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China launches app for citizens to report 'mistaken opinions'

China launches app for citizens to report anyone who has 'mistaken opinions'

4/20/2021 3:23:00 AM

China launches app for citizens to report anyone who has 'mistaken opinions'

Released by China 's cyber regulator, along with a similar hotline, the app aims to crack down on so-called 'historical nihilists' ahead of the Party's 100th anniversary in July.

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So....twitter? LabelFreeBrands Fucking China. This coming to North America one day Isn’t KingJames spokesman for this app? CCP Virus This is already the norm in US-led multinationals, jordanbpeterson and primalpoly. So there. What now? Where to? I see they launched twitter in China. NONCSM We are going to be like that soon. Already sites like Linkedin are banning people that don't align with current mainstream Covid narrative, and I mean virologist, scientists and MDs!

Need this but for one piece opinions 99% of me is horrified. i hope the app pays in snitchcoin or ratcoin Coming to a crumbling union near you as soon as the government finds a mate to give the contract to

Oh dear China made twitter It’s called WeChatvv Just who the fuck the ChiComs think they are, Progressives? Dchibbles1 Was this created by Google, Facebook or Twitter? Coming to America We've been reporting football owners for their mistaken opinions for several days. Super League was canceled. The government threatened to step in. Reporting mistaken opinions works.

So they have Twitter now too. Need clarification on “mistaken”. Well, can you report your own wife on mistaken opinion on yourself? Can’t believe people in west living with such kind of medias reporting news without providing any exact information. What’s the name of this APP why do u use a pic of a girl shooting her ice cream, under such a freaky filter which makes readers feel depressive Clumsy tactics.

Who developed it? Seumas Milne? So... twitter? Just what americnhumanist always wanted I'm sure nothing in this article is mistranslated or misleading at all AmeriKKKa had that for decades, it’s called Tipper Gore App for snitches The United States already has a few. Twitter and Facebook to name a couple.

Wow so China has created Twitter ! Pretty sure that is the same thing Hitler and the NAZI did. Wonder what the CCP does to people with mistaken opinions ?

Not what U expected when you made up this isn’t it? fakenews For some, Twitter is used precisely for this already. Twitter? It's called digital snitching kkkk Não dou nem 2 meses para essa merda ser implementada no bostil. Name of the app, please, I want to report some of people!! It's called Twitter HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Is it only for Chinese citizens or can anyone report? Because I'd like to report the British government. Orwell’s 1984.

If one wanted to one could frame our Prevent campaign as such a campaign jack beat the CCP on this one. Twitter for China? So twitter. lol they don't even name the app So is this to report disinfo, or just to snitch on anyone that strays from the party line? Hits different there. They're way better at cancel culture than us. See Mao

StevieBuckley you and your burrito opinions better watch out In America, we have the media dox and harass them. Isn’t that right FollowWIN? Note that there’s no proof given that this actually exists. What app? Fake news.

Coming to a neighborhood near you this summer China following in rhe footsteps of Florida. I'm sure the Republican party is taking notes for the trunt cult. jack. Lawsuit? You're all trolled. There isn't left our right, there is just conformist, scared bitches That why Japan is better I got banned from Facebook for a week for posting about the highly plausible lab-leak theory that evil communist China is covering up

We in the West already have a few of these. They only allow “acceptable” thought. Others seemed “unacceptable” are censored....Kind of like China, huh? Wow! Sounds like we are heading in that direction! FB and Twitter practice WordCensorship. Twitter?

Has michaelgove scheduled a research trip to investigate yet? Oi oatila ? Twitter? Terrifying. Well the silver lining, in the deep dark cloud that is the Communist Chinese administration, is that even they can’t control ALL of the thoughts and conversations of their citizens. Hence their desperate attempts to turn their citizens into grasses. I’d say there still is hope.

What app?! Give me the goddamn name! I need it so badly! What is name of the APP? I wanna report Daily mail. 😏 Don't give theSNP ideas China 🇨🇳 dangerous cesspit! We have allowed them to become so powerful boycott China !! Socialism by stealth now sweeping the World. Read Dr John Coleman’s “One World Order”.

I can envisage something like this being used in Scotland to support the hate crime bill. Censorship. sounds like Super League football app for Liverpool fans A million people have disappeared in Hungary due to this kind of behaviour under the soviets. So they made Twitter? Americans are little snitches. They are always running and complaining about something. They would love this.

Western media: no free speech in China. CCP tracks every1's data Again western media: China is lauching app for 'mistaken opinions' to be reported No free speech but somehow has tons of 'mistaken opinions' flowing on the internet n need reporting when they monitor every1 huh The western world has it already ap:Twitter ap name: cancel culture

Name of app and web address please... come on Twitter is now in China?) Not_the_Bee

on whose standards what is the name of the APP? making fake news !shame on you And just take a look at the picture you chose for this twit, they probably just waited in line to get their meal or get their free vaccination, yet it looks so grey like they're going to get into a jail. And, before you defame the heroes who died for his countries, before you spreading rumors like Covid 19 would miraculously disappear, well, you should think twice, for you'll be reported (given to the problem you caused, like get people killed) or perhaps punished.

I can’t believe China is just getting Twitter now. Another completely fabricated lie, pathetic reporting. Been done already. Inshort : to detain anyone who has views different than Communist Party of China's. BBC filter is everywhere. I never heard of such an app. The truth is, the so-called mistaken opinion, like 'Japan didn't commit massacre in Nanjing' , which is definitely intolerable in China. For it makes people angry. If you defend for NAZI, you should be punished as well.

As the promoter behind the smear, do you feel fear and uneasiness about the national security line composed of people from all ethnic groups in China? Please tell me the name of this App. I am from China and never heard about it till this moment. I asked my friends and nobody knows it The clown is you Connard!I have never heard about this. SB!我从来没听到这个APP。

Wouldn't be surprised if many report people they dislike. AOC begins drafting new bill for the US giving $5,000 to every person who reports a wrong opinion... Is it liken to “Chinese killing Chinese” ? KingJames first china’s Muslims concentration camps and now this, I would expect a human activist rights to comment but not surprised Lefraud

They are calling it Twitter ok but whats the app called?

SteveKerr JamieGlazov Coming soon to Canada..... Next Twitter update Havent heard of that app... Chinese. Btw, whats wrong with that girl taking photo of an icecream? Slightly Hitler-esque 作为中国人,我怎么不知道有这种app?编造谣言抹黑中国? So...Twitter? So Twitter basically but Chinese wow that sounds terrible! we should... go to war and get millions of people killed? what's your endgame

China is twitter irl Chinese Twitter? So it's like a Chinese version of Twitter then? RYMCoffee Hundreds of years ago, humans invented a thing called the telephone, which called the police. People today are surprised to find that they also have a thing with the same function. Soooo... Twitter? NBA you agree w this too?

Easy way to labeling people and getting rid of them They launched Twitter? Again?

Just like how they sensored the doctors that reported Covid 19 and infected the world It's called twitter😮 The打小報告app Twitter Just likecthe nazi's!! Don't they have twitter in China 🤔 We've got that here too. It's called Twitter. TDanevirke This app will be perfect for H and wifey. Will save them from having to inform certain friends who report for them.

NYT will be early adopters. You mean they’ve got Twitter