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China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

4/7/2020 4:30:00 AM

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

Beijing demands explanation after ‘highly racist’ tweet by Abraham Weintraub suggests it is part of a geopolitical plan

In the latest incident to strain ties between the two nations, minister Abraham Weintraub insinuated China was behind the global health crisis.“Geopolitically, who will come out stronger from this global crisis?” he wrote on Twitter Saturday. “Who in Brazil is allied with this infallible plan for world domination?”

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In the original Portuguese, his tweet substituted the letter “r” with capital “L” - “BLazil” instead of “Brazil,” for example - in a style commonly used to mock a Chinese accent.China’s embassy in Brazil condemned Weintraub’s “absurd and despicable” tweet, calling it “highly racist”. “The Chinese government expects an official explanation from Brazil,” tweeted ambassador Yang Wanming.

The row comes as Brazil, like many countries, is hoping to source more medical equipment from China to deal with Covid-19.Weintraub said in an interview he stood by his tweet and called on China to do more to help fight the pandemic. “If they [China] sell us 1,000 ventilators, I’ll get down on my knees in front of the embassy, apologise and say I was an idiot,” he told Radio Bandeirantes.

Health minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta said last week Brazil was struggling to source ventilators and other vital health supplies from China, saying some of its orders were cancelled without explanation.The issue erupted online on Monday. The top trend on Twitter in Brazil was the hashtag #TradeBlockadeOnChinaNow.

Brazil, whose biggest trading partner is China, is the Latin American country hit hardest by the new coronavirus, with nearly 500 deaths and more than 11,000 confirmed cases so far.Since the pandemic emerged, Brazil-China ties have been strained, notably by a series of tweets by President Jair Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo, a federal lawmaker. Eduardo Bolsonaro criticised the Chinese “dictatorship” for its handling of the outbreak in March.

Last week, he tweeted about the “Chinese virus”, a phrase that infuriates Beijing and that the World Health Organization has advised against. It has also been used by US president Donald Trump.That prompted China’s consul general in Rio de Janeiro, Li Yang, to ask Eduardo Bolsonaro in an opinion column in Brazilian newspaper O Globo: “Are you really that naive and ignorant?”

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ggreenwald ForaBolsonaro It's the truth, the truth that the 'psychopaths' who rule China continue to deny, even though Diane_Dee, kellysangelo and Ufosinbackyard all the evidence clearly proves COVID19 was 'intentionally' created in Wuhan as a biological weapon. theprojecttv 60Mins sunriseon7

He’s not wrong though. ChinaLiesPeopleDie Oh so there are some people in Brazil that understand what China is doing. I’m impressed. He should probably quit the drugs and listen to that song from 'The Verve'-'Drugs Don't Work', on repeat, until he gets it all out of his system (till he finishes rehab, I mean). 🙄

true. China wanted to take over the world. China armed with investments to.lure Asia and Europe then its virus weapon spread in powerful nations to come up as survivor and hero. Muito Obrigado! O mundo precisa saber o que o ministro da educação pensa sobre os irmãos chineses south africa and latino ate too naive to love chinese. chinese can be lovely poppyl when they pursue their interests and flip face over into evil when China CCP wants them to do so.

A robustness in humour is what makes Brazil quite out spoken and straight forward. May be, he has some testimonials. 🤔 As, the opposite didn't gets the clean chit. maintaining the braintwister.🤙 How did China manage to deal with this very quickly and with very few deaths in contrasts to most other European countries so far 🤔

🤦🏻‍♀️ Tá famoso hope the world would pay attention to the rise of china. They are devil It’s CCP plan. Lol Wein what? Wein what? Wein-trouble! 🤬 Hey China, you are outraged? You? Publish your real numbers, then we will take you seriously. Say, have you reopened your kindergartens and elementary schools? Corvid19 originator WuhanCoronaVirus shameless

Brazil's present Govt with the fascist and corrupt Bolsonaro as head is beating Trumpet & co to the bottom of the politically dangerous and inept barrel. Well usually I would diss the current administration hard for everything. This is probably the first time that I’m siding with them. Falou a verdade.

The truth is China plans to share the world domination only with the United States. This is an observation from a Chinese not living under the Communist regime. _pinheira Não é pra menos né We brazilian have like the BEST politicians... 😭 Trump fearing a rising China So blame China Their common enemy Never the greedy top 1% USA Who wants to rule the world China their big problem Of 1.4 billion people Compared to US what 400 million give or take?

AbrahamWeint VERGONHA ALHEIA. CalaBocaWeintraub Fuck me the Trump virus (zerobraincells) is spreading quickly as well Per coments we can see why people are electin insane people! The world gone mad with misinformation and we cant go back ggreenwald Uma vergonha! Parece um pesadelo ler todos os dias absurdos que cometem e nada acontece à ninguém. Fazem e dizem o que querem. Sensação imensa de impotência!

This guy is totalmente despirocado _pinheira Mas não era só uma gripezinha? Funny that whenever the Communist Party is angry, you have probably pointed out the truth. The minister of education has no education. Government Bolsonaro shames Brazil. Hey look Americans, other racist presidents too get plonk heads for top jobs. You're not alone.

Time to isolate China for its behavior. They knew C19 human transmission was possible a lot earlier than they admitted & then hordes life saving resources? Totally inept & dishonest response that promoted a pandemic! ggreenwald Brazilians (most of them) are also outraged. About time someone spoke out, he is right. China will hopefully be hit bloody hard for the death and financial cost to the rest of the world. Anyone with any sense can see the China virus came from a lab.

Everybody is a communist for this 'government'. Don't forget: Brazilians voted for him. Que vergonha! Somos a vergonha no mundo... Incrível. What would china be if it wasn't outraged about something lately 🙄 君有疾在脑,不治将恐深 ggreenwald Estamos passando um sufoco, desgoverno de covardes e lunáticos! bbimbi Brazilian dystopian gvmt have managed to impair comercial relations with our largest importer, China! In so many ways this gvmt is excelling in eradicating Brazilian existence from the globe... (or, for them, from the flat earth)..

_pinheira Tradução resumida em português da matéria: Idiota _pinheira Unfortunately Brazil is being ruled by mediocres idiots. Flat earth is just the beginning. He's part of the people who believes vaccines contain hidden nano robots, remains of Noah's ark will soon be found, dinosaurs were planted on earth to test our faith. The idiot AbrahamWeint will next be seen setting fire to 5G towers.

Os burros querem destruir o Brasil, parabéns a vc gado. It seems like governments began to shift tensions from domestic to foreign. Incompetent politicians👎🏻 This should be a fun watch since the world's largest port in RioDeJaneiro being built with chinesedevelepmentloanscheme They had to enact a law in Australia to stop Chinese firms from buying up companies that had been ruined from COVID-19.They might not have created it but they're certainly benefiting from it

They had to enact a law in Australia to stop Chinese firms from buying up companies that had been ruined from COVID-19.They might not have caused it but they're certainly benefiting from it China’s leader should make a public address to all the nations. Well, the theory can go as far as the mind, but certainly, the Chinese Govt conspired with WHO and DrTedros to cover up the COVID19 outbreak for over a month.

Smart strategy to get what you what: Insult the country you want to buy ventilators from. 😂 Wow! Trying to out-Trump Trump! TrumpIsALoser I think hes right china should be investigated dodgy 🤔 It’s gotta be worth a look!🤔🦠😷☠️ CNBC report rising tourism in China. Came from the same pod as the trumpet, did he?

So basically all the countries with douchebags in charge are blaming China to cover up their incompetence 👍🏽 The guy is a bigger idiot than Trump. People love a conspiracy theory. Esse ministro ,como outros, nesse governo estão prestando um desserviço a nação brasileira! If u agree w this idiot, please take him. Make him part of your government, cause this type of people and accusation will make brazilians suffer.

Please check how many times per month China claims to be outraged. These claims are part of a Chinese campaign of prohibiting any comment or criticism of China Outraged for sure, as its true intention is revealed. ... it would explain why they're Placing war crickets and Gun shot birds around the Embodiment of the Sun ... and QUINTESSENCE

I agree👍🏻☝🏻🔥🔥 Perfect interpretation. 我們為什麼要認為偉大的創造者耶和華上帝會繼續讓大地毀滅和污損,他的名字被侮辱和殘害,人們說:“上帝為什麼不做某事?也許沒有上帝。也許他死了”? This is the regime that just now , in front of our eyes , put into camps, over Million of its Citizens of Muslim Faith, for 'ReEducation'. They denied their existence, until the story was leaked. And you want us to believe them? They have proven just how dangerous they are

They won’t mind sharing their new found post covid wealth then.. This man is a shame and an outrageus for us, Brazilians, too. Sorry, World. That Tiktok app they got circling the world just as fast as Corona right now, is basically glorified spyware aswell.... jus sayin. Before the COVID19 pandemic, the Brazilian Minister of Education, Weintraub, was already hated by students from his own country.

LisaHazell16 I am Brazilian and would like to say this minister and president Bolsonaro don't represent us any longer. We are also outraged by their nonsense comments I totally agree fuck China Is this the same president who reportedly tested positive first then reportedly tested negative? Actually, very obvious.

He has said what everyone is thinking. Does China want to lie about the assertion? Indeed China has a severe disdain for the truth. An education minister nonetheless, Brazil has fallen low. Sorry World, we have serious problems. The dream of being a comedian, it didn't work, he became minister of culture. that's why they say this country is a joke.But his boss is a professional clown

Tesla is using its considerable resources to produce life-saving ventilators that respirate coronavirus patients who are unable to do so on their own. Let’s see what country will face a economic growth this year. SoniaBridi China outraged it's a joke? Government Is not the Chinese government a dictatorship?

Why do we even care if the CCP is outraged?! I for one will be doing my best to avoid purchasing Chinese products in the future. They do have a plan - the Belt and Road thingie they have been pushing out shows where they are heading. ggreenwald Vergonha mundial desse governo. Brazil's like everywhere else. Has a lot of great people (my personal experience is fantastic) but also has a few looney toons. Sadly they are in power. But at the end of the day for all three of the Bolsonaro era, identity politics and Coronavirus: 'This too shall pass' Rumi

HkpoB i believe its by mistake for such an outbreak, but CCP would definitely tries to utilize it as the plan to push forward with domination. That's 'doesn't' like the exposure. even soccer in a decline in the country Brazil Has Got It Right and China does'nt like the exposure. Whether it's China, Russia, North Korea, America or all of them combined, a One World Government is already unfolding that will keep the common people under mass Surveillance and knowing their whereabouts at any time.

the Brazilian elite has taken power again and now it shows itself as it is: racist, segregationist, sexist and subservient to the usa samadeu the Brazilian elite has taken power again and now it shows itself as it is: racist, segregationist, sexist and subservient to the USA this statement contradicts Bolsonaro's own behave.

ggreenwald I would like to say that this government does not represent me. In fact, it does not represent any Brazilian who has a little common sense. help. china has won the ww3 without dropping a single missile the worst is yet to come when they accomplish thw 5G mission sam99061414 Why at this moment of time people still use the name Covid-19. It’s Wuhan virus, a Chinese virus.

The minister just stupid.Never argue with a stupid person. Brazil has been 00 days without a shame. Our best previous record since January 1st, 2019 is 00 days. ggreenwald Que VERGONHA !!!!!!!! Its absurd to rule it out as a possibility but its unproductive to have this conversation right now, when there's nothing we could do about it regardless. We're in uncharted waters right now. Literally anything is possible, even the morally absurd.

ggreenwald Interesting fracas ggreenwald Believe me, Brazil is also outraged! Yet many Leftists of the world champion China, Cuba, Iran and Maduro. When were the last Q&A press briefings from their respective leaders? His boss is Bolsonaro, the Brazilian Trump - go figure... I think it's only the tip of the iceberg as the sentiment appears to be spreading faster than the virus itself

neighbour_kx Many countries are trying to try any take any political or economic advantage they can from this pandemic. China from being first out. UK chasing China with 'Herd immunity'. Trump with 'Back to business ASAP'. Putin flexing his naval muscle. They are all the same. AbrahamWeint corre aqui pra responder isso👊

tdtw this dude is being nailed and yet he still doesn't know ! oh yeah! Brazil got only drug dealing income ! we are eliminating them too! we are killing them all ! say this to 'Seal' and UK special forces ! look ! Hell Lord behind you ! ggreenwald They really should just ignore Brazil ministers and the Brazilian prime minister. And so should everyone in every other country.

help us Aqui nesta hastag. Americanos putos com a China! Brasileiros babando ovo de governo comunista Chinês! The Chinese words for China, mean China is located at the center of the world surrounded by barbarians on the rim, worshipped by these barbarians surrounding China. . The mission of every historical Chinese kingdom was to beat foreign tribes, and to overrun them conquering them.

ggreenwald FiquemEmCasa Militando pela luta à vida do povo brasileiro. BolsonaroMentiu Covid_19 mata qualquer pessoa a qualquer hora em qualquer lugar. Communist China should never be trusted. . NEVER ! RodrigoCSFPinho The brazilian people don't agree with a word of that asshole!!!! 😠 Unless these lunatics are kicked out, we're doomed.

He may be right. China is an enemy of the United States. . Look at how much money Chinese Americans donate to Communist China, and look at how little money they donate to US. . The ethnic Chinese group in US, especially those new immigrants from China, are potential national security crisis. China wants to destroy USA. . Look at all the immigrants from China residing for up to more than 50 years in USA. . They will pick up a rifle to open fire on an American soldier, if China start a war with US. . They will donate million of dollars to China, but not to US !

Imagine China vs Brazil war 🇧🇷🇨🇳😂 China's wisdom saying, 'One mountain cannot house two tigers'. . China is the first tiger. US is the second tiger. . China wants to conquer the world and must destroy US to dominate the world . China has been treating US as the sole enemy, not competitor, for more than 50 years.

The only race in the world that could never claim racism is the white race. Screw China and their defensive cries. They devastated the world and need to be held accountable! Brazilians have a funny habit of being morons. Covid_19 is intentionally sprayed by fucking Chinese all over the world... Boycott fucking Chinese. CoronavirusOutbreak

Please, help us Communist China's plan, always, is to conquer the world. . In 3,000 year history of China, China was always aggressive to expand China's territory, to overrun every neighbor to conquer them. . China wants to conquer the world, no doubt about it. . US is a hurdle to be removed. Here in Brazil, more than 51% of us, wake up in the morning thinking about the evening; This wasn't a peaceful ideal, but, was something. Now, we are waiting for the real colapse. People are talking about a situation that we know how 'no money to buy food' WeKnowWhatItMeans 😥

Lunatic Definitely true china should take responsibility of the damages it has caused - thousands of lives and economy! china ChinaVirus ChinaLiedPeopleDied WHO WHOLiedPeopleDied China deliberately keeps Hong Kong open to tourists from China. China deliberately lets tourists go from China to Hong Kong and then to all over the world, spreading Wuhan Virus globally. They carry HK passports with no China custom stamps. Nobody can tell they're from China.

The world wants to hear more of it eventually. Cockroach 'outrage' is just a guilty act ! True story- fuckin* chincosss 5 Stars to the Brazilian minister 👍 World War III ~ Biological Weapons CCP WuhanCoronavius China CCCP Honesty is a crime in China ggreenwald Autocratic regime upset by fellow autocrat peddling a deranged conspiracy theory

Communist China deliberately keep Hong Kong open to the tourists from China. . Tourists from China go to HK and then to the world using HK passport, spreading Wuhan Virus to the world. . Their HK passports do not have stamps of China customs, to disguise being from China. Don’t pin your incompetence and lack of preparedness on others as a way to change the fact that you’re incompetent and unprepared.

Well is he wrong? ggreenwald We Brazilians are very ashamed of the president and his staff. Believe me. We apologize to the world. Only GOD will WIN that. I AM BRAZILIAN NOT This is definitely true. . Communist China deliberately let Chinese people carrying Wuhan Virus to travel out of China to the world. . Communist China is an evil nation.

ggreenwald Não levem em consideração é um retardado, assim, como seu chefe!!! 🧐🤔🙏 please read this book 'Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan to Destroy America', written by Chinese Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui It should be obvious prime suspects Nazis International... ‘Daughter Von Merkel’ and her Von cohorts seek to make Germany the worlds for foremost power following Hitler’s Orders for post war Europe and the restoration of The Reich

Its a lunatic like a bolsonero He has credentials, strength of character and a curriculum that makes him want to put the socialist brainwashing done by the Paulo Freire educational method on the ground, which forms functional ignorant people. He faces and brings results that the left does not want. Okay racist again. China always plays the racist card when fingers pointing at them. The coronavirus outbreak maybe an accident. But all the cover-up, disinformation campaign and mask diplomacy show China's ambition. CCP is taking advantage on this global catastrophe.

Me cojoni! Any surprises? Only a perfect idiot doesn't see how China is profiting and buying the whole world in this crisis created by China with the Chinese virus. ggreenwald Often they are just projecting when they say shit like this. They frame the world in these terms because it's how they think themselves.

Trump guy and imitate Trump imcompetence and blame game, after all, he need to pretend doing sth to make himself busy ggreenwald bolsolnaro´s beast. just one in the 57000000. 'the family hole' This virus is a science exam, which country's ppl believe Science and follow the leadership of science more... Virus don't care border, don't care faith, don't care military power. It just follow certain rule to spread. Now scientist found so much rules, Brazil is clearly a joke.

ggreenwald World domination has never been anyone’s goal. Ever. Pots and kettles? They're idiots!!! Freedom of thought .. A lots of claps for him! ggreenwald THE Brazilian government has mental problems!!! We don’t know what to do with them!!!! Help us!!!! ggreenwald I think he is right. China and W.H.O. should be investigated.

ggreenwald 'Really?' Worldwide embarrassment once again jairbolsonaro AbrahamWeint ggreenwald Lessons for the world: As authoritarian world leaders rise into power bad things tend to follow. It's not because of the cruelty or racism or xenophobia or isolationism or nativism ... all those are catalysts to the major reason. They are incompetent beyond belief.

The truth is, the profit China is building with this COVID-19 situation are the biggests! ggreenwald Deve ter problemas! ggreenwald Idiots though it’s being broadcast on TV evidently here since I was asked if it was true yesterday. ggreenwald ggreenwald Perdão gente, ele é burro inconsequente ggreenwald pretty shitty plan you have to admit

😁 Brazil is like that childhood friend you see once a year around Christmas and who becomes weirder every time until you find out he's been using meth for quite a while. It's true.. ggreenwald This guy is a psycho ggreenwald ggreenwald World shame!!! and this was my humble submission as China's main target was to crumble the economy of the🇺🇸so as to be the world's power.think about it, how come all economy is down and there's is up and running after spreading the virus? something is fishy up in here..

ggreenwald This guy is an IMBECILE! I'm sorry, China! 🤦‍♂️ cómo cambió Brasil¡¡ su cancillería era un ejemplo¡ hoy es un insulto para el mundo. Isso é um retardado. Sou brasileiro e tenho vergonha desse ministro. Só não consegue ser pior que o nosso presidente. This guy is a disgrace. ggreenwald Abraham Weintraub is a psychopath

That's a funny plan. Usually it's good with such a plan NOT to infect your own people, and not to make the entire world angry at you without your obtaining any obvious benefit or power. That said, anybody who thinks China doesn't have a goal for world domination is a fool. ggreenwald As if China is vying for world domination, laughable tripe.

He's got a point? ggreenwald You forgot to announce that it's our minister for education Well, the virus did spread from China but only because the authorities put politics first instead of their citizens' welfare.🤦🏻‍♀️ It seems that the USA prefer to dominate the world. A pandemic reveals the failures of for profit healthcare and somehow Biden is the nominee...

That is the end goal of communism Umm. Trump guy...realDonaldTrump Help us COVID is already dominating the world. Where’s the lie tho lol Totally agree with the Brazil minister..China is now charging other countries for face masks that were donated to them😡😡😡 on the one hand... but on the other hand... hmmm,

South China Sea: Fears of conflict surge as China accuses Vietnam of ramming coast guardCHINA has accused Vietnam of ramming one of its coast guard ships in the disputed South China Sea.

China vows to tighten border control as it reports a spike of casesImported cases and asymptomatic patients, who show no symptoms but can still pass the virus on, have become China 's chief concern for a possible second wave of infections. Is that not xenophobic? We need a WHO expert and a CNM talking head to tell us that this is counterproductive and doesn't work and 'against our values' While the UK are doing no testing on inbound flights! Why is this not being dealt with or coming up in the questions asked at these live press releases from No. 10? just keep them in their country for a change.

China is 'costing lives and hindering fight against coronavirus with lies'LIES about coronavirus by China are costing lives and hindering the fight against the disease, MPs have said. The Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said China should have had a central role in coll… They should do a serious and very rigorous investigation into the true numbers that the Coronavirus has caused in China. If the Chinese data is true, you will die a lot of people, because we have taken strict measures, and you have not. If the Chinese data is false, you will die more people, because we have adopted the 'authoritarian' approach in your mouth but still have not controlled the epidc Never believed their figures from day 1.

'Shameless': anger as China quarantines freed human rights lawyer 400km from homeWang Quanzhang released from jail but sent far from his wife and son in Beijing pacobaca: COVID_19 Queen Elizabeth speech' to applaud CoronavirusPandemic... China will never learn its lesson.

China is struck by 30 more coronavirus casesAs many as 25 of the latest cases allegedly involved people from abroad, said the country's National Health Commission, while five other cases have been detected as local transmissions. Singapore 120 new cases today! Singapore is screwed!!! Those infected should go visit their local Chinese embassies and speak to them about it... Is it travellers from abroad or is China lying or killing its citizens. Or did it come from lower than caveman culinary delights again

China must pay Britain £351bn in coronavirus damages - report calls for UN to step inBORIS JOHNSON should pursue China for a coronavirus compensation package worth £351billion, according to a leading report into the global health crisis. 你他妈在做梦吧,想死吗 UN They'd probably make Great Britain pay China !!! They should but they wont. It would be more effective to have a trade embargo. Scrap their Huawaeii deal and stop them building HS2 would be 2 ways to hurt them financially to begin with.