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Careless armorer gave gun to child on Alec Baldwin Rust set

Armorer, 24, on Alec Baldwin set was 'careless' and 'inexperienced' with guns, sources say

10/25/2021 3:59:00 AM

Armorer, 24, on Alec Baldwin set was 'careless' and 'inexperienced' with guns, sources say

Sources claim Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, had a history of reckless behavior around weapons and was 'a bit careless with guns'. She reportedly gave a gun to a child actress without checking it.

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As European who never grew up with gun ownership mentality I always thought they use play guns or softball for movies. Why tf would they be using real ones Seems focus should be on Baldwin. He aimed gun at chest of deceased and he pulled the trigger. Baldwin didn't ensure gun was safely loaded. Why did he point gun at deceased? Even if armorer was young, inexperienced, Baldwin at his age should have know the dangers of any gun.

Buck stops with Baldwin, he's the producer, he hired her! The Oscars2022 should be dedicated to the memory of Halyna, the DP. R.I.P 😢 Oscars RustMovie AlecBaldwin LosAngeles iatse As an executive producer on this film Alex was responsible for working conditions. It failed. He failed. People on staff who should not have been, along with staff who were uncaring for protocols. All should be charged with murder

I don't know how this is going to turn out but if some one handed me a gun I would have checked and double check everything. He is experienced enough in Hollywood to know if his staff is incompetent. The buck falls with him, he is not a fresh actor. Shame on these people. Ok well along with Alec Baldwin arrest her as well. But let's remember. Alec Baldwin killed that girl with his own ignorance and arrogance, he needs to go to jail.

So he has found somebody to blame then. The great Liberal gun control campaigner has found a young girl to hang out to dry whilst he claims to be the real victim himself.... Fucking disgraceful people. The big boys have found their scape goat And he was so stupid not to double check that gun? Well ….. Mr Baldwin… have you herd about …. KARMA? That’s what you get for making this’d ridiculous imitations of our president Mr TRUMP!!!!!!’ Life is beautiful!!!!!!!

Alec Baldwin told 'loaded gun was safe to use' before fatal shooting, court reports sayALEC BALDWIN was reportedly told that the gun he discharged on the Rust film set was safe to use, court records show. I read that there was a statement from a crew member present that he was horsing around with it. Even blank cartridges can project deadly particles. Everybody knows not even an empty gun should be pointed toward people. God I feel absolutely heartbroken for him, his family, the victim and her family and everyone involved.

Who fired the gun? Who was the shooter? Who was the producer? Baldwin Rituals👁️ Maybe so but does that warrant she should be the fall guy. TheHeavenlyChurch 그리스도 예수님께서 그분의 보혈을 흘리셔서 구속의 큰 문을 여셨습니다.

Why WAS a gun on Alec Baldwin movie set loaded with live ammo?Alec Baldwin fired a live round towards the camera, accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins as she filmed him, and injuring director Joel Souza, who stood behind her.

Alec Baldwin ignored gun safety and it should never have been loadedExperts say that Alec Baldwin and the Rust crew ignored several critical gun safety rules that could have avoided the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the movie set Thursday. Absolutely true and it wasnt part of a scene as the person he pointed at was a crew member, totally inexcusable Maybe if he took a NRA 3 hour gun safety course on a Saturday this would not have happened The 1 rule of gun safety is to assume all guns are loaded until you personally verify it is not.

Alec Baldwin told gun was safe before fatal shooting - court recordsThe actor was handed the weapon by an assistant director before Halyna Hutchins was shot, a warrant says. OMG! Guns don’t kill people…..right. Immaterial

Alec Baldwin 'told gun was safe to use' before tragic shootingCourt records claim that actor Alec Baldwin was told it was a ‘cold gun’ and was safe to use but had unwittingly been handed a loaded weapon moments before the fatal shooting What a pointless headline

Alec Baldwin was given loaded weapon and told it was safe, court records showAssistant director who gave actor prop gun did not know it was loaded with live rounds, search warrant says I’m engaged in this, because this is how was how I saw post about Mr Roger and decided to give it a try too and luckily it has been well with good results, so I highly recommend rogerkver__1 thanks Wth “Court records” it just happened a few hours ago…..