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China detains Uighurs for growing beards or visiting foreign websites, leak reveals

China detains Uighurs for growing beards or visiting foreign websites, leak reveals


China detains Uighurs for growing beards or visiting foreign websites, leak reveals

Database known as the ‘Karakax list’ shows people sent to internment camps for reasons such as ‘minor religious infection’

Officials used these categories to determine how suspicious a person was, even if they had not committed any crimes.The most recent date in the document is March 2019. The detainees listed come from Karakax County, a traditional settlement of about 650,000 people where more than 97% of the population are Uighur. The list was corroborated through interviews with former Karakax residents, Chinese identity verification tools, and other lists and documents seen by the Associated Press.

The database also emphasises that the Chinese government focused on religion as a reason for detention — not just political extremism, as authorities claim, but ordinary activities such as praying, attending a mosque, or even growing a long beard. It also shows the role of family: People with detained relatives were far more likely to end up in a camp themselves, uprooting and criminalising entire families.

The leak of the database follows the release in November of a classified blueprint on how the mass detention system really works. The blueprint obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, showed that the centres were in fact forced ideological and behavioural re-education camps run in secret. Another set of documents leaked to the New York Times revealed the historical lead-up to the mass detention.

The Xinjiang regional government did not respond to faxes sent by AP requesting comment on the latest database leak. Asked whether Xinjiang was targeting religious people and their families, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said “this kind of nonsense is not worth commenting on”.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

This is definitely a crime against human morality. The CCPChina is too evil. The world should stand together to stop it. FightForFreedom HumanRightsViolation Its china what do you expect? No one can do anything about it unless you want a ww3 with china. No amount of free western ideals will change that I am afraid unless eveyone cuts off china trade wise...which I also doubt (sadly)

Thank you for sharing! China detains Uighurs, It is unreasonable for the basic human rights and democracy. There's no doubt that China_is_terrorist! May be one day, not kneeling down praise the one and only one power CCP and the all-watching Xi is a crime... unacceptable! We can consumption anywhere but china! chinazi china

HK ppl stand with Uyghur. They are suffering from China dictatorship and inhuman oppression. As US said, China Communist Party is the biggest threats in the world now. World leaders should stand up and protect the human of man kind, no matter where and who CCPChina is racist The world cannot stay silent anymore to the totalitarian regime. It is the time to take actions to preserve the normal religious practices for the Uyghurs. StandWithUyghurs China_is_terrorist chinazi

In my opinion, CCP just detaining the people which are not believing their party. It is much easier for CCP to control the propaganda inside China. AntiChinazi

Coronavirus: China reports drop in new cases for third straight day China has reported a drop in new coronavirus cases for the third day in a row, as it became clear the country's leadership was aware of the outbreak's potential before the dangers were made public Totally believable yay China 🤔😉🤫🤮😷 How much of the drop is them redefining a positive diagnosis to require symptoms? Lies

So china is intranet because they only allow people get their fakes news CCP deserve punishment china is no different from north korean Xi and CCP are repeating what Hilter did in the past. And the world still focuses on the Chinese money which printed by Xi. This is so evil to the Muslims and the local Chinese without any power to protect themselves. BoyscottChina HumanRights

The root reason is because they are Muslims, not Han Chinese. It's unacceptable that the free world remain silent and watch this UyghurGenocide happen. Impose universal sanction on CCP! It must be held accountable for violating human rights. MagnitskyAct China_is_terrorist So outrageous! Uyghurs are treated like dogs by evil CCP!

China simply wants genocide of Uyghurs BoycottChina Stop this evil rising empire; never too late. appalling So the West will jump on China’s action But still won’t do anything about Homelessness and their own Hungry Children

Coronavirus: 70 more cases on Japan cruise ship as China infections pass 68,000US, Canada and Hong Kong pledge to fly citizens on Diamond Princess home as death toll inside China reaches 1,665 It’s just the flu. China van control everything except the corona virus 日本固有領土、尖閣諸島周辺に連続威嚇航行、 中国軍艦2隻 恩を仇で返す武漢肺炎書記!

This is unbelievable CCPChina actually finds reasons to detain people BoycottChina 'growing beards' Yeah I'm done here. Using counter terrorism as excuse, CCP arbitrarily detains millions of Uyghurs. It will just become more enthusiastic about oppressing the people. BoycottChina now becomes a duty. And the int'l society must sanction the officials before more suffer.

We're living in an era of Muslim persecution where business interests of the world community with ignores the abusers China and the CCP must be defeated CCP_is_terrorist This is the government control that UKLabour want. Socialism always leads to communism. Neither have ever worked or created prosperity. They're both evil.

How does preventing someone growing a beard accomplish anything? Should I be glad not shaving legs is not on the list......YET

China reports third straight drop in virus casesForeign minister Wang Yi said the fall showed the outbreak was being managed effectively. Wow. It’s a Communist miracle. Yeah right... Key word: 'reports' Because the CCP would NEVER lie or obfuscate. 🙄

These extreme measures come after years of terrorist attacks from Turkistan Islamic Party. You knowingly censor that out. Anyone who knows what China did to Tibet is not surprised by any of this. visiting foreign websites is counter-revolutionary!

Coronavirus updates: US flies out its Diamond Princess passengers as China cases pass 70,000 – live newsGlobal death toll reaches 1,770 with first case in Taiwan, as Canada prepares to airlift its citizens from Japan cruise ship. Follow live news and latest updates And with the current crisis, the death toll as well as those infected will continue to rise due to asymptomatic and super spreaders of Covid-19, unknowingly No one can trust China or their numbers ever. Total deaths now stand at 1,770 (6 weeks ?) In 1999 from mid December to mid January 2000; there were about 50,000 excess deaths in the UK. Most probably due to the strong influenza during that period

China finally conducts first autopsies on coronavirus victimsA leading Chinese doctor claimed that government red tape was to blame for the delay of the 'critical' postmortem examinations, which could help medics and scientists better understand the virus. BaldingsWorld I would say that it is not bureaucracy that delayed those autopsies. Gov red tape like burning all the bodies Quite an interesting read.

Coronavirus live updates: China deaths rise by 98 amid Cambodia ship concerns – latest newsThe WHO says it is getting a ‘clearer picture’ of the disease as the economic impact triggered by the crisis continues to deepen from California to Germany. Follow the latest news and updates here Only 68k infected out of 11 million people outaide China onky 500 cases good containment life cycle dispersal says peak of cases April UK 75 cases no more than 2 deaths Climate warming is good for ending COVID-19. The warmer Earth has many advantages, one of which is exploring Antarctica and navigating the Arctic! Let it warm up is inevitable! In Brazil with temperatures above 30 ° C, there is no COVID-19.

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination'

The EU is disintegrating before our eyes. Let's embrace the Commonwealth instead

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Coronavirus: 'Keep cats indoors', vets recommend

Hundreds of conservation experts join forces to pressure WHO to force live animal markets to close

As a Muslim, I consider it my duty to pray for Boris Johnson. I'm shocked by my peers who don't think the same

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