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China's COVID-19 vaccine 'safe' in world's first completed human trial

China's coronavirus vaccine is deemed 'safe' and triggers an immune response in first completed human trial

5/22/2020 6:55:00 PM

China 's coronavirus vaccine is deemed 'safe' and triggers an immune response in first completed human trial

A Chinese study of 108 volunteers found that none of them had serious side effects from a coronavirus vaccine created there. It's a good sign, but Dr Peter Hotez says it may not trigger blocking antibodies.

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They r just showing that they r working on vaccine but reality is that they already had made vaccine. A wise man once said -- the same people who sell the panic, sell the pill. Unfortunately an arm fell off and 3 toes were missing No thanks. Don’t buy a vaccine from someone who caused the virus. If you pay protection money to mobsters who break your windows the reward will incentivise them to do it more.

Mahdi03824254 Well,it's all goes as planned 😂😂😂 Another way to make profits out of the messy situation😅. There isn't any good Chinese product i could remember😂😂 I'll rather lick the soap bar😂😂😂😂 Cue the moronic iTs fROm CHinA responses Who the in their right mind would use a Chinese vaccine?! Insanity

Umm they can keep it for their own people Right, it's a vaccine. But could it be a silent Trojan horse in yr body to trigger the second attack in a random period? Hey kids, U r too young to know what communist party r & they can do something U never conceive. Their end is to let the world be Marxism by any means.

Is this the same China that lied about the amount of deaths in there country , the same people who have been locking muslin parents up an putting there kids in care ? They created the virus and had a vaccine from the beginning. If it’s from China, I don’t want it. Have y'all gone completely crazy ? Are people seriously gonna put this crap in their body ?

SUSANMUNROE financial company we give out all kinds of loan . email us via.....susanmunroeloanfirm77gmail.com. This from a country who sent faulty masks and PPE equipment to the rest of the world and whose shoddy products lasted no more than 5 minutes - and we're expected to believe that they created a 'safe' vaccine? China coronavirus COVIDー19

No, thank you. Will Stick to hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Azithromycin and vitamin c + sunlight Who creat the virus trust him to made the vaccine I expect boris and trump will be first in the queue for this. Spending lots of money to find it doesn't work!!! Like ventilators and antigen/antibodies tests they sent that didnt work

Fuck china If it's any good copy it and give it away for free. Fuchina They better not sell it! Who didn't see this coming... First virus and now vaccine..? For health reason Don't trust China... Godcomment... Good And this is just the start, virus comes from China, vaccine comes from China, just wait for them now to start buying up failing blue chip companies in rescue packages. You couldn’t write it.

Vaccines should not become centre of politics for the sake of humanity. Whoever leads should be encouraged. Wouldn’t touch it I'll take it. Mission Accomplished ! As usual 'Made in China'.....whatever they'll export will be placebo and profit for them As if I would trust anything 'Made in China' Of course it does. Another lie!

Never ever trust anything from china Is it vaccine or upgrade covid 20? If it’s true? They should supply all of the world at no charge! Can you get your money back if it doesn't work? It's from thelancet probably one of the most respected medical journal. I'm an advocate of vaccines, but not sure I'd trust anything coming from there right now.

Safe! 😂😂😂😂😂 Only nutters will take it. Everyday on the daily mail there’s a story about potential cures and vaccines what’s coming tomorrow? Sticking 5 polo mints up your arse has shown encouraging signs towards stopping the virus? Warning. Time to time a pharmaceutical company surfaces claiming Coronavirus new treatment. All they want is to have their 'bubble' stocks raised in value; WarrenBuffet😎

Huh so why did China give Russia HCQ to deal with their covid problem last week. Deemed safe by who China? Nope your okay I’ll pass if it’s coming from China! CROSSED FINGERS Oh what a surprise 😱🙄 ...somehow the Chinese have managed to manufacture something that prevents the thing they engineered and unleashed on the world 🤔😐

Totally believe them It is same as creating fire by firefighter and bringing firetrucks to reduce the fire...!!! Oh shocking, leak a virus then the vaccine. Strange that! Really? I know Daily Mail is a tabloid but can the world take anything China says as the truth? Its almost like they had it all along 🙄 🇨🇳

Are they testing on animals first, what happens when they try the wild virus on those people? Will it initiate an inflammatory response. It is obvious, not really surprised, after all they ought to know the genetic make-up of the COVID-19 if they were the one that created the virus in the first place.

Told you they had this baby up and ready thanks Bill gates!! I think it might be wise to avoid anything from China for a while. Still wouldn't take it. It's like drinking the punch at a cult 'awakening' party. Nothing good will come of it. So say the Chinese. so it must be true then. Lies lies & more lies

after taking it, we will morph into bats Maybe they should be responsible for the cost of it if it's true. And no, their not making it. Give the formula to each country, and cover the cost. Good news surprised we know about it really will they share it with the rest of the world a lot of comments are simply stupid because they choose death instead of “chinese vaccine” Lol

Leave it to members of CCP is ok. WuhanVirus ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied ChinaMustPay No thanks Trust China ? Hell No....Just... according to ... the Chinese? m'kay ... Finally, Superman has come to save us from an astroid coming from Krypton to destroy planet earth. Is anyone seriously lining up to take a Chinese vaccine for coronavirus CmonMan

I will stab that vaccine needle in the CCP's leaders eye. Pirate Radio London CNN I'm not going anywhere near that. I wouldn't touch it...its from China This was their plan, to hell with china Rejoice for your lead, mercury and melamine tainted 'vaccine' from our Chinese saviours! you ass kissing Red Chinese lovers have no idea whether this works or not. Just spreading propaganda. The UK is rotting from the inside out.

Sure. After reports they have been hacking into the US and European health systems to steal their research. China is a disgrace and a shameless cesspit of selfish, greedy, wicked leaders. The Chinese people are great. Their leaders are disgusting. The one that they have had from the start after all if you are going to release a bio weapon on the world it would make sense to have an antidote for it first

Huh? How the hell did China beat Germany and UK to this? They make the virus and the vaccine... So what! We're still not going anywhere near It!

Coronavirus: China begins key political event delayed by COVID-19 pandemic China 's president Xi Jinping held a silent tribute to victims of coronavirus at the start of the country's most important political event of the year It's nice to see him acknowledging the people he has killed. He should also hang his head in shame, over his Nazi like treatment of the Uighurs in his concentrationcamps . ChinaLiedPeopleDied so China must also become a state universally condemned to the extent, that no civilised state deals with them until they stop abusing humanity. After the silent tribute, he continues to silence the dissents in china and hk

First Thing: US has three months to prepare for second Covid-19 wave, say scientistsObama administration scientists say the country must rebuild its emergency medical stockpile before fall. Plus, why Africa’s pandemic innovations have been ignored 😰 This while we are still in the first wave...

First families pay tribute after ex-White House butler dies from Covid-19Wilson Jerman, who first worked for Eisenhower and retired under the Obamas, has died aged 91 He was only 91! Far to young to die of covid-19 😢😢

Scotland bans Covid-19 support to firms based in tax havensMSPs vote to prevent such businesses and individuals from using relief funds Australia should do the same..why not Morrison? 🤔 mattprescott Strong Welsh Government did the same last week.

Type 2 diabetics 'are TWICE as likely to die from Covid-19'A third of deaths from coronavirus have occurred among individuals with diabetes, which is linked to excess weight and a lack of exercise. Pictured: Glucometer used to manage the condition. Is type 2 the fat one So sad Thank you😈

Type 2 diabetics 'are TWICE as likely to die from Covid-19'A third of deaths from coronavirus have occurred among individuals with diabetes, which is linked to excess weight and a lack of exercise. Pictured: Glucometer used to manage the condition. Damn Anything else on the projectfear list? Please don’t trust anything from the daily mail , they said a cure for covid was being tested and works and later on it was fake