Retail İndustry, Confederation Of British Industry (Cbı), Supply Chain Crisis

Retail İndustry, Confederation Of British Industry (Cbı)

Chilled food delivery group collapses putting over 400 jobs at risk

Chilled food delivery group collapses putting over 400 jobs at risk

9/25/2021 9:16:00 PM

Chilled food delivery group collapses putting over 400 jobs at risk

EVCL Chill goes into administration hit by severe driver shortages and loss of customers

Eddie Williams, joint administrator, said: “This has been a very difficult situation and involved intense discussions with key stakeholders on an accelerated basis to get to this position. As businesses move from survival mode to recovery, the financial climate is still very volatile.”

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PwC said employees whose jobs had not been transferred to other firms would hear more next week. It said EVCL Chill going into administration did not affect the wider EV Cargo Group, which continued to trade as before.The news of EVCL Chill’s collapse comes ahead of an expected announcement by the government that

visa rules will be relaxedfor foreign HGV drivers to get supply chains moving.On Saturday, Tony Danker, the director general of the Confederation of British Industry, called for a “temporary and managed” system to bring in foreign labour. He told BBC Breakfast: “You need to be able to, on a temporary basis, on a fixed and managed basis, bring in skills we need now.”

Danker said the CBI welcomed the government’s ambition to recruit and train British workers, but said: “You can’t turn baggage handlers into butchers overnight or shopkeepers into chefs – you can do it over three to five years maybe, but you can’t do it overnight.”

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The broadcaster vows to continue campaigning after a suspected arson attack outside his home.

And so the dominoes start to fall. This is what we voted for. Give me strength.

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Temporary visas expected to allow foreign HGV drivers to help alleviate UK petrol queuesMinisters are expected to clear the way for a visa change that would allow thousands of foreign lorry drivers to work in the UK Drivers or owner drivers.. All with this poxy Government!😏 Finally admitting that Brexit was a disaster then. We've no shortages of drivers here in the EU, no queues at petrol stations.

Long petrol queues continue as more foreign HGV drivers set to be allowed to work in UK to plug gapLabour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner says the government knew there was an upcoming problem with gas supply in the UK and 'failed to respond' Read more here: Ffs! Are we paying her shit loads of cash for this.. WTF I’d even entertaining it? We’ve only got to look at EU news to see the shortages/problems. It's not Angela rather you want on, it's someone from the government not doing there job. These tories get a free range and now doing another u-turn Pffft it's only the old and poor likely to die. That's been Conservative policy since the dawn of the party so don't complain about it now.

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