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China fires top officials in coronavirus-hit Hubei as death toll soars

China fires two top officials in coronavirus-stricken Hubei as the number of cases in the country soars

2/13/2020 12:05:00 PM

China fires two top officials in coronavirus-stricken Hubei as the number of cases in the country soars

Both the Communist party chiefs of Hubei Province and Wuhan were dismissed and replaced today. The country reported 15,152 new cases and 254 deaths in yesterday's alone.

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Didn’t fire the ft responsiblity and resign. Correct your facts

China's Hubei province reports 242 new coronavirus deaths on Feb...BEIJING, Feb 13 (Reuters) - The number of deaths in China's central Hubei province from a coronavirus outbreak rose by 242 to 1,310 as of Wednesday, the... You know all this could been avoided before virus got out control the Chinese government & police listened to this Chinese Doctor who tried to warn them about this Coronavirus, but no they didn't instead they shut him up silence him, now they are paying a heavy price not doing so Wow Coronavirus to China....

Coronavirus death toll exceeds 1,100 in China despite massive lockdownThe National Health Commission on Wednesday said 2,015 new cases had been reported over the last 24 hours, declining for a second day in a row. Why are most of the infections in Wuhan, China? Read up on the Wuhan Institute of Virology, two articles Washington Times dated 20 and 26 January 2020 and what an alleged Israeli Intelligence Officer stated. Amazing stuff. No you might be able to discern, why this Covid-19 It's good to see Xi up and about... I heard Thailand created a vaccine/shot from AIDS vaccine and flu vaccine. A woman after 24 hours tested negative for caronavirus and was feeling better. Idk. Never heard anything more I guess it wasn't true.

Coronavirus latest updates: Hubei's leader sacked as China death toll passes 1,300 – live newsJiang Chaoliang replaced in province where cases have jumped by nearly 15,000 in one day, as 44 more passengers diagnosed on stricken cruise ship COVID19 Is anyone at all surprised that the Chinese have fudged the numbers/lied? sacked for what 🧐

Coronavirus: More than 100 die in China on single day as worldwide total passes 1,000Donald Trump is pinning his hopes on coronavirus disappearing when the weather gets warmer, saying he expects the virus to 'miraculously' go away in April. For the latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak, click here: Guy doesn't have a scooby what he's even talking about and half the dimwits in that crowd will lap it up. Only the USA would have a president this stupid.

Coronavirus cure: 'Substantial benefits' recorded after breakthrough drug used in ChinaCORONAVIRUS could be on the verge of being cured after scientists recorded 'substantial clinical benefits' using a combination of groundbreaking drugs to treat patients in China. I think Garlic is the answer?

Bag of dead birds from China confiscated from passenger at US airportFlu fears block imports of 'cat food' China needs to STOP eating this SHIT! Привезли соронавирус поделиться ? Жуть, а если бы были живые и выпустил? I predict 2 things. 1. These birds will test positive for something awful. 2. We will never hear about it again.