Cancer: 'Early diagnosis could have saved Mum'

Cancer: 'Early diagnosis could have saved Mum'

1/11/2022 2:58:00 AM

Cancer: 'Early diagnosis could have saved Mum'

As symptoms of the six most deadly cancers are revealed, a taskforce says early diagnosis is crucial.

She said the pandemic had affected the number of people seeking help as they did not want to bother the NHS - but she urged people to seek help even if they feel they have mild symptoms.The taskforce said typical symptoms varied, but red flags for less survivable cancers could include indigestion, abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, a loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, a persistent cough, unexplained tiredness, headaches or nausea.

family photoElaine's children, Megan, 26, and Stephen, 27, said that if their mother's symptoms had been picked up earlier it could have saved her life."Looking back now, the weight loss must have been down to the cancer but at the time we had no idea."

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