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Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani

Carnage and corruption overshadow Afghanistan election

Carnage and corruption overshadow Afghanistan election


Carnage and corruption overshadow Afghanistan election

‘The main aim of the Afghan people should be to avoid getting blown up between now and the end of the week when we vote’, says 20-year-old Afghan student

Naveed lost his leg when he stepped on a mine aged just 8-years-old. He was herding the family's sheep in the mountains near their home when he triggered a landmine

After months of medical treatment his right leg was eventually amputated. He received physiotherapy and a prosthetic leg from the International Committee for the Red Cross in Mazar

Now enrolled in school, Naveed is being given vocational training by Save the Children. “For around a year I felt and dreamt that I still had my leg. But when I woke up and saw, there was no leg. Sometimes I’d feel with my hand to check and find it wasn't there.”

“If someone has loses their leg, it does not mean that they have lost their mind."

"With the help of our minds we can continue to study, learn, and work to make the future of our families brighter.”

Two years ago Khalida lost her 18-year old brother when he was killed in an explosion in Kabul. She misses him every day and says the family are still carrying the grief of his loss

"Two years ago, my brother was going to Kabul when an explosion happened and he lost his life. We are still carrying the grief and are crying over him. At the time we were happy, everyone was happy. Now no-one is happy in the family. When I remember him, I cry and feel so bad. I hope for peace and that war will stop, and that nobody loses their brother”

“I want to get education to become a teacher. I want to teach others who have never been to school”

She was forced to flee her home with her family after their town was attacked by armed groups. Nooria describes a rocket hitting her neighbours home killing many inside. They fled on foot with just the clothes on their backs and she now lives in Mazari Shariff where Save the Children have enrolled her in school and provide vocational training

Nooria* hopes for a future with no war;"When they attacked our village, the rocket hit our neighbour's house and they all died. Our house then caught fire and we ran away. My friends who I used to play with - I still don't know if they are alive or if they are dead.”

“I'm hoping for a better future, to learn, to support my family and to get them out of this difficult life. And I'm hoping for a future where there is no war.”

Habiba and Arezo were injured with their mother three years ago in a suicide bombing in Kabul. Arezo is still traumatised from what she saw and has become completely withdrawn

Arezo's younger sister Habiba cares for her, takes her to lessons and anywhere she wants to go. They are both in school through Save the Children's 'Steps towards Afghan girls' education success' (STAGES) programme, which helps the most marginalised girls get access to education, stay in school and learn.

Habiba says: “When I woke up and I opened my eyes I saw lots of bodies and I thought I was not alive any more. It was horrible. I'll never forget that. Whenever there is a big sound she gets scared because she was traumatised by the sound she heard during the attack. I love my sister, and I help her with her lessons, I take her anywhere."

"She's older than me but I feel like the older one because I support her. I hope for a better future for me and my sister.”

Khalida*, 10 in a classroom in a village outside Kabul

The American military initially stated that their drone had been targeting Isis fighters and efforts were ongoing to establish the identities of the victims.

Read more: The Independent

US & Brit nation building makes me laugh 30 million Afghan Nation has never been ready for these kind of dramas called elections and dam and cracy. Afghan Nation sofar has been kidnapped by the warlords in those 18 years post Islamic Imerate of Afghanistan. Afghans need peace stability security which warlords won't want

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