Children's show Fraggle Rock returns after 33 years

Children's show Fraggle Rock returns after 33 years

1/19/2022 7:37:00 PM

Children's show Fraggle Rock returns after 33 years

Classic children's show Fraggle Rock has been revived for Apple TV+, 33 years after the last series was made.

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I've been to Fraggle rock pub on Bryher I.O.S. Couldn't stand FraggleRock Bermuda inspired—— That bass line was great in the intro music 🤩

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Dairylea cheese ad showing child eating while upside down banned over choking riskAdvertising Standards Authority says advert attracted 14 complaints alleging unsafe behaviour They ban this but they won't ban obvious sexual-implied content on reality tv on prime time. & don't enforce strict anti-pornography laws when it is ruining society. snowflakes Maybe children should be banned from watching telly until they are 7 and understand what is reality and what fantasy?

Tonga volcano: first pictures after eruption show islands blanketed in ash, as two deaths confirmedA New Zealand defence force surveillance flight has returned from Tonga. Pictures show land and trees coated in ash RailwayMinister_HelpUs RRBNTPC_1result_1student PMOIndia Love to Tonga! Ofa atu’! ❤️ Purtroppo temo che ci siano molti morti e distruzione, più di quello che si vede dalle immagini. 😢

Dairylea advert banned for 'dangerous' depiction of two girls hanging upside down while eating cheeseAn advert that shows two girls hanging upside down while eating Dairylea cheese triangles has been banned after people complained it could encourage dangerous behaviour Dangerous,? We ll did that as kids , well maybe not eat cheese at the same time though Oh ffs, really!!

EastEnders star Nina Wadia reveals she will return to show if bosses call herEastEnders star Nina Wadia has confirmed that she would return to the show if bosses were to call her and ask her to come back.

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