Chief Medical Officer wants food banned on public transport to fight obesity

Chief Medical Officer wants food banned on public transport to fight obesity

10/10/2019 6:51:00 AM

Chief Medical Officer wants food banned on public transport to fight obesity

The report puts the CMO at odds with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has previously rallied against the sugar tax.

Dame Sally's report was welcomed by health charities and campaign groups.Simon Gillespie, chief executive of the British Heart Foundation said:"This report is an important intervention, and the Government must heed Dame Sally's comments and take bold action now if childhood obesity is going to be halved by 2030."

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That sentiment is shared by the Obesity Health Alliance, which says:"Changing the factors that influence childhood obesity is firmly within the gift of politicians."Growing up healthy is every child's right and we strongly encourage the government to step up and do the right thing and put children's health, not company profits, at the forefront of Government policy."

Not everyone agrees with Dame Sally's comments though.Matt Kilcoyne, deputy director of a neoliberal think tank called on the government to ignore the report, saying:"No more chocolate bars on long train journeys, beer at the rugby, and a cap on servings in restaurants and cafes that'll spell the end of the good old British scone and clotted cream.

"This report demonstrates better than anyone ever could the case for ending the gravy train for nanny state quangocrats, and the need to refocus instead on public welfare and the enjoyment of life.Leeds has become the first city in the whole of the UK to lower their childhood obesity rate.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock commissioned the report, and said:"Professor Dame Sally Davies has done more than anyone to promote the health of the nation over a decade as CMO. Her parting report is no different and we will study it closely and act on the evidence."

The Labour Party has also welcomed the report, with Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth saying:"Labour has led the way in demanding a ban on junk food advertising before the watershed and on extending the sugar tax."But over a year since the obesity plan was published, the government continues to do nothing but window dress their commitment to child obesity."

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He looks a little young for that job Is that after banning the advertising of high sugar drinks or foodstuffs, or have industry lobbyists pushed against that? CMO_England obesity lobbying foodindustry Clearly the Chief Medical Officer has never had to work late, be hungry as hell and the only chance she gets to sit down, wind down and eat something is on the way home (which for some of us is the train). Odd given that I thought doctors were used to long hours.

What food in particular? All food? What about medical exemption? Will people be required to carry medical ID to prove they are allowed to eat? What about hangry children? I’m guessing she forgot to do Root Cause Analysis? How did she get to this conclusion? sitting in a room with Jamie Oliver? This is getting beyond the joke now proper nanny state we’ve become.

Pathetic idea. So they decide when a person can eat or know when a person is hungry. Wake Up. What a load of rubbish 😂😂😂😂😂 Nanny state gone mad again, the only chance I had of a crafty snack in peace away from the kids was when I was on the bus. chief medical officer is obviouly not fit for the job then.

Never saw the connection between eating on public transport and obesity. If this comes into force will transport use increase or decrease? 'where are travelling to today?' 'oh nowhere in particular I'm on a diet', 'and I'm fasting'. So you’d make commuters suffer after a hard days graft They’ll want to be banning food on long haul flights next😑

Stopping me from eating a bacon sandwich on the bus because I was otherwise engaged doing the school run is not going to fight obesity. Maybe start with making healthier food cheaper than junk food. Now there's a thought.... Surly its the parents responsibility. What nonsense, what if that’s the only opportunity you’ve got that day to sit down and eat!

Ridiculous. Nonsense. Get a grip 🙄 That should allow diabetics to go into shock then? They can’t even ban the drinking of alcohol on public transport. How are they going to ban food? So we lose out cos the fat fucks can't say no 👀 So no one stop smokers lighting up in hospital ground whilst standing under 'no smoking signs' Who does this out of touch idiot think will enforce a no food on public transport legislation? brats are fed junk by ignorant breeders just to shut them to challenge them?

Sounds like she needs to eat a snickers CMO should be banned from holding any public office for dumb comments like that Absolutely ridiculous. You can't stop people eating or eating rubbish. They will probably stuff themselves silly before they board the train or bus etc. Why do we need a Chief Medical Officer?

Nanny state nonsense. When I commuted Swansea to London my one source of joy (other than getting a table all to myself 😄) was a hot bacon sandwich with brown sauce, and a cuppa. To misquote Pink Floyd*: 'Hey teachers! Leave our grub alone!' *I dont know him personally. Thereby forcing travellers to grab a large Cornish pasty and a mars bar at the train station

I thought the Nazis lost?... Oh ffs, why not ban food altogether and have us eating grass instead? Idiots. What a crock. Nanny State at its worse Ridiculous I don't think the Chief Medical Officer has carefully thought this through before saying But of course! The vast majority of excess calories are consumed on public transport...given the quality and the cost, why not ban public transport in the UK? Problem solved, people would have to walk/cycle then too 💁🏻‍♂️

. DiabetesUK is this really going to help the diabetics? Yep, people eating food at meal time when travelling is the problem..... Or in other words they want another way to fine you and take money out your pockets Nanny state It’s more likely to be mobile devices, game stations that play a big part in obesity. The other thing that doesn’t help, is junk food is cheap?

If nothing else, it makes the train smell awful Deluded. Or people could go for a run? Bit difficult on long journeys is this to boost the british rail restaurant car sales. Another brain dead idea . From chief lunatic officer. what a load of Bollocks,when are you muppets going to realise its got fk all to do with FOOD how about educate parents about what there letting the kid's eat when NOT giving them daily EXERCISE (would you have a dog and over feed it) 🙈🙈

Why don't you tax junk food and subsidise healthy food. Create free gyms. Compulsory cross country running in schools. Make people on the dole clean the streets, that keeps then active. I'm an idiot and even i came up with better ideas then you. just another no idea what to do about it so lets. Tax & Ban

It might help with the litter problem as well as obesity.. Yep because this will solve a problem 🙄 Yep that will work, well done, that is why you is the chief! Outstanding man! Haha. Bag searches at the bus stop! The Dame should go back to her ivory tower. Feed your mind instead Ridiculous Sod off... try imploring parenting and education

He’s right! People really need to stop stuffing their greedy gobs ! Prep like a boss and batch cooking is the way forward Why don't we just ban food completely.. In fact why don't we just ban everything... 😡😡 For goodness sake. How about some exercise on a daily basis What a ridiculous proposal so if you are on a London to Glasgow train no refreshments or food? Upgrade the choices to healthy ones but you can't ban food on long distance journeys utter nonsense.

Why not just make the doors narrower? Give people a fing break. Now I know we definately have idiots running the civil service! Yes they should Why ban food when we need to educate people. Exercise is what we need to do. Make activities free to the public . Ban fat people from public transport instead ✊🏼

Good luck enforcing that one pal I have to agree that food on public transport should be banned. However, there are are so many people who don’t follow rules and don't know how to behave appropriately how will you enforce the law. Sometimes people have to combine eating with the train times/journey. The service is so bad you have to take the train when it’s there rather than eating and taking a later one, or if you were type 1 diabetic means you need to eat at a set time, and again can’t risk a later train

If you make people stand on the commute to work because there's no seats at least let them eat a greggs sausage roll whilst doing it What are we turning into a police state Waste of time Maybe just ban everything forever And we wonder why people have given up listening to ‘experts’. Stupid idea. What the hell has 'eating on public transport ' got to do with obesity It's Down To parents feeding the kids right & not buying them 'snacks ' . ? Not right ?

Crazy I go to London from Yorkshire twice a month and last week I managed to get a little bit of breakfast but missed lunch. Got to station just has train was loading waited for trolley no sandwiches left so had to have sweet stuff. By the way it’s after 10 pm when I get home. Nanny State bullshit Yet another example of how academic attainment doesn’t always mean actual intelligence

Er on Monday my colleague and I missed lunch and grabbed a sandwich at just before 5.30pm and ran to get the train. We arrived home at 8. The Chief Medical Officer would have had us not eat from 9.30am in the morning to 8pm? All the pics show insane unbalance of bias towards carbohydrates. We need to clamp on cheap carbs. It is not the fat.

What he thinks fat people only eat on public transport. 😂😂😂😂 Yea that'll work. What if it's a salad? Seriously This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard!!! To stop smells I agree but obesity is ridiculous Wtf I often eat my lunch on my way home on the train... Off her rocker. 6 hours on a train and nothing to eat. I think alcohol should be banned on all public transport though. 11am on a train travelling in carriages with kids is no place for gangs of lager louts already drunk on way to matches

Reading this thinking wat about familys that cantafford proper healthly food plusmost familys are buzy trying to provide for their kids ect n dont have time to mess around with healthy food sometimes idont have time to cookso i will order a take away not all the time aby 1saweek What an absolutely cuntish statement. Why not ban oxygen on public transport as well

U cant ban food ffs . thats like saying we gonna ban all food shops . Who is this person is he a fruit loop What a stupid statement just fkoff, because some people are greedy and have no cut off punish everyone Why not ban food altogether and be done with it. Professor Dame Sally Davies, turning Britain into an obesity clinic one foodstuff at a time.

Can we also ban subsidised bars and restaurants in HoC. Full of fat drunks and coke snorters. Clown That’s ridiculous. Bring back food and nutrition classes (domestic science in my day) as a compulsory subject for all children in school. It’s as important as Maths and English if not more so as the impact of the gap in education here is far wider reaching.

In that case the CMO can sit next to my kids and I’ll have their seat.... what are you smoking in the UK? That's the problem right on travel Nothing to do with the fact that the medical profession has been pushing high carb low fat low meat diets for is all about food while travelling

And I want to ban people who want to ban things. Ffs punish all because of the few ... What a bell end So how it will be policed? We have fare dodgers, smokers & alcohol drinkers on London trains & tubes now and nothing is done. After all, not even Labour Shadow ministers can be bothered to obey rules on public alcohol consumption.

Try going by train from Edinburgh to Penzance then.

Eating on public transport should be banned, says medical chiefIn her final report, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said 'politicians' need to be bold to win the war on childhood obesity am glad in UAE its long done since 2016 n theres heavy fines for such stupid .. what about the people on long journeys ... whos only eating time is on trains/coaches ... crackpots Bollocks

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‘Ban food on buses and trains to stop childhood obesity’EATING should be banned on public transport to stop children snacking, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer for England will say today. Just ban food This is some kind of madness

Ban and tax our way out of obesity - top doctorThe outgoing chief medical officer warns ministers will fail on obesity unless they take bold action. Just starve people. Or just make your kids walk to school in groups with a guardian, parents and adults walk to work occasionally and have a good healthy diet. Take some exercise each day and don’t eat a lot of junk food. Simple. I do not drive I walk over 3 miles each day. Prohibition brownies, anyone?