Channel fishermen distraught over migrant horror: 'They threaten to jump in water'

Channel fishermen distraught over migrant horror: 'They threaten to jump in water'

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11/27/2021 1:17:00 AM

Channel fishermen distraught over migrant horror: 'They threaten to jump in water'

CHANNEL fishermen have been left distraught over the tragic deaths of at least 28 migrants after they attempted to cross the channel.

(Image: Getty)TrendingUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who described the deaths as a"disaster", said that it was vital to"break" the people trafficking gangs.He added that these gangs were"literally getting away with murder".

However, refugee charities have hit out at the Government's approach, calling on them to expand safe routes for asylum seekers to reach the UK.Amnesty International has said that the"government's failure to open safe and legal routes is a critical factor in tragic deaths in the Channel."

Despite Wednesday's tragedy, 70 further migrants were intercepted trying to cross the Channel(Image: Getty)The organisation's UK Refugee and Migrant Rights Director, Steve Valdez-Symonds called on the government to"urgently take decisive action to prevent more loss of life."

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He added: “The UK must make it a priority to share responsibility with other countries to receive people into its asylum system – they must do this by providing safe and legal routes and encourage others to do the same.“We must remember that dangerous journeys take place because​ the Government provides no safe alternative for people to exercise their right to seek asylum here."

Despite Wednesday's tragedy, 70 further migrants were intercepted trying to cross the Channel the following night.According to news outlet Agence France-Presse, they were found freezing in the Calais train station, from where they were taken to emergency shelters.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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Channel migrants: Why politics is dominating the debate on migrantsUK-French rivalry is making a common solution difficult, says the BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler. Because on these issues, it always does. Far too many people have entrenched views on this thing. And they are too dumb to realise it. Let's send them on rubber dinghies to France, in exchange for the people trying to come here.

Newspaper headlines: 'Horror and despair' after 'tragedy in Channel'Thursday's papers report the deaths of 31 people making their way to the UK via the English Channel. The migrant will come from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Afghanistan like locusts and swarm the British Isles and if unchecked will strangle the so called multicultural society to death. Most tragic part is the proliferation of money thirsty smugglers . It’ll be like a jazz mag for gammons. 😡 What a surprise this was a disaster waiting to happen. The BBC have been just like the British and French governments at sweeping this problem under the carpet. Laws need to be changed to stop these illegal crossings.

Scotland's papers: Horror in the Channel and Sturgeon ratings dropThe deadliest incident yet in the migration crisis and the latest approval ratings for the first minister make the front pages.

More migrants cross the Channel today after 27 drownedA group of asylum seekers were brought shivering into a freezing Dover by the RNLI this morning after taking the perilous journey despite the worst migrant tragedy in Anglo-French history yesterday.

Why are so many migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats?Five women and a young child were among 27 people that died attempting to cross the English Channel in a packed inflatable dinghy on Wednesday. The small boat capsized near Calais, marking the worst-ever incident involving migrants in the Channel, which prime minister Boris Johnson said he is 'shocked, appalled and deeply saddened' about.Following the tragedy, questions have been raised in both France and England as to why so many are resorting to risking their lives to get across the water. Sign up to our breaking news email alerts here. No ID cards in the U.K. only one of two countries in Europe not to use them Why are these people not heading towards Russia or China? Bécasse they haven't big boats

Will migrant boat disaster force government to change approach to Channel crossings?Priti Patel uses sinking to push controversial news laws, but Home Office assessment finds they could result in people using ‘riskier means of entering the UK’, Lizzie Dearden reports