgg... Still why do they pay pakistan to disrupt POK BORDERS.?

Budget may be delayed in wake of Sajid Javid's departure from No 11Chancellor Rishi Sunak may have to choose date beyond scheduled date of 11 March Nothing to see here. Brexit moving along marvelously. Good luck mates, ur screwed now. Not a good start is he waiting for instructions The draft budget didn't fit with Herr Cummings 'vision' so they forced Javid out and this delay is a smokescreen to cost up the changes they want to make

Protect HumanRights HumanityFirst FightForFreedom ImranKhanPTI MFATurkey translation karwa ke padh lena sir ji🇮🇳... भारत भारत रटने से काम नही चलेगा... Living in China just like living in hell , also live like a pig ! What we want is freedom , critical mind , democracy and human right ! chinazi China_is_terrorist

Do they treat Uighur as people? The beard length is really a big deal? China is really a brutal leader! AntiChinazi Xi must be out of his mind...CCPIsTheWorldsWorst And CCP are even forcing the Uighurs to eat pork which is strictly prohibited in the religion. No freedom of religion. No freedom of speech. No freedom of press. All basic human rights are seriously deprived

why there are people still giving excuses and accept CCP's insane behavior🤬 THEY ARE DEVILS!!! antichinazi China_is_terrorist FightForFreedom StandWithUyghur That's why we must stand strong and fight against ccp. standwithuyghurs Why didn't u do a research uyghurs given new home, new cemeteries? British homeless DailyMailUK

China's Uighur Muslims detained for growing beards and having too many babies, leaked document revealsOfficial papers reveal ‘overwhelming’ surveillance of over 3,000 people in just one county They await another wrath of God... Even God gives room for liberty Karma will get them. Oh wait, Coronavirus! Hmmmm.... Coronavirus is the Chinese Governments Karma. Evil.

Winter over, Spring comth... So ridiculous and nonsense! model citizens included CCP is fking human right. But some people say that Xinnie is nice. History always repeat itself Wall Street only cares the economic boost from China. CCP and Xi are killing the Muslims and elders, no one give a fxxk. HumanRights BoycottChina

Shame on you China and Xi jinping Why should you care about beard length? The people should be allowed to dress up according to their liking Or is that freedom is exactly what you despise? How about formulating a law saying that people can only choose from the 20 hairstyles that you allow, like in North Korea?

The world should see it. StandWithUyghur

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So Uighur Muslims cannot not look like a Chinese? and do you realize how this wasn’t even on the trending list for a full day but Jake Paul is trending number 1? I guess an immature YouTuber is more important than thousands of Muslims basically being held hostage🤷🏻‍♀️ I forgot that no one cares about Muslims these days.... pretty sad. If it was a bunch of Americans in their place the whole world would be going crazy right now and doing everything possible to stop this. This world that we live in makes me sick to my stomach.

this is so disgusting. and this isn’t even brought up on the news. i wonder why? oh yeah because we’re talking about Muslims here and all people do these days is call them terrorists. warrioroftrut Interesting how the Mail happily excoriates China for oppression of Muslims, but has zilch to say on even worse oppression of Muslims closer to home in Palestine.

Every country, please pass the MagnitskyAct to sanction China immediately. StopDefendingOffenders FightForFreedom How can the long beard length be the reason to be arrested? BEARD LENGTH?! That's ridiculous! How come the world remain silent on this?! The Holocaust is ongoing but you all still do nothing and watch it happen. Authoritarian China must be held accountable for violating human rights in EastTurkestan. MagnitskyAct China_is_terrorist

We definitely need the MagnitskyAct to help the Uyghurs by sanctioning these ridiculous Chinese authorities. Their evil hands will soon reach Hong Kong and ultimately the whole democratic world

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Uighur are really pitiful under CCP tyranny govern. They are over monitored by CCP when alive. And can't even have grave when they are dead. What should I ask, there is the result under CCP govern. Hong Kong is the next Uighur. A dictatorship need no reason to kill u, u just vanish somedays like COVID19 but more dangerous whiteterror ChinaziVirus

Just like Hong Kong charged a lady for attacking HKPolice with her breast The reason doesn't matter, the tyranny just hates anyone with different cultures and who are demanding to have freedom of religions or speech Genocide CCP took Uighur Muslims’ freedom! CCP_is_terrorist China_kills_Muslims China_is_terrorist China_kills_Muslims

That's the real face if CCP. Don't let the flashy technology and the rotten prosperity fool ya. CCP has a addiction of data collection. They even hacked into businesses to collect millions of personal information for US and UK. No matter how China “rebrand” themselves with so-called Chinese-style *Capitalism* over the years, their true nature of oppression never change, a Communism state always comes with oppression 🤷‍♂️😪

Reasons are ridiculous but abuses are real! Hope UK can enact MagnitskyAct asap to sanction China. StandwithUyghurs China is insane

RaptorBuzz Evil CCP must be eliminated! They are new Nazi! Thank you for your help for that course. Please help us fight against the evil CCP! How? Do they post beard lengths on Facebook or something? So? Seriously? Beard length? The Chinese Communist Party is a bloody joke, really bloody one. Let Uyghur live in their own way!

Beard length? I'm confident to say they can arrest me for having limbs soon.

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