Camilla warns of culture normalising sexual violence

Camilla warns of culture normalising sexual violence

10/27/2021 11:35:00 PM

Camilla warns of culture normalising sexual violence

The Duchess of Cornwall calls for change of culture to stop violence and sexual harassment against women.

Camilla was speaking at the launch of a project called Shameless, supported by the Women of the World Foundation and Birkbeck, University of London, and aimed at changing attitudes to sexual violence.The duchess said a high proportion of women who had been harassed did not report what had happened - and pointed to an unfair sense of "shame" among victims.

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"Often, this sense of shame causes the victim to blame herself, mistakenly take responsibility for the crime, and want to hide away from others - and yet she has done nothing wrong," she said."Let us resolve to support survivors to be 'shameless' and not to take on misplaced feelings of stigma," the duchess told an audience including Carrie Johnson, wife of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Mrs Johnson, then Carrie Symonds, had given evidence against"black-cab rapist" John Worboys, jailed in 2009.The duchess warned of a "culture of silence" around sexual violence and said it was important men were engaged in efforts to change attitudes.

"It takes an entire community, male and female, to dismantle the lies, words and actions that foster a culture in which sexual assault is seen as normal," she said. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall elegant in black as she meets Carrie Johnson at London eventCAMILLA, the Duchess of Cornwall, has attended the 'Shameless! Festival' where she met Carrie Johnson to stand together against sexual violence against women. HeavenBoundChurch 예수님의 보혈로 돌이킬 때 유익이 있습니다 Lovely to she Camilla has aged naturally, just vintage glamour. And what a pair they make CarrieAntoinette & the woman who wrecked a royal marriage - lovely.

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