Cathedral's black Jesus is a 'bold statement'

St Albans Cathedral's black Jesus is a 'bold statement'

7/4/2020 4:22:00 AM

St Albans Cathedral's black Jesus is a 'bold statement'

The artist said she wanted 'to make people question the Western myth that Jesus had fair hair and blue eyes'.

"We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement to be allies for change, building a strong, just and fair community where the dignity of every human being is honoured and celebrated, where black voices are heard, and where black lives matter."

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A spokeswoman added it was"the sentiment [of the movement] that we support, and we don't uncritically support any political organisation".Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage captionDa Vinci's mural painting shows the scene of The Last Supper as narrated in the Gospel of John

The St Albans for BLM group, which is not affiliated to UKBLM and is a separate group created to support the city's response to the movement, said the picture"was not about accurate portrayal of Jesus' appearance" but about"promoting conversation about how history is often whitewashed".

Shelley Hayles, from the group, said:"Much of our society has had no problem accepting the inaccurate portrayal of a 'white' Jesus, but are quick to take issue with a 'black' Jesus and this is just another example of the systemic racism in the UK.

"The bold statement by St Albans Cathedral has brought about a countywide conversation which would have been unlikely to happen before Black Lives Matter gained momentum."The installation has provoked debate on the cathedral'sFacebookpage, with one poster saying:"Why do we have to be all about colour? If Jesus was from Jerusalem he would've probably looked darker, but he taught us to love everyone, that's my belief anyway."

Others had a different view, with another poster saying:"I think this is a very welcome initiative. Thank you for it - it is needed."Image copyrightLorna May WadsworthImage captionThe print has been placed at the Altar of the Persecuted in the North Transept of St Albans Cathedral

A Last SupperDa Vinci's mural was for the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazia in Milan, ItalyWadsworth's original painting hangs in St George's Church in Nailsworth, GloucestershireThe artist said it made her"really think about how we are accustomed to seeing Jesus portrayed"

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Rather disappointing. I would have expected a more fitting model for the key figure: Kunte Christ Right policy. If people wanna go to hell, let them go. Jesus wasn’t white This is irrelevant! Christ did exist and he was a Galilean.....obviously not a dark skin ethnicity!!! Psst... jesus isn't real.... scummedia

Jesus was from the middle east not Africa You know what I couldn’t give a shit if Jesus was black pink green or whatever religion is the biggest scam going SHEEP LED BY WOLVES JUST ANOTHER FCUKED UP CULT JustinWelby must go! Enough! No, it’s dumb. England is a white country. It’s tradition to portray Jesus as an everyman, a commoner. It’s always been understood he was a Jew from Galilee, the depictions have always been inaccurate to make his teachings more relatable and approachable to would-be converts.

Is it any wonder the church is becoming more and more irrelevant in peoples lives. This World is seriously fucked up right now. It would be nice to see some evidence he (sorry he/she) even existed before you start arguing about they/their skin colour. 🤡s Crack on folks, who really cares what colour he was - assuming he existed in the first place.

A rather crazy one, you cant just rewrite the bible, although it is a fictional story of course. Paint him black to appease BLM 😂doubt most of them ever been in a church! We all know Jesus was probably, if he existed, and was born in Bethlehem, Arab/ Jewish skin tone, but paint him black to kowtow to a minority- sure fire way to empty churches even more- sack idle vicars

Now show an image of Allah and maybe change his colour.!......go on.....let's see how bold you really are. Or just keep winding up the Christian's!! You are the race baiting BBC after all. DefundTheBBC I think she was black Jesus was a Palestinian Jew from the middle east. therefore NOT a black man. whoever did this.. 'artwork' is an idiot. People need to stick to facts. and stop virtue signalling to appeasing black folk and the liberal left. p.s; Jesus WAS a real.

The real myth is the one spinning the line that everyone in the west believes Jesus was blonde and bue eyed ‘Bold’ is not the first word to come to mind! Love the passion some people are commenting on here 🤣🤣🤣 “He wasn’t white” “He wasn’t black” “Ethiopian Jew” What if he wasn’t real? And it was just a nice story to tell kids so they dont misbehave? Basically arguing over the first fictional super hero. Grow up.

Jesus was a Jew so he would have been a closer physical approximation to a Caucasian than a negro. It's not a 'bold' statement, it's the product of the infantile narcissistic personality of the artist. ScumMedia DefundTheBBC Yes I expect the disciples forgot to mention it Just do a DNA test on God's father and mother......... Simples

To be honest Jesus wouldn’t of been Black or White he would of been tanned, surely! Does it really matter what race the son of god was? While people obviously know he wasn't white I don't think he was black so to say. Brown by all means considering the middle east origin but not black. Guessing this has something to do with the BLM protests or something.

Everyone knows Jesus looked EXACTLY like Obi Wan Kenobi Give all this race stuff a rest . The MSM have been trying to whip it up since Brexit ref . Despicable . No it's not ScumMedia DefundTheBBC Somebody should realise that myths are important....they are our public dreams. Take those away and there may well be trouble.

It’s also a historical lie. At best, it is an allegory. Jesus was not a black man, he was a jew. This is getting out of order....Jesus was white it’s that simple....stop this pathetic movement of changing history and treating white people as nothing😡😡😡😡😡😡 I like Leonardo da Vinc better. His physical appearance doesn’t matter. His teachings are what we should remember. Everyone will have their own image of Jesus in their head.

Fake statement Jesus wasn't white , black , brown or bronze. Jesus was transparent. There goes everyone's argument.!! I'm outraged, everyone knows jesus was a Taiwanese transistor radio. Jesus WAS white! I guess bold today is saying the Truth Not bad for a mythical representation of the planet Venus among the constellations

Multicultural Jesus Really. Did you know that in the Spirit world Bright White light stands for pure Good, while Black stands for Evil in the Spirit world. Anything to say about that BBC? What a load of bollocks. A bold statement & more than likely a wrong one. If you are going to change the depiction of Jesus Christ at least make it seem plausible... middle eastern with brown skin. The notion that he was of African descent (really?) to jump on this' blm' bandwagon is ridiculous!!

What is being depicted at 'St Alban's Cathedral' (of all places) as s 'bold statement' is a LIE and nothing more than grotesque grovelling on part of that 'church' (?). Jesus Christ was born of a Jewish/Hebrew mother & God Creator. Hardly black! If anything Mediterranean beige. Jesus was a Jew and was white, with a slight tan..... he sure was not BLACK you can't rewrite history, and the church's who think he was black should be a shame of themselves

F$cking horrible 🤮 He was more arab colour wasn’t it? It is my understanding that research has shown in terms of physical appearance the average Judean of the time would have likely had dark brown to black hair, olive skin, and brown eyes. Virtue signalling Jesus was Jewish. So the church is openly supporting a hard left wing anarchist group!

I mean like who even gives a fuk? In China they have a ‘yellow’ Jesus, in Arabic or African countries there is a black Jesus on paintings, and in Europe and The Americas there are white Jesuses on paintings. So what? Another move by the ChurchofEngland to take the spotlight off sexual abuse in the church.

Very confused by this. Children know from The Nativity that his parents were from Nazareth, which is in Israel. Israelis aren't black... What about Santa Claus, can we address this too please. Also been struggling using chalk on the whiteboard! World has gone nuts ! Considering where he was born, he was not black.

Mythical character anyway so might as well have a purple Santa, green Easter bunny and maroon tooth fairy. Do wonder though if anyone would portray the fictional characters of other religions in a different colour, somehow I very much doubt they would..... I never realized she was black. Jesus wasn't a bloody african he was from the middle east!

If people are mad over this they’re idiots; Jesus is depicted to match what the people of the country looked like all over the world. He’s Chinese in China, Ethiopian in Ethiopia etc tjere is no one picture of Jesus It's more of a bold statement always making them look northern European given that they were from the middle east.

But Leonardo never met JESUS, but somehow painted him, and silly people go around saying this is Jesus. Isn’t that more accurate? He wasn’t white like he’s portrayed everywhere, if he ever lived at all that is. It’s bollocks........Sacrilege......Christian Couple of queries. Shouldn't Jesus be middle eastern? Plus why are the apostles still caucaisian? Shouldn't they all be regional middle eastern?

I thought Balthazar was black it's a irrelevant statement...the son of GOD can be any color you want...most likely since born in middle east he looks Arabic Jesus was not white or black this is just to try and destroy the beliefs and traditions of people you will find that church gowers will not attend with that picture up

Another example of 'making this about us' This is absurd and will be offensive to some, and is absolutely an example of virtue signalling. Why? This painting is just not truly representative. No obvious LGBTQ depiction, no females here, no disabled. Come on, if you're gonna bugger about with stuff like this, go the whole hog.

Is Jesus black, white or brown? It doesn't matter at all. The message Jesus came with matters the most. If we listen to Jesus message and all Messengers of God before him and after him, the planet earth would be our PARADISE. No hunger, no thurst, no selfishness and no killings. Bold try bollocks How is it a ‘powerful’ statement. It only further shows the stupidity of some people. Jesus would have been of a darker brownish (not black) Middle Eastern complexion. Anyone who thinks he was blond with blue eyes is perhaps a little insane.

If Jesus was black, does that make Mandela and Snoop Dogg white? What a bunch of twats these religious people are. Has anyone told Mary & Joseph about this? It’s disgusting and very disrespectful . He was a human being how about that, let’s stop this race bating bbc The BBC hate white people so much. Glad I don't pay you a penny anymore you corrupt scummedia

Yes a bold statement, because so many people alive today have met Jesus. I met God today and he looks like a crayon. Everyone has different beliefs, doesn't make one or the other right or wrong. Fjordman1 No it is not. It is pampering to socialist populism, licking the feet of PC. Now Disney must retract and apologize for Snowhite. Woke Disney must reshoot with Mike Tyson as Blackwhite and Harlem Globetrotters as the seven dwarfs. Go puke.

Who cares he was a character in a fictitious novel made up by a group of people to subjugate other individuals. Nothing to do with colour, more a power trip to keep the masses in line. Well it isn’t is it. It’s more factually correct if anything. Plus Madonna did it in the 80s 🤷🏻‍♂️ no one really know what jesus looks like they have no prove of it so how do we know anything about him

What a load of crap, he is as unlikely to have been Jamaican as he is likely to have been blond and blue eyed...he was from the middle that would be a better starting point.. Jesus is son of God God is white .... end of Make a Jesus any colour you like, but for goodness sake make his disciples the same colour! They were all from the same region and would have looked the same.

'Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.' Vladimir Lenin. Marxist BLM and Christianity are incompatible. If Jesus existed- he probably wasn't Black... and it's not a bold statement- it's PC bollocks... Shouldn't he be Olive skinned, from middle east. Anyway, all religion should be band, it's all bollocks and hateful.

How many people from the middle east are really white, I would think his skin tone would be quite dark. With so many skin tones, why does skin colour matter so much to people? Come off it. A black Joseph would have dumped that Ho Mary and shacked up with that Magdalene bitch. Does Jesus have to have any colour? Surely it would he right for him to represent all race, in today's society? It you really believe in the Bible's words he is probably a deep tan, olive. A nice middle ground...this move only weakens religion, as it discredits history.

Jesus want any colour because it's all fake... in 2000 years someone will find a copy of a Harry Potter book buried somewhere and they'll all hail the one who's name we don't mention as their god. Daniel Sloss 'if he was white, that would have been the fucking miracle.' Bold statement as injects publicity; money to see it. Possibly white as easier to carve sand stone than granite. If son of God; would not make him a human with race or colour. If in middle east any colour would be bleached white by the sun or neutral shade. Topic of the day?

Are there any women here today? It's ridiculous, jesus wasnt 'african'. So he couldn't be black. Probably closer to the truth, than a white guy in Jerusalem. (for the date.) Paint him what ever colour you like. He's not real... Most don't give a sht... Move on.. Jesus is a fictional character so he could be green for all the good it would do. Allah however was definitely blue.

Stunning and brave. Now do Muhammad. Jesus was never black and he was a jew and the majority of black people do know this.. ... but Jesus Christ was not African either... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Stop giving in to the minorities in this country As he was from the Middle East, he would neither be white or black... That’s not right

It’s not a statement. It was done to court controversy and to get the artist talked about and hence more work. This is racist and offensive and provocative both by the cathedral, and the BBC to publicise it. Shame on the church. Shame on the BBC. This shit has gone far enough. Everybody Knows that all great minds in history have been black, only they have been whitened due to Eurocentric racist bias.

Why is he a Black African though? Concerning that this is done in support of BLM. The church really needs to ask itself if it wants to endorse an anti-semitic organisation? Baffling decision. This is disgraceful cultural misappropriation & racism. Jesus was a Jew from the Middle East. Black Lives Matter has shown itself antisemitic. The Church of England has a long history of antisemitism & is now returning to its antisemitic roots. JustinWelby churchofengland

Didn't have sun cream did he Wasn't Jesus 'King of the Jews' born in Bethlehem, Jerusalem making him Jewish? Don't think that would make him black or white. I'm not religious but I do think he existed, maybe he was like a preacher man giving people hope in terrible times. A depiction of Mohammed and his 6 year old fiance would be a bold statement. Tinkering with a 600 year old Da Vinci painting is not bold. Mind you the 'new' artist Lorna May Wadsworth has gained loads of free publicity on the back of it.

Surely, the point of Jesus and the entire bible is to show us to love one another? To respect each other? Not to seek superiority by saying He was like me? lovethyneighbour it is a lot of BOLLOCKS instead. no wonder churches are empty Yes, bold statement of fact. Hay St Albans, don't forget to high five each other at your next champagne get together.

😂😂😂 Only he wasn’t was he, they will be saying the carry on team were black next. This has gone way beyond ridiculous The number of people on this thread missing the point of symbolism... 😐 Pathetic It's all made up anyway 🤷‍♂️ Relentless Was he not Jewish? Jesus wasn't black. Jesus was Jewish. Political correctness gone fkn mad

but more the likely wrong-who gains most from this? This is just saying to me why don't you all just shut up, why not just don't have either of them🤔 still with the brain wash. Dumb. The idea that Jesus is white would be easier to accept amongst the European people during the early years of the Christian church. Those images were transported by colonial European nations around the world and prevail today.

Really ! How far are we really going with BLM before we realise it's gone too far ! Turning a movement for equality and justice to a joke Bold. Really? Can you explain in what ways this is 'bold'? Seems to me a pretty infantile 'statement'. But oh so typical of the CoE (I say as a despairing member of it).

Woke Totally unrealistic. Darker than blonde with blue eyes, yes. Totally black, no. He should look like a Palestinian man would look today. He was not black, do not twist the reality you bastards So the BLM was hijacked 😂😂😂😂😂. That’s the BBC (black broadcasting corporations) way of trying to play down their support for a terrorist group who is also anti-semetic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

It is highly unlikely he would have been an African from South of the Sahara, most likely some one of Arabic decent so why portray him as being of Black African origin. This is not a bold statement, this is virtue signaling. 🙄 “Ooooh, look at me, a white person painting Jesus as black” 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hey , if they can change Darth Vader , they can change anyone . Fiction innit 😉

They need to get with the times, they are taking black faces off of things not adding them. RIP Uncle Ben, RIP Aunt Jemima Why not Chinese? Mand made, man written mythology have him any colour like you're only fooling yourselves No it's cowardly Why don’t you make Jesus same kind of yellow as the Simpsons?

St Albans Cathedral are so proud of their priority. They have done nothing for the sick and dying from C19. A more realistic depiction of a 30 yr old Middle Eastern male, day laborer, growing up in a poor, back water town for most his life. I don't have a problem with Jesus being portrayed as black or any other skin tone, just seems odd though that the painting depicts his disciples as being white. Makes no sense. Jesus was black but his followers (from the same region) were white?

Pathetic and who cares? Western Myth It is a deliberate distortion of the facts Jesus lived in Palestine and was speaking Aramaic, so how can he be an African with black skin ?! The real Jesus was Arab looking, possibly black. Most people where he was born, Bethlehem where dark skinned as they are today.

Jesus is who ever you want him to colour is irrelevant!! So CofE are now openly condoning terrorist organisations. Never knew Jesus was from Barbados. No more a ‘bold statement’ than the black Madonna. Simply a realistic one. Surely as when jesus spoke he was heard by everyone in there own language or dialect, then he would also visually appear to them in there own ethnicity. More than likely of middle eastern rather than Black or white at that time.

If it's ok to portrait Jesus as Black (when he was perhaps Middle eastern olive skinned) then it's ok to portrait him as White or Asian etc surely? 😴Bbc Nah Good for him. Why do you hate Christ? What did he do to you? Remember ,he is coming back again to try each one of you Jesus was born into the Jewish race and would bear the physical attributes of his family. Therefore, he would be unlikely to have fair hair and blue eyes, but would have dark hair and brown eyes and his skin tone would be that of the rest of his race living in the area.

Interestingly none of the disciples were women, so was Jesus sexist ? Just asking ! Ironically (or rather hypocritically) the 'bold statement' contradicts the idea that skin colour makes no difference to anything. It's not a bold statement - it's on trend and designed to attract attention and enhance revenue (sadly).

This is pathetic news There's been black Jesus around through out history Why you stirring up trouble? He didn't exist anyway for Christ's sake Wouldn’t really worry about it, he may have been a person, but how could he be the son of something that does not exist. There is no god. 🙄🙄 The Pharisees have taken over. This type of weird wokery does nothing but inflame passions. If StAlbansCath thinks this action advances the Gospel, then a cursory glance at the comments on this thread would suggest it is a failure. The World does not govern the Kingdom.

It's a nice Church, that. FFS they’ll try anything these days to get people in. Get your preachers to behave and maybe you would get young people to come. It’s a damn disgrace he was Jewish for gods sake pardon the pun A bold statement, or trying to get parts of their myth at least looking authentic I like this actually. We should stop depicting Jesus as white. It would educate a lot of people

The whole story is bullshit anyway ! Who cares No it isn’t, it’s just another desperate attempt by the church to try and make itself look relevant and virtue signalling to today’s snowflake generation. The church has lost all moral direction and authority, moving away from teachings of Christ to take sides in a culture war

Its not a bold statement, its a fact. I was an Iraqi jew back then, hardly a white person thank you. What load of rubbish . Giving in to BLM .Get some backbone. He was (White). 😂 Hardly a bold statement. If Jesus was born in Palestine, chances are he had brown or black skin. When will he be a tranny? Why not Asian? Racists rewrite history to appease just who?

Nothing wrong with that,,,, In my mind he was supposed to represent all races and all peoples but religion is divisive and I'm sure that other non-christian religions would never be so tolerant of people changing their religious leaders,, and so we go round the circle again. Jesus Christ almighty... 🤯

Jesus, as a Jew from the Middle East, would probably have been olive skinned, not black. Therefore, St Albans 'statement' is INACCURATE. I don't give a hoot what colour Jesus or Moses were, I just don't like 'made up' stuff. I don't like nonsensical political correctness. Why is it bold? That should just make them all middle eastern since THAT'S WHAT THEY ALL FUCKEN WERE.

The story itself is a fraud. Jewish history is fake history. Hebrew is german + yiddish, not ancient. All judaism is fraudulent and based on astrology and myth. Jesus wasn't white anyway so white people should have no complaints. We should honour the first Black Nationalist, Marcus Garvey who visited London, New York and lots of other places. Problem is that Garvey wanted all black people to return to Africa to establish a great Black state.

It comes across as pretentious. Why aren’t all of the men black? A traditional Christian friend of mine told me that the Anglican Church is an apostate church, run by the Freemasons, like post-Vatican II Romanism. “Jesus wasn’t white, he was Middle Eastern! That’s why we’re replacing him with an African Jesus.” What a stunning, bold statement. 😂 Jesus is traditionally white in Europe to make him more relatable to people in the area they were trying to spread Christianity. That’s ok.

He wasn't real folks! (😉) Surely all the disciples should have dark skin surely as well then by that logic not just Jesus. So this picture is still nonsense. Oh and their names wouldn’t be Andrew, James, Peter etc, it’s almost like maybe it was all a made up story by white people!? A less partisan view would be cultural appropriation.

Ok, just **** right off now. Ok, he wasn’t a blond Viking but equally he wasn’t an African. He would have been Mediterranean/Arabic so olive skinned. Besides Israel are in the Eurovision Song Contest so that makes him a European too doesn’t it? 😛 remember this Does it matter what colour a story book character is? Bronze age middle eastern people would have been dark haired and dark skinned. The golden hair and pale skin is a sop to western ideals. It helps Americans and others of low intelligence believe he spoke English

'The church said it was in 'support of the Black 'Lives Matter (BLM) movement'. 'The original artwork, painted in 2010, had previously been shot while on Gloucestershire' The last Jesus was shot, so they replaced it with a black Jesus' You couldn't make this stuff up Jesus wasn't African, He was Jewish!

What does it achieve? Perhaps we should transform all the major white figures in history to black, would that satisfy everyone? The “bold statement” is we’re so scared of being labelled racist we’re now trying to change history. Well Jesus was not white. So it's not a bold statement it is a correct statement.

Utter rubbish. No theology, no historical accuracy - simply virtue signalling! Has anyone actually thought about this? And if Jesus is black, why aren't all the disciples black? Do the SkyNews like stirring up Racial Hatred? How is it a bold statement, there’s been a black Jesus in Liverpool since 1969

No it’s not, it’s an advertising gimmick. Also, his apostles would have been too. By skin colour, he wouldn’t have stood out at all to anyone. He was yellow like me so fuck everyone. Band wagon Maybe that church are all huge Madonna fans. Singer Madonna, I mean. Made up Jesus can be any colour, I’ve got a red and green version made up in my mind too. It’s the beauty of fabricated man made stories, there are unlimited version of them available in your own mind with the same level of basis in fact. It’s just like Rick & Morty but less fun.

I wonder what Leonardo da Vinci would have thought of this change to his painting Not really how many people will go to see it? Even an atheist like me knows Jesus, if he existed, was a Jew. Who gives a shit .🐙 Jesus, if real, would have been of Jewish ancestry. Its a racist statement. Very anti-Semitic. He was jewish. How many black Jews have you seen?

Jesus is portrayed is white in white countries because when they were brainwashing the natives they needed something they could relate. Go to Japan, Jesus is Japanese. Go to Africa, guess what, Jesus is black. That fucking simple. Read a book. Ezcept of course Jesus was no more a black African than he was a blue eyed, fair skinned north European. Both representations of a 1st Century semitic Jew from the Levant are inaccurate Not that this will concern the pathetic 'woke' dogma-constipated bigots gushing over BLM thugs

As a fictional character he can be whatever colour you want him to be. You need to pray at the alter of a real god, my Uncle Boris crewe nantwich wealthbeforehealth He literally came back from the dead. But your main concern is that his ethnicity in a picture isn’t what you want. Get a grip. Jesus would have had olive skin. Depicting him as a white western or black African is just wrong.

In all fairness I would say Jesus was of colour anyway, seeing as he came from the Middle East. While people are squabbling over the skin colour of the alleged son of a fictitious being and people in this world are suffering and dying needlessly then there is no hope for the human race... Jesus wept! Your anti white country is getting sicker I feel sorry for the weak white race

If Jesus actually existed which he didn't. Im pretty sure no one would have cared what colour he was , racism probably didn't exist then .. so why should it matter now . Gad sir! God is an Englishman so Jesus must be at least half white Turned it into cartoon characters ..was he also a 'pedo' for which the religious order is well know for

Fucking pathetic that what it is No it isn’t it’s dumb. DaVinci depicted as white(ish) because he and most Italians of the time would never have seen a non white person. The ethnicity of Jesus is beyond dispute he was Middle Eastern Jew. The idea he would have been a sub Saharan African is just bizarre.

Jesus didn’t exist. What a load of rubbish I doubt the response would have been so positive if the artist had chosen to depict a black Jesus smashing up the temple. Who cares what a fictional character looks like Well he wouldn't have been fucking white would he! No Christian would have a problem with a black Christ. The representative of all men.

I don't know about bold, but certainly more plausible than light-skinned and blue-eyed. Well he was probably middle eastern in appearance, so its as daft as idolising him black as white. So they should. The person who painted him had never met him either Revelations 14/15 tells us He may as well be depicted as purple, Christianity is no longer taught in UK schools as it may offend other religions.

I love St Albans Priory. Spent many happy times there including graduations. European Crowns know all the truth,but Crowns prefer their people to fight & die,so Crowns get personally free & get less mouths to feed if they let people die. Canaan,son of Ham=son of him=in nordic 'ham is him'). Nordic/Asian=Ham? Caanan=similar to canoe(native american/inuit?

He was black and white...He was a Geordie! Bloody stupid. This means nothing to Christians; what Jesus looked like of which is unknowable and unimportant. This is purely political, nothing to do with Christianity. Thank God Jesus is the example and not the world or we'd all be done for! Religion and land - the two main problems of life on Earth! Always has been and always will be! wasteoftime

It’s a bold statement so is a white Jesus, in the book of Genesis it didn’t say what colour he was and as time goes on people have tweaked it to fit their own narrative and view specially the pope’s overtime so they can wage wars and gain money and power. Humans go mad with power Trying to rewrite history is going to be the death of the church as a jew Jesus was not a black African this is mixing politics and religion aka the end.white people know Jesus was not white,is this being done to appease the black minority that have failed to integrate

For this time, I am not going to tolerate it anymore. For those of you old enough to remember someone always ended by saying ' May Your God go with you '..... Not sure about his race really. Depends who his father was. Is that Noel Fielding sat in front of him? 😳😳🙄 Jesus was most probably not a black African, unless his family was abducted as slaves by arabs. This was, however, big business back then. But, pretty sure it would have been a known fact if this was the case.

Bold statement? What a bloody joke. Christians believe that Jesus' father was God. We don't know what God's skin colour is. This is all moving past rational thinking. So we are splitting church now along the lines of Apartheid? We should cancel religion, yes believe whatever you want, but leave everyone else to do the same

You mean accurate. Not bold. I guess Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Donatello will soon be renagate because they never immagined a dumb left being offended. Jesus was Jew. Jews arent black. Same goes for Santa Claus. It is just one more way to express our iron obsession with manipulating and controlling things and others

Who cares he’s a figment of imagination like Santa or the Easter Bunny. Make him purple with yellow spots. ManInTheCloud I got laughed at when asked in an RE lesson (1976 ish), 'what colour skin did Jesus have?'. My answer was he had olive skin. Bearing in mind where he was perported to be from, he would have had an olive complection. However, even the teacher laughed, what was that all about?

Stupid statement more like Do you know many other black Jews? I can’t personally think of one “Bold statement” because it’s injecting realism into religion. What twaddle. If Jesus existed, he would have been of middle eastern appearance, one would think, being from that region. No, he wouldn't have looked like a Scandinavian. No, he wouldn't have looked like Bob Marley.

Family Guy was so ahead of its time Not really. But for real, Jesus wasn’t a white man or a black man. Bold statement? Try more bullshit virtue signalling. The physical appearance of Jesus was defined some hundred yrs later from painters and seems not to have changed or questioned since then, besides there is no historical evidence of his appearance or even his speeches or activities.

My jobbies are 'stunning and brave ' He was a Jew from Nazareth. Stupid people, what colour are Jewish people? CoE goes all woke and decides to correct years of painting Jesus as a whiteman by making him....Black. Couldn’t make it up if you tried. PS Palestinians are not brown or black. If Jesus was real he would not be black but Middle Eastern

The myth? Really? All cultures revere their figures as 'their own'. Is anyone gonna tell the Ethiopian Church that they should stop depicting figures as Black Ethiopians? I thought the black jesus was Kanye West, and Mary Magdalene had a big fat arse I really don't care what colour, race or religion people are...but to take on Da better be a good artist...and in this case...hmmmm

My money is on Jewish, though. Because they were racially discriminated against by the British, they launched the London underground explosion. Is that right? Not really that bold. It's been done for millenia as in 2000 years+/- Last I checked the concept of Jesus is in the bible. Nothing in the bible talks about race

Why? Learn geography. So sick of the shock of dummies. Learn something! 👌 BLASPHEMY I suspect Jesus was brown myself, not black tho, and certainly not this blue eyed Australian hippy dude that is mostly depicted. Ok but Madonna's Jesus was BLACK and that was over 20 years ago. SO WHAT? Shame on you for even reporting such garbage what the hell is wrong with you people

Jesus wasn’t black or white. He was a Middle Eastern man so was brown. You weirdos bend over backwards to please BLM whilst ignoring historical fact. Seriously, just stop. Haven't moved that far have we. What comes next? Putting a coat of ⬛️ paint on polar bears? Getting rid of the white stripes on zebras? Hiding the white patches on pandas & Dalmatians? It’s spiralling out of control,that too rapidly..

Was'nt Jesus a Jew? - Is'nt 'Black lives matter' anti Jew? - Is this a dog whistle? As he was from the line of David he definitely wasn't white. aslong he had long hair and smoked weed ,i dont give a flying fuck wat colour skin the hippie has Shouldn’t the Apostles also be black? Keep on trucklin' Who cares?

White Jesus goes well with the myths in the bible. No-one outside of London cares about your daft trolling. The reason for this is because we see the BBC as somehow a childish anarchy type organisation. We won't pay for you for much longer. We see you 👀 So Jesus was the “token black friend”? That’s racist.

Hmmm SATAN IS TAKING OVER AND THAT IS THE TRUTH .🧐 jesus was brown, this is what he was theorised to look like Imagine being Anglican That area didn't become predominantly brown until the Arab Invasion over 700 years after the birth of Jesus. If you look at original Palestinians/Syrians they're very fair and have blue eyes. Looks at Bashar Al-Assad.

Many believe that Jesus been a myth from the start. How he might of looked is irrelevant for centuries and now. In fiction and fantasy a character can be made to look and match the story narrative. What would be bold is make 'Jesus' a unicorn or leprechaun. We're all born in His Image, UNTIL any living souls enters the Gate of Heaven standing in The Presence of GOD and His beloved Son our Eternal Redeemer Christ Jesus no such mockery should take place in His House nor on the face of His earth...

That’s an African man..Jesus was an Arab...disgusting..just by putting a African there dosnt change the facts, pathetic He wasn't subsaharan though was he? Well want until they find out there's no where people in the bible 🤯 Jesus was a Jew so was white...this isnt about the ethnicity of Jesus its about attacking the beliefs and traditions of white people. Attacking all that is sacred and destroying it .. statues..heroes..god..traditions Cancelling anybody that challenges the narative

Even God could be black. Claiming Jesus lived, and he was white... is quite daunting! Middle East full of blacks right Now we need represent China, Japan and every nation in a picture...ARE YOU NUTS? The bold statement is 'we have double digit IQ's'. Race bait if mohammed was white jesus was definitely white, its never been challenged at any time that he wasnt white until recently in the uk of all places.

Imagine having to change the colour of Jesus just to fit in 🤦🏻‍♂️ Said the 1970s Daily Mail No it is just stupid The truth is bold apparently

Thug screamed 'I am Jesus!' before ploughing into bus stop and killing OAPA RAGING thug screamed “I am Jesus!” before killing a retired magistrate by ploughing into him at a bus stop. Gavin Collins, 39, was released from jail days before he went on a 30-minute rampage st… Rejoice ! 😇

Michael Jackson daughter: Why is Paris Jackson's new movie controversial? ‘Lesbian Jesus'MICHAEL JACKSON may have been a controversial figure in the music business, but it looks as though his daughter is following in his footsteps. Because it's PC brigade telling a fantasy story Does she get it on with Mary M?

Filmmaker tackles the negative stereotype that Black people can't swimOne in four Black children leave primary school not knowing how to swim People.....please don't start And 31% of all children can't What percentage of other demographics don't swim? And can't swim by the time they leave primary school? NB: Can't see the answers in the article & they're important facts to judge the stats by

Thug screamed 'I am Jesus!' before ploughing into bus stop and killing OAPA RAGING thug screamed “I am Jesus!” before killing a retired magistrate by ploughing into him at a bus stop. Gavin Collins, 39, was released from jail days before he went on a 30-minute rampage st… Rejoice ! 😇

This Photo Sale Raises Money for UK Anti-Racism CharitiesThe Anti-Racism Photography Fundraiser will donate proceeds to The Black Curriculum, Black Minds Matter and Exist Loudly bmm_uk Thank you! 🖤 CurriculumBlack bmm_uk don't bother with curriculumblack, they do not pay their workers.

UK’s first female suicide bomb plotter SMIRKS and performs 'ISIS salute' as she’s caged for 14 years over St Paul’s planTHE UK’s first female suicide bomb plotter smiled and performed an apparent ISIS salute as she was caged for at least 14 years today over a plan to blow up St Paul’s Cathedral. Unrepent… It’s bad that the U.K. doesn’t have death penalty Was she on drugs? 14 years - She will be out in half that for good behaviour, then she is free to have another go. We should execute terrorists. Zero tolerance, no second chances policy.