Celebrities urge Muslims to celebrate Eid at home

Eid: Celebrities urge Muslims to celebrate festival at home

5/22/2020 4:55:00 AM

Eid: Celebrities urge Muslims to celebrate festival at home

TV baker Nadiya Hussain and Citizen Khan's Adil Ray encourage Muslims to enjoy the festival virtually.

End of Twitter post by @BegumNadiyaAt Thursday's Downing Street coronavirus briefing, a member of the public asked about advice for those celebrating Eid this weekend.Mehwish from Coventry asked:"With the BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) coronavirus death rate being relatively high, will you be advising the Muslim community to stay at home or stay alert during the upcoming three-day celebration of Eid?

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"If not, what is your advice for them? As a member I am concerned that some people may be finding ways to flout the rules like having garden parties or gatherings."Image copyrightImage captionMillions of Muslims have been observing Ramadan under lockdown this year

Chief medical officer Prof Chris Whitty said religious celebrations for all faiths will have to continue to be adapted to meet.He said:"Everybody knows what those rules are and they remain the same for every community."And the reason we must all do that is, this is to protect the whole community, all communities and all of us must find ways around this, of whatever faith."

Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionSome British Muslims have been breaking their fast over Zoom Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Dont worry about muslims Worry about those who will at the beach Is this the throat slitting eid? The one where they make a blood sacrifice to the sky fairy? I get the two mixed up 🤔 Celebrities? 😂😂😂 Leave Muslims alone your obsessed Sunday we conga. Trying to find the BBC news story urging people to stay away from the beaches and street parties. Can't seem to find it..

No I don't think I will Shut up! Have you seen the mandem on the beach like stranded whales allow it boris you dosser A barbaric religion but unfortunately this is the future of the UK. Population replacement well under way. Just like the baffoons were asked to stay away from beaches , oh wait that didn't happen ?

How about in your own countries This is all bbc report about now ! How about a mention of British way of life If they’re not observing lockdown in their social circle that’s their business. They shouldn’t judge the rest of us , who have been locked down properly whilst everyone else hit the beach or the park . Every Muslim I know has followed lockdown without question .

But conga lines and street parties are acceptable? Pfffftt VE Day you the BBC encouraged that, your cameras were everywhere ! Beaches etc get in the sea ! Lucie37392689 Who are these people? Lucie37392689 Boxes ticked... Please take your endless Muslim only warnings and stick um up your backside! Islamophobia Non-Muslim Brits are surely the biggest culprits of breaching lockdown while Muslims have upheld RamadanAtHome. Remember your VEDay coverage?

Most muslims do already. same use of the word ‘urge’ again - aimed at Muslims. Implying that we are so unlikely to follow lockdown guidance. BBC I URGE you to report minus the discrimination. Not news. Just the bbc ramping back up their muslim/lgbt/bame 'headlines'. Its national advice and lockdown rules, why do people think muslims would be allowed or want to break them for Eid. Easter came and went with no Christian gatherings.

What is a celebrity A puff of hot air without any substance ? BBC, Nadia and Adil don’t have to tell how to celebrate Eid, we all know we are under lockdown and will obey the law. Have a lovely Eid everyone, please stay safe x Home back in their Muslim country, not in a Christian country Whilst 1000’s of none Muslims celebrate absolutely nothing on beaches across the south of England.

VE day, not so much. i'm tired of the media constantly targeting Muslims since the lockdown began. we stayed at home/only went to work during Ramadan, we haven't gone out unless its necessary. the chances of us going out for Eid are very low, we have no issue staying at home Never heard of this “celebrities”

Celebrities, hahaha. Who writes this tosh. Praying taraweeh(night prayer), was missed all month and that was more important than Eid celebrations. goes without saying i'd have thought What like everyone else who are flocking the the coasts and beaches! Errr we already are! Might want to focus on the folks on the beaches

there are dozens of people at the beach chilling and people having parties but we have to celebrate Eid at home?, this is pathetic. What happend to St George day? Can you send me the link to the story about celebrities telling people to stay at home for VE Day? No.... But your journalist were visiting street parties that weren't socially distancing and that's fine.....

The hypocrisy of the so called celebrities..and the media is soooooo glaring..eff off peoples.. Let them do what they want they will only be killing each other Won't happen round here I'm afraid. Gatherings are already taking place on an evening. Of course! We arent dumb and irresponsible Who cares. Bbc: muslims need to celebrate at home. Also the bbc:

Nadiya Hussain and Adil Ray aren't 'celebrities' in the traditional sense (i.e. exceptionally talented); they're people who the BBC decided to give disproportionate amounts of exposure to, as per the BBC's diversity agenda. Who wants to be talked down to by so called celebrities, not me ever ever. I wonder whether they question what and why they celebrate. Is it for not eating and drinking whole day during Ramadan or to get the favour of God? If it is the first it is detrimental to human health. If it is the second it is like bribery from which God should be exempt.

We have been conditioned to be at each other’s throats, can you not see it Muslims have been staying home parks been ramped with people chilling drinking tents 🏕 up no sigh of lockdown but we urge Muslims to stay home hypocrites Why weren’t white people urged to stay at home for that V Day or whatever it was?

Well I hope all Muslims comply with this & I wish you a happy EID during this time! Salaam alaikum from Christian brother! SkyNews I was actually thinking of celebrating my Eid at the beach with my family. Darnit. Honestly....is this how free media report news? Or dictate from the government. Dickheads .. Who cares what these losers say .. they mean nothing to anyone


Why is there so much news urging Muslims to stay home for Eid? This isn’t VE Day where every third house had a party and gatherings, including the BBC turning up to a neighbourhood with clearly no social distancing? And it was all whites at the beaches too this week 😂 Celebrities? 😂😷🍷 kiani_aneesa Relax, we know the world is facing a pandemic so we at home, we ain't going Southend beach for sun tans.

Are we not all in this together than Hopefully this will be the first year they wont slaughter millions of poor animals in unnecessary cruelty 🤞🤞🤞 Not again🤦‍♀️- I was only just recovering from the thread on the last BBC article on muslims being 'urged' to not have communal celebrations! Why do muslims need so much urging and why do so many nasty people feel the urge to make evil, uncalled for comments?

All the racists thinking they're smart and funny by saying 'at home, in their own countries'!!! Bet you're grateful for all the Muslim and other minority front line workers saving your lives and dying in the process!!! فَذَرْنِي وَمَن يُكَذِّبُ بِهَٰذَا الْحَدِيثِ ۖ سَنَسْتَدْرِجُهُم مِّنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ - 68:44 وَأُمْلِي لَهُمْ ۚ إِنَّ كَيْدِي مَتِينٌ - 68:45

What about an Eid street party? Is that cool? Perhaps we could take it to the beach? We’re gonna get blamed for the second wave aren’t we? Can we celebrate at the beach? patronising Muslims pray at home since the lockdown have started. Things are not going to change for Eid. Did you see the beaches yesterday?

So err... How many celebs persuaded peeps to stay away from Southend and Brighton then? Rank hypocrisy this StayAtHome slogan. Celebs have a lot to say. They ain't my superiors or my mentors. Bug off. No question... no exceptions! looks like the government and their useful idiots are trying to get ready to blame Muslims for the second wave

When you say “at home” you mean like back in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc etc right ? Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims in the UK. Enjoy your day with your families at home. Stay safe. 🙏🏼 stay safe everyone What makes BBC think that Muslims are likely to flout the lockdown law when they consistently followed it throughout Ramadan?

“We can’t go with celebrities, it looks desperate” BBC hates the U.K. Yes as a muslim for our and our society health We should celebrate our Eid in home. we should stay home to stay safe Kimse aldırmaz. Çok büyük cezası olmalı. In their own countries? Yes I agree.

'It's been life-changing': Ramadan during UK lockdownSome of Britain’s estimated 2.6 million Muslims tell how the holy month has felt very different But only for them ? This Ramadan has been so different to any other in my life time. Eid will be the same Yet the Guardian was delighted when VE Day was cancelled! A reflection on the British left...

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