Spain, Volcanoes

Spain, Volcanoes

Canary Islands ‘miracle home’ stands alone against volcano’s lava flow

Canary Islands ‘miracle home’ stands alone against volcano’s lava flow

9/24/2021 6:12:00 AM

Canary Islands ‘miracle home’ stands alone against volcano’s lava flow

Eruption on La Palma has destroyed hundreds of homes, but one escaped the devastation all around

Last modified on Fri 24 Sep 2021 03.33 BSTLike a cartoon house with its own raincloud, a Canary Islands home has survived rivers of lava flowing from the, with images showing the untouched residence and nearby landscape surrounded by charred black landscape.

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Social media users called it the “miracle house”, the BBC reported. Its owners, a retired Danish couple who are not on the island, said they were “relieved it’s still standing”, according to Ada Monnikendam, who built the house.“We all started crying like crazy when I told them [the owners] that their beloved house was intact,” Monnikendam told

El Mundo.The house is in El Paraíso, where more than half of homes and the local school have been destroyed.The couple chose La Palma specifically because of its volcanic landscape, Monnikendam told El Mundo. She said it was “sad to know that the house is there alone without anyone being able to take care of it”.

Read moreThe advance of lava on the island slowed significantly on Thursday, which raised fears that the molten rock might fan out further in the coming days and cause more destruction instead of just flowing out into the sea, Associated Press reported.

One giant river of lava 600 metres (2,000ft) wide slowed to a speed of four metres (13ft) an hour after reaching a plain on Wednesday, officials said. On Monday, a day after the eruption on La Palma, it was moving at 700 metres (2,300ft) an hour.A second stream of lava has virtually ground to a halt, the head of the National Geographic Institute in the Canary Islands, Maria Jose Blanco, told a news conference.

Blanco said seismic activity on La Palma island was now “low” but molten rock was still being thrown out of the volcano.01:20Lava fills swimming pool as La Palma eruption continues – videoAs it slowed, the lava grew thicker. In places, it rose up to 15 metres (50ft) high, authorities said. It now covers 166 hectares (410 acres) and has swallowed up around 350 homes.

The uncertainty has left many residents on the western side of the island of 85,000 people in limbo. Scientists say the lava flows could last for weeks or months.La Palma witnessed its last eruption in 1971. Read more: The Guardian »

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Beto the builder loving all the free publicity It's not a miracle. It's gravity. The house was on a high spot. Where is the miracle? Is a house that the lava didn’t reach for some reason. What? Location, speed of lava and maybe time? What? What miracles?! People please!! Be more respectful of people common sense, please!!

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La Palma firefighters dig channels in desperate bid to save church from lava⚠️ Firefighters on La Palma are frantically digging a channel to redirect a river of lava in a last-ditch battle to salvage as much as they can of a town destined to be flattened by molten rock

Terrified families given just hours to flee burning lava after volcano eruptionAn erupting volcano in Las Palma, in the Spanish Canary Islands, has forced thousands to evacuate and destroyed everything it has touched - families have been forced to flee their homes

Watch: Watch as Lava spews from volcano on Spain's La Palma island as thousands fleeThick clouds of smoke are billowing from the hillside of an erupting volcano on Spain ’s La Palma island that has forced the evacuation of about 5,000 people, according to local officials. Shortly before the eruption at 3.15pm local time on 19 September, the island authorities started evacuating elderly locals and farm animals in the vicinity. More than 6,000 people have been evacuated so far, including those in the village of El Paso after lava started spewing from a new crack in the volcano.Hundreds of people’s home have been destroyed in the first eruption in the Canary Islands for 50 years. (The pain) BREAKING NEWS When i saw what happened in kabul airport. I pick up my pen and i started to write a long paper. Then i stopped and i cut that paper. And i wrote this, in a simple words: (Biden is killing america

La Palma volcano: Mountain home narrowly escapes lava surge in incredible picturesA LA PALMA mountain home miraculously escaped being engulfed by lava after the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

La Palma eruption: Residents warned of earthquakes, toxic gases, volcanic ash and acid rainResidents have been cautioned about earthquakes, toxic gases, volcanic ash and acid rain after several small earthquakes shook the Spanish island, which sits in the Canary Islands archipelago off northwest Africa.

Firefighters battle to divert lava away from homes on La PalmaSome 200 homes on the Spanish island of La Palma have so-far been torched by lava spewed from an erupting volcano, amid warnings that 1,000 more are at risk as it inches towards the ocean.