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China flies TEN aircraft including fighter jets into Taiwan's airspace

China flies TEN jets into Taiwan's airspace just a day after AUKUS pact

9/18/2021 12:50:00 AM

China flies TEN jets into Taiwan 's airspace just a day after AUKUS pact

Taiwan said it scrambled its own fighters and activated missile defences to turn back eight Chinese fighter jets and two other aircraft which entered its airspace near Pratas Island today.

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Watch live stream as Star Trek actor William Shatner, 90, becomes the only nonagenarian to boldly go where no nonagenarian has gone before. Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, launched safely from Texas.

Make the world a safer place if China just took it China wants a war. We should give Taiwan nukes. China knows Biden will not defend Taiwan. I bet they are going to move on it soon 中共沒有種打美英澳 。中國不爽只會找台灣出氣 。 They can thank the vegetable in the White House. vegetableinthewhitehouse

China flies 10 fighter jets into Taiwan air space sparking WW3 fearsCHINA has reignited World War 3 fears by flying 10 fighter jets into Taiwan airspace after sending planes over 15 TIMES in a month. Taipei’s Defense Ministry said 10 Chinese military planes e… If they want to fight.. They can fight alone for the rest of the world to have our peace... Nobody will be joining them Yeah let's go to war with a country of over a Billion people, sounds winnable. Thats nothing new.. its being happening for a while now.🙄

Taiwan attempts to ‘intimidate’ China with five-day anti-invasion amid heightened tensionsTAIWAN has started a five-day anti-invasion drill amid concerns of a Chinese attack.

Improving defence capabilities is key for Taiwan to line up with Aukus, say expertsAs Aukus is expected to have some effect in countering China ’s military expansion in the Indo-Pacific region, experts think Taiwan needs to strengthen its defence in order to remain in step with regional collaborations, experts tell William Yang

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'Implications' Theresa May suggests AUKUS alliance could lead UK into conflict over TaiwanFORMER PRIME MINISTER Theresa May has suggested the UK's new alliance with Australia and the United States could drag Britain into conflict with China .

Australia could be ‘nuclear war target’ in British pact, warns ChinaFrance derides the new deal as a ‘stab in the back’ As the propulsion of the new subs will be nuclear, but with NO nuclear weapons onboard. CCP threatening words.. Says the country that has nuclear submarines whereas if they Kowtow and do as they're told, they won't be? Well done Australia for standing firm