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Children can take life-changing puberty blockers WITHOUT consent

Children under-16 can take puberty blockers WITHOUT their parents' consent

9/18/2021 2:57:00 AM

Children under-16 can take puberty blockers WITHOUT their parents' consent

The High Court previously ruled that children under 16 with gender dysphoria can only consent to the use of hormone-blocking treatments if they can understand the 'long-term consequences'.

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So because miss Bell didn’t like her transition, she wants to make sure she ruins it for every other kid who wants to get started early. I call bs. She’s bitter and angry and that’s understandable but pretending like she protecting the interest of young people is a facade. Children under 16 know very little. They should read the gospel and get some wisdom before they let their flesh lead them up the garden path. 'The heart of man is deceitful above all things!'

Judges deserve to be disbarred over this case. YOU VOTED FOR THIS. VOTE SMARTER NEXT TIME. Easy just don't have kids these days Yet they can’t go on a school trip without parents permission 😳 Under 16s, but they cannot be allowed to vote to boot out the nut heads. Worra a load of fuckin bollox Bull No wonder Taliban is gaining popularity among western man

Ruling limiting under-16s puberty blockers overturnedThe appeal decision reverses a High Court ruling that under-16s would struggle to give informed consent. Yeah, because Doctors know everything… like the ones who diagnosed my wife’s clear secondary (terminal) cancer as asthma 🙄 This will lead to a mass amount of post transition regret from people convinced they were trans when in reality they were either gay or effeminate/masculine male or female. What a surprise Child abuse on several levels is now mainstream in this country. Childhood itself will be deemed illegal soon, to much freedom, you might starting thinking the “wrong things” if you’re allowed to grow up naturally

What are the damages or benefits of this? fred062811 Welcome to clown world everyone Of course it had to be the Tax Dodge foundation…. 💵 💰 💷 Just make paedophilia legal. It’s what this is clearly leading to, just do it so everyone can kick off, you can ignore them and then condition the next generation that it’s the norm.

This makes absolutely no sense but that's the world we live in. 🤡 Can they drink alcohol ? No? That’s it. I'm no expert.

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Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust wins bid to overturn landmark ruling on puberty-blocking drugsThe Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the UK's only gender identity development service for children, brought an appeal against the ruling in June. Any adult that put puberty blockers in a minor child is much worse than a pedophile Fantastic news for the rights of children everywhere! Tavistock uses propaganda to indoctrinated children to be transgender & that's why Sonia Applyby won her case.

NHS trust wins bid to overturn landmark puberty-blocking drugs rulingKeira Bell, who brought the original case, said she was 'surprised and disappointed' with the ruling given children can be 'sterilised' Well, experimenting on children is so in vogue at the moment. Common sense has left the building.

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