Cardinal Newman: How did he become a saint?

Cardinal John Henry Newman: How did he become a saint?

10/13/2019 3:38:00 AM

Cardinal John Henry Newman: How did he become a saint?

On Sunday, Cardinal Newman becomes the first English saint for centuries - what did he do to deserve it?

What are the earlier steps to sainthood?Image copyrightImage captionPope Benedict XVI beatified Newman in Birmingham in 2010The process cannot begin until at least five years after the candidate's death and involves scrutinising evidence of his or her holiness and work.

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First, the individual is declared a"servant of God"He or she is then called"venerable"Beatification: An individual is declared blessed after a miracle is attributed to him or herCanonisation: The candidate becomes a saint after a further Vatican-authenticated miracle

What will happen at the ceremony?Image copyrightImage captionPrince Charles with Pope Francis in 2017Newman's is one of five canonisations to be conducted by Pope Francis at an open-air ceremony in Rome. The Prince of Wales is the UK's lead representative and Mr Sullivan and Mrs Villalobos will be among the congregation.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims, including some from the Oratory Schools Association, will watch in St Peter's Square. The ceremony will be screened all over the world, including at the Oratory and Bilston Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the West Midlands.

The Oratory has spent £75,000 redecorating the Newman relic casket and the Newman shrine, and a further £75,000 establishing a small museum of Newman relics on the ground floor of Oratory House.Image captionA new portrait has been unveiled at the Birmingham Oratory

What is the significance?Image captionCarol Parkinson, secretary of the Friends of Newman, has travelled to Rome for the canonisationCardinal Vincent Nichols, head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, said:"A canonisation is always an encouragement, so it's a declaration that people, from so many different walks of life, can achieve the kind of greatness that inspires the rest of us."

Carol Parkinson, secretary of the Friends of Newman, lives in Birmingham and has travelled to Rome for the canonisation. She said:"It's a very special time, people feel very emotional about it. When we heard that he was going to be made a saint, many people were in tears and just so excited they couldn't believe what was going on.

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"The work the cardinal did here continues. He worked in prisons, his group of Oratorians worked with people in hospitals, in schools. He was a friend to everybody on the streets, to people in high places and power, with the poor, the rich, the famous, the unknown. And that work still goes on through the Oratory - his memory has never been forgotten."

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Just read what people said he done for them .What an absolute load of wank. They would burn witches for less .get a grip Sorry got mixed up with this guy 😂😂 Amazing. Must be great to be thought of as a magician. Great article; thank you! G R R Martin couldn't make this crap up Who cares. Have cronic knee pain, the last person I would think of is surely not that Newman bloke?

It’s easy to become a “saint”! Be a Catholic fundamentalist & eventually some gullible Pope will elevate you to this imaginary lobby group in the sky! He was a Cardinal for the affluent for the rich, he remained always at heart a lost Anglican. Henry Cardinal Manning on the other hand was a man of the poor of the down trodden a real social campaigner Cardinal Manning was maligned because of those traits.

Are you sure That’s not Jimmy Saville ? Having just taken on board Nicholas Parsons' advice on how to live a long life, any tips on how to achieve sainthood in the next stage are much appreciated bbcbh He didn't. The idea that someone can become super human is ridiculous. Come on BBC it's the 21st century.

Yet more primitive beliefs he has to actually performed a miracle which science could have and maybe still debunk. Or perhaps abuse children. Religion is for people with bones through their noses. Also one has to ask why now. Did he win a lottery. The Vatican lose credibility when they fabricate miracles. Why don’t they do away with the requirement and just canonise people they feel did good work in life, which must have been their original reason for choosing him. Seems sad that he was dug up & torn from Father Ambrose.

I'm going with antediluvian ideas maintaining the religious lunacy of the middle ages. Only God knows Christ my old dad used to say... Thought it was Albert Steptoe 😬 His miracle was to turn a young boy's anus into minced pork? Did he touch more kids than all the other Catholic priests? looks like Rutger Hauer

I wonder if John Henry Newman's wishes will continue to be adhered to and they will be transferring Father Ambrose's remains, along with the saint, to the Oratory? Then they can rest in peace together as Newman requested. How did he manage to be buried alongside the close friend he shared a house with for decades before his death?

Who Nose... He didn’t get caught To funny... He's been dead long enough that the hierarchy think any misdeeds have been buried with him. Because he got carved in marble? Or. Who gives a crap. He helped old ladies across the road. I’m more curious about how Donald Trump became president. That sh**’s mind boggling! 🤷🏼‍♂️

He is our down to earth saint. Paternal, psychological and ever new Yorker Did he saw a woman in half? his mouth and throat must be very sore.

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