Calls for Cummings to resign after lockdown travel

Coronavirus: Calls for Dominic Cummings to resign after lockdown travel

5/23/2020 8:03:00 AM

Coronavirus: Calls for Dominic Cummings to resign after lockdown travel

Labour demands action after the PM's aide went to his parents while self-isolating with Covid-19 symptoms.

In a statement, Durham Police said:"On Tuesday, March 31, our officers were made aware of reports that an individual had travelled from London to Durham and was present at an address in the city."Officers made contact with the owners of that address who confirmed that the individual in question was present and was self-isolating in part of the house.

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"In line with national policing guidance, officers explained to the family the guidelines around self-isolation and reiterated the appropriate advice around essential travel."The source close to Mr Cummings told the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg he had not been spoken to by officers and had made the trip because his parents could help care for his young child while he and his wife were both ill with symptoms of coronavirus.

AnalysisBy Leila Nathoo, political correspondentAt the time Dominic Cummings had coronavirus, there was only a limited set of reasons for which people were allowed to leave their homes.And the advice for anyone with symptoms was - and is - not to leave home at all for at least seven days.

Remember there have already been other senior figures involved in tackling the pandemic who have had to resign for breaching lockdown restrictions - Scotland's Former Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood and a leading scientist Professor Neil Ferguson, who was advising the government.

A source close to Dominic Cummings is insistent that he didn't break the rules.But for those at the top to be perceived to even be stretching the rules is damaging.Along with triggering accusations of hypocrisy, it risks prompting people to question why they should be following the rules, if those involved in imposing them are not.

Government advice on 31 March was for the public to stay at home and only leave their address for clearly defined reasons, including to exercise, essential shopping or for medical needs.At the time - and as remains the case - those with symptoms of coronavirus are told to self-isolate at home and not leave even for essential supplies, if possible, for seven days.

Earlier in that month, the prime minister said inthat"children should not be left with older grandparents, or older relatives, who may be particularly vulnerable or fall into some of the vulnerable groups".Media playback is unsupported on your device

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Media captionWho is Dominic Cummings?Spectator magazine.He said that"at the end of March and for the first two weeks of April I was ill, so we were both shut in together".At the time Mr Johnson's positive test result for coronavirus was announced on 27 March, Downing Street said that Mr Cummings was not unwell. But within days it was confirmed that the strategist had started displaying coronavirus symptoms.

Mr Cummings was next photographed at Downing Street on 14 April after his recovery. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

And so he should. Making all of the uk stay away from family and friends and he does the total opposite. Unbelievable. Honestly how is this guy still in a job this morning. Regardless if he acted reasonably or not, why would you want someone with this level of decision making process advising the government on key decisions? Its an insult the peoples intelligence.

terry_goody Cummings always looks like a man who has had his soul sucked out and replaced with a demon Wraith bbclaurak Totally agree.I have a Goverment workir in my conversion shared hallway.Cleaner comes,Parent visits,Goes out of London for weeknds Selfish and I am digusted.Told her laughs at me. N1 8HD 95.Had Mouth and Neck Cancer ect plus home since 6th March.Can I go out now?

Who is calling for resignation? From what I have seen no one has followed lockdown since day 1. What about the guy from NZ who travelled 11,000 miles to Skye or the number of rich private jet owners going to and from the UK every day. Time to cancel the TV licence.! 👎👎👎🇬🇧 bbclaurak If Dominic Cumings had any integrity, before this sad episode came to light, he has none now. Cheating and scheming at the expense of the British Public.

bbclaurak I’ve known deeper puddles than Cummings. Even if he bows to pressure he will just be moved sideways. Only by the left. bbclaurak He’s made it obvious he won’t resign - so he should then be fired, for anyone else this is gross misconduct. As usual with the government it’s do as we say but not as we do. sackcumming

bbclaurak Remarkable! theoreticalgurl indie classic TheHypocrite trending tonight with HypocriteDom DominicCummings DoAsISayNotWhatIDo Durham CoVid19 'If cost of conservatives HerdImmunity to scrutiny is Cummings' career dies from exposure, too bad' bbclaurak Time to tag and track them?

bbclaurak Father's denied being at the birth of their children the old dying alone and afraid, grieving relatives deciding who can attend quasi funerals. Abiding by HMGOVT lockdown rules. The same government that is defending matey boys infected road trip lying bastards CummingsGo COVID Scamdemic plandemic stop5guk

bbclaurak I vote ‘leave’ Pathetic Cummings. The wrong thing at the wrong time. The scientific advise is you are history. If Boris does not sack you in the next 24 hours the British Public will all start travelling and visiting as normal. Lockdown over. Follow the Cummings behaviour. I’ll be honest, I picked up a loaf of bread, then decided against it. Put it back down again. Might have done more harm

Who is calling for his resignation? I would suggest that it it only people with with a political agenda. Any right minded family people will see him as acting to protect his family which should always come first. Muppet,my pppeeee teeeee,logo bbclaurak NO WAY All these muppets do is talk the talk. When are they going to walk the walk .

bbclaurak Those BBC helicopters get everywhere Say it truthfully, Labour/Momentum call, BBC answer. Don’t hide behind this ‘generalisation’ crap. Come on BBC, tell us its media support of above party to bring down Boris! At least tell it like it is. Whilst I'm keen we do something about Mr Cummings. More importantly it's time people screwed their heads on and understood that the reason all these people are doing what they are doing, is because there is nothing to fear. Snap out of this mad mindset.

bbclaurak Yeah amazing! advisor whose advice was immunity and made the whole nation loose 3 weeks and became highest death numbers in europe well to this quality pm this level advisor fits cummingsmustgoings bbclaurak Resign now remain_eu While people died alone he drove 250 miles with a virus to his elderly parents.What a despicable animal.

bbclaurak He got out of London that’s it... millions had to stay in the city and he used his position to say screw you to the general public. he should resign. bbclaurak How can he resign when he runs the government? No the London left media calls for his resignation. The rest of the country see it for what it is a hyped up non story.

The Left Wing Morons including the BBC and the rest of the MSM are wetting themselves with excitement at the thought of getting rid of Mr Cummings. If I were them I wouldn't hold my breath as the Guy has done nothing wrong! I don't suppose that will stop them screaming RESIGN!! Is it me or is this really Allan Cummings

mattremains Calls? It's bloody DEAFENING! Good so he should. Last time I looked Stephen Kinnock was still an MP after going to visit his mum! Cummings should resign the day after Stephen gets recalled or sacked. He’s 100% Teflon! bbclaurak This is desatrous in terms of leadership and communication. While his actions may be looked upon as someone trying to protect his family, this will reinforce the idea that the elite (which cumming is trying to villify himself and he has become one of them) is beyond the law.

bbclaurak Love how the BBC defended him this morning Naga was pathetic Oh do fuck off BBC lizards🙄 bbclaurak Remoners still sobbing over brexit 🤣😂🤣😂 Good !! He’s a scruffy clown bbclaurak Is it me or does Dom Cummings look like gargarmel? It wasn’t *just* lockdown travel it was lockdown travel whilst displaying covid symptoms when he should’ve been self isolating and not exposing his parents and others to a deadly virus.

I hope journalists tackle this one like a dog with a bone People have missed out on seeing dying loved ones, had to struggle with children whilst suffering from the virus and families have been kept apart. Because of a lockdown rightly instigated by number 10. Then they read that it never applied to him. It’s an absolute disgrace. Go.

So he took his possibly infected family to possibly infect his elderly parents- how thoughtful! Other people resigned for similar? bbclaurak sackcummimgs bbclaurak Puts alarm bells round the PM, when he was run down. With them symptoms you ain’t going anywhere...let alone beach or Park... Resign BBC will make this headline news for days Not to keen on him but can't see what he done wrong

Well, we all know how arrogant this man is, do as I say, not as I do. bbclaurak again we have the BBC trying to make the news as opposed to report it... I do hope that those people with children who may possibly have caught the coronavirus actually had the sense to do what he did.. but as they are probably Labour party members or reporters I doubt it.

bbclaurak He should never have gotten the job but what more do u expect from boris’s best brexit bumbuddy. He resemble a 'Spitting Image' Puppet None of Cummings’ given reasons were allowed, for anyone. None. See confinement rules. There are no justifications for his actions. He has to go. So as Chief advisor to the Government and a committee member on Sage, in England it has changed from StayHome stay safe to Stay Alert to now Who Cares. Lockdown is over yippee

bbclaurak no doubt the BBC and its minions are already trying to spin this in favour of the Tories. All the sacrifices of the public down the drain and the perpetrators backed by the Tory Broadcasting Corporation. Calls for bbclaurak to also join him in sodding off. She’s got a job lined up as Boris own PR any way it appears, you just pay her not him...

Kennedybernie sackcummings Unelected, unaccountable, unsackable. A malign cancer in British politics Please These rules were in place since March 17th.👇 Boris Johnson said himself on March 18th. Mr Cummings visited his parents' home with their young child whilst he and his wife had Covid-19 symptoms on the 31st March. Rules are only for plebs. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Only from hard left remainiacs, Corbyn supporters, Guardian journalists and some BBC lefty hacks. For example - didn’t hear you calling for StephenKinnock’s resignation. How well this illustrates the irresponsible disinterest in the welfare of the people of Cummings, the agent provocateur for a neoliberal dystopia [read fascism] in breaching public health pandemic measures. This trumped-up, unelected agitator does not stop at subverting democracy

I’ve been busy all morning. Has Boris Johnson shown leadership and sacked Cummings yet? For once I agree with the sentence that includes the words Cummings & Leave........ If BorisJohnson was in charge, he'd be removed but it appears that DominicCumins is in charge. bbclaurak Nope he won’t as he hasn’t done anything wrong

This is end of lockdown. Report it as such or force a resignation. Start doing your jobs. He attended Sage meetings - he should have known better and he may have infected people during his trip to Durham and back. He was a supporter of herd immunity so I suppose he did not care who he infected. He should resign - the government's handling of Covid19 is incompetent.

Do some more digging as I don't think either of them even had the virus. Her article and Radio 4 item were just scene setting. Analyse what she says - it's made up for effect; lacks veracity. Who drives all tat way when so ill and with children in an enclosed space never mind bbclaurak And Tory Kuenssberg too! sacklaura

Nonsense Cannot be one rule for the conservatives and another rule for rest of the UK.....he must go!!! Why can he drive 500+ miles when no one else can. 😡 bbclaurak You wish!!🙄 This is being spun as a welfare issue for his child. There are many families across the UK who have been/are in his position who don’t breach the rules. In addition Lord Hawhaw’s position exacerbated the principle as he is cheek by jowl to BoJo so knew exactly what he was doing

And your political editor!!! Ha ha bbc going into overdrive - pushing liberal leftwing propaganda TRY TO GET RID OF CUMMINGS BBCPolitics dave_canham But not from Laura K. No matter how many times people say lefties or loony lefty brigade, the bottom line is if this was Starmer who had done it, you would have been calling for him to quit. It is definitely not a ‘non-story’.

Correct me if I'm wrong but 'you can visit your family for childcare' doesn't appear in the PANDEMIC legislation? And therefore Mr Cummings broke the law, selfish tosser! The Scottish CMO, Calderwood resigned after being caught out! I realise cummings the puppet master, is only an advisor but he wields far more power and influence over bojo🤡, be a man, sack him if he doesn’t resign!! Calderwood had the class to resign, what about cummings?

Not only did he break lockdown rules, if he knew he was infected he broke isolation rules too. bbclaurak How about the bbc resign. No Good work deserve good recommendation Mrs Janice is indeed a trustworthy Manager. I have stated earning $7,000 with just a start up of $1,000 in short period of time. Thanks janice75564230 for your Good work.

bbclaurak Don't worry Dom, Laura's got your back. Good luck with that 😂😂 bbclaurak Let Laura go with him, and Jenrick, two twits and a mouthpiece And people unable to attend their loved ones funeral and this. It’s not fair at all BorisJohnson DominicCumins You broke government guidelines. You have been caught out. Do the right thing and resign

Lesve the bloke alone The BBC propaganda chief Kurnssberg should go too. It's embarrassing now. One rule for the pleb and one for us.... The total arrogance of the pompous people in power ... the bile and untold privilege that seeps out of all of them ... bbclaurak Dominic Cummings should resign today. I've followed government advice and self isolated for two months. To have the top adviser flout the instructions to stay home is inexcusable. If he doesn't resign he should be sacked.

bbclaurak Incredible that a populous who in recent times has been focussed on the assertion of its rights over the discharge of its responsibilities is all too willing in the light of modest viral threat (99.7% survival rate) to not just accept but to coercively police authoritarian rules. He has to go that's it others have has to resign over less so his rules that he broke with naff excuses. If was general public they wud have been fined and held to account. He is not free to do as he pleases jst because he has money & works in government in any shape or form

Why didn’t he just stay at home with his family? Why did he feel it necessary to drive from London to Durham for childcare with elderly relatives? If your well enough to drive all that way what’s the issue with staying at home? I don’t understand he’s reasoning? What was that Queen song, 'another one bites the dust'

Only helped spread a virus that killed hundreds and hundreds of people... , bloods on all your hands Classic case of do as we say, not as we do. If you're rich and powerful the rules don't apply. Not surprised really. More pathetic news from the BBC....he and his wife were sick and highly likely to be unable to take care of their children. He would have been slaughtered if his kids had suffered and chose to do nothing. Those calling for his resignation are just inhumain vultures.

The bots and puppets are out in force to support him the comments today 😂 Travels 250 miles, with symptoms on the weekend of his mums birthday. Should resign immediately like others who were hounded out Don’t talk so wet. He has not broken any laws. You lot lie all the time, so why don’t you all resign?

bbclaurak bbclaurak Sack him. Sack Kuenssberg too. Hypocrisy! Cummings should get out of public life. We did not vote for this creep. He has disrespected the British people with his arrogant behavior. How much more of this disgraceful behavior are we expected to put up with. Boris. Defend this **** at your peril

Let’s NOT call for his resignation, instead let’s get shot of the BBC and thief biased claptrap.... The calls for him to stay outweigh the muppets calling for resignation 😂 when is NazShahBfd resigning for liking tweets telling child rape victims to accept what happened for the good of her Muslim buddies 👍 let’s prioritise these calls

dominiccummingsisnottrending Considering Governance during the pandemic is woefully inadequate because it does not have elements of Brexit and 30,000+ are deceased due to the lack of preparation both of civilian advice and health care provisions, with slapdash advice given thus. It's to be expected! He has to go, despite what is a clear attempt from No.10 to soften the edges of the story. He broke the rules, end of. And when I say go I don't mean take up another role, act as a consultant or simply wait a few weeks till its gone quiet!

Should unequivocally resign as others have for flouting the law❗️Neigh if anyone else broke the rules they would receive a substantive fine - he should be dismissed immediately❗️ Who cares, really? bbclaurak Call for bbclaurak to resign after demonstrating yet again she’s an unofficial gov spokesperson rather than a journalist. No. 10 won’t officially comment as they can trust Laura will toe the party line.

Finally the excuse we need to rid this parasite from government. bbclaurak After breaking the law don't you mean bbclaurak Cummings must go ! leave means leave !! l wonder if there are pics of him going into a service station for fuel or a piss! Calls from whom? He should go immediately! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Resign For what?

When have they not been calling for his resignation? Classic case of 'I make the rules, they don't apply to me' superiority complex. Resign. How dare he travel when he was ill? The potential to infect others was huge. We're not allowed to see our families for good reason and have all had to deal with the inconvenience of lockdown. He should not get away with this or there is no sense of us all in it together.

Where were your calls for Labour MP's to resign? You didn't even mention it. Anyone in a position where they should be setting an example and disregards advice in such a dangerous way no matter what polital party they represent should resign. What an absolute rule breaker. It’s not fair on everyone else

According to PM & Cummings it’s common sense what everyone should do in the lockdown. Cummings has failed his common sense test & it’s now common sense what the PM should do and sack Dominic Cummings. There have also been calls for bbc reporters to resign too Out of the two then I vote to get rid of the looney left bbc reporters

bbclaurak He is far too arrogant to do that Headline missing 'from journalists' between 'calls' and 'for' So what does the MP for Durham have to say? I'm bloody angry he brought two cases of covid to my home town. Sounds like he was unfit to drive too. A sackable offence! bbclaurak Would a sorry, a plea of ignorance and police fine close this matter?

And there are still brainwashed idiots trying to defend him. They fail to see this is just another sign of the contempt he has for you. He thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Don’t expect your PM to do anything about it either. SackCummings Lefty bbc loving this do anything to get at Boris 'Calls for Dominic Cummings to be sacked after embarrassing the left consistently for several years' would be more apt

If he goes then who will do Boris’s thinking for him while he’s off shagging women or whatever he does ? Laura Kuenssberg bbclaurak -small number of people in No 10 knew that Cummings had gone to Durham, not stayed in London -seems it was his sister who had offered to help with childcare when he and his wife fell ill -family stayed in separate house + had no contact in the end

bbclaurak Nah BBC, he's coming after you! Today, will signify to the Nation if the PM has the strong management & leadership ability needed? Is Mr Cummings exempt from the rest of us, many will not care, but millions will be furious & lose confidence in Number 10 advice? It is embarrassing for Tory MP’s & indefensible.

bbclaurak BBC climbing into that bear trap attacking the safety, well being and mental health of a vulnerable child with sick parents and that precious family bond that makes them rally round to help. Is this the final nail in the BBC coffin or is it an act of self immolation? bbclaurak I know nothing of whether this guy is good or bad but he cannot do this. Forget party politics. I am a Tory through and through but this damages the message and makes a mockery of the public. If he has done this, he must go

ChristineJameis But don't worry, BBCs own Laura Kuenssberg will defend him bbclaurak And Cummings was sitting in on SAGE meetings so he knew the importance of lockdown rules. bbclaurak Boris hiding again and not facing up to his responsibilities bbclaurak Never happen Laura bbclaurak Why. It was allowed. It's you that should be disciplined for spreading false news.

Congratulate him for protecting his child and exercising common sense. How can you sack the man that actually tells the PM what to do? He’s BorisJohnson s puppet master. He’ll do what he wants, when he wants. Even the Police cannot touch him. Some animals are more equal than others Pathetic. Family first.

bbclaurak Look at the dates in the report, He went on 30/03/20 the new rules started 31/03/20 these are the dates in the BBC REPORT but they fail to point this out as do all the politicians complaining Opposition party leaders calling for his resignation, what would they have done with their children Kept them for Covid mummy and daddy to look after or give to a stranger? Even the advice accepts it may be difficult where children are involved Leaders should be ashamed

Maybe it could also be reported on the news and questions raised to the PM resign properquestioning “All ....... are equal, but some are more equal than others” - we are getting more like Animal Farm by the day. To be fair we need to see what his side of this is before jumping to conclusions! I despise him but we need to be fair! BorisJohnson BrexitBritain

bbclaurak You’ve changed your tune? bbclaurak bbclaurak Source pops up on Twitter as trending but not the source itself DominicCummings He’s a COVIDIOT and should be sacked! One rule for UK another for Dominic Cummings !!! bbclaurak He's in clear breach of the emergency legislation with his reckless behaviour. He must resign or be sacked.

Too ill to look after child yet well enough to travel over 250 miles,? Within guidelines BBC trying to get that gotcha trophy ..pathetic BBCBreakfast If Satan resigns who will run the country? The bots are out in force on this Bank Holiday weekend! beepboop Predicted anti brexit media scum would go after Cummings and Johnson. Expect more...

Valid reason given, why the fuss? bbclaurak The government has ordered anyone with coronavirus symptoms to self-isolate at home & not leave - even for essential supplies - for 7days. Others in household for 14days. You can't go for a 260mile drive to another's home. Yet again BBC stick up for the government 🙄 I’ve not seen my granddaughter in 9 weeks and it’s her birthday on Monday 😡 I’m disabled and my daughter is staying away. What’s right for one should be right for another

Only by the loony left. Just hot air from a bored media cescaraws Not according to the disgraceful Laura who is showing her Tory bias and supporting what this cretin did !! Typical bias broadcasting corporation 🐂💩 Ahh good old nemesis of the whinging remoaners and the far left loonies. Can you really see Boris firing him just because your having a meltdown.

So refreshing to see naga munchetty putting the other side of the argument with Ian Blackford today. This is what the BBC should be doing, showing views from both sides and let people make up their own minds. bbclaurak And bbclaurak can go with him too. For me the biggest issue is that he had symptoms and most likely filled up his car at a petrol station recklessly endangering members of the public lives. Get his phone and investigate

The responses to this post tells you everything needed to know about the Left in our country. It’s truly nasty, cold, vindictive,and heartless. If you don’t like someone you savage them, tell lies about them, bully and ruin. nice people. I’m outta here. TELL LIES BREAK LOCKDOWN SPREAD GERMS bbclaurak Should be a £30 fine as per everyone else or do all those fined lose their jobs as well

Cue woke leftie FBPE wankfest. Do as I say Not as I do Non story. Move along, nothing to see here. sima_kotecha Just when you think this Government couldn't become more corrupt. One rule for the masses and no rule for Dominic Cummings! Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough and cut your losses..... there are plenty of other excellent and better PR advisers out there BorisJohnson_MP Unless of course you’re not planning a second term?

BorisJohnson sack Cummings to restore some trust in what the goverment is doing The BBC isn’t bright enough to call for anything Blackford couldnt provide a solution when parents of a 4 yr old are both ill but praised Sturgeon who defended her colleague for holidaying under shutdown until forced to sack her! A typical Humpty Dumpty riddle!

Don’t be too hard on the failing regime. You have your orders! KimJungUnTV bbclaurak BREAKING: I heard he was spit roasting that married lady with ProfessorPantsdown in a jizz stained B&B in Grimsby. Michael Gove was photographing it for Reader’s Wives Not from me !! bbclaurak Shock horror, and bbclaurak calling for DC to resign over a matter that was officially dealt with weeks ago. Couldn’t be something to do with the fact DC will be instrumental in reforming the BBCBias and putting them back in their collective box🤔

Maybe a BBC journalist should ask Cummings himself what his defence is rather than relying on anonymous ‘sources’? We might need to rely on ‘sources’ within totalitarian regimes like North Korea. We shouldn’t when a public figure at the heart of our own govt is the story. not to mention his apparent arrogant attitude and contempt judging by the way he is shown to lean all over the the doorstep of number 10. ..

bbclaurak Stopped watching long ago, when Cummings flouting the law story broke I thought I’d give your 10pm ‘News’ a test, of course,nothing, turned to SkyNews leading, receiving hard working tax payers money under false pretences? bbclaurak I wouldn't be surprised if he outlasts Boris. Puppeteers are above mere regulations. Tory justice only applies to the poor and vulnerable.

To be fair, lots of people called for Corbyn to be kicked out. He lost a vote of no confidence. He achieved an election defeat of the highest order. Yet he still had to be dragged out kicking and screaming. Dictators don’t resign Don't understand why anyone is surprised at this government breaking their own rules, and they will come up with a way to justify it. We've never been in this together rules only apply to us common folk

bbclaurak Boring!!! He did not break rules. Another witch hunt. You evil news people, it's perfectly within the rules. bbclaurak I really don’t see the need for him to resign or be sacked ! Why did this break when Parliament was in recess? Must be some more bad news on the way to deflect the uproar this would’ve caused if it was sitting.

Not only should he be sacked he should be prosecuted, as anyone else would be! bbclaurak Your never get over it. From what I’ve seen he’s not done much wrong. Took himself and his sick partner and child that needed looking after. if they got worse. No charges no law broken......................................................................Now that’s wound a few up

Child care is essential travel 🤷🏻‍♂️ Calls for BBC to resign, for persisting with its left-wing agenda. bbclaurak Doing more pr for Cummings on BBCr4today That should be “instead of self isolating.” Happy to help. bbclaurak Why wait so long to report on this? ✍️ he looks like he doesn't know if he's cumming or going

Labour demand One rule for him another for us who have obey the rules he makes up... and then wonders why he annoys us... leave it alone go report what the French are up to. If a person knows they have CV19, travels, and as a result of contact tracing it’s found they infected other people, would there be the possibility of a prosecution for a criminal offence?

bbclaurak We already know all that thanks. And not from the BBC. If you can drive 200 miles to you're parents house you don't need childcare ! bbclaurak if your ok to dance around to abba in the back garden ur ok to look after ur children at home Cummings must go. Keir_Starmer please help get this done.

Didn't hear much of this by the silly MSM? 'Labour MP has been criticised for “endangering” the lives of his constituents after breaching lockdown restrictions to attend a funeral. Tahir Ali, who represents Birmingham Green, reportedly was among some 100 guests at a funeral.' bbclaurak Cummings has the advantage of checking the rules first hand while the rest of us have to rely on the media

Resign, he ahould be sacked dont give the tosser a chance! bbclaurak His wife wrote this about them having the virus. No mention of Durham anywhere in it bbclaurak Oh get a life If his parents were willing to take the risk, who are we to judge when potentially both Cummings and wife could have ended up in hospital. What happens to the child then? Socially distanced foster home?

bbclaurak His actions are worse than others forced out. A test of how deep this vote leave rot goes - he must leave, no excuses. Finally the BBC covering this adequately. bbclaurak Tories are capitulating in front of our eyes. A beautiful sight. Totally fucking up the country. Peoples careers and businesses in tatters. Young peoples education being torn. Turning the nation into one big benefit sponging council estate.

bbclaurak bbclaurak What was he supposed to do? He needed urgent child care and the rules provided for that. bbclaurak Sack him don't let him resign and get a huge pay off !!!!! bbclaurak Big fish escape from barbless hooks bbclaurak God how desperate are the UK branch of the North Korean state media ...migrants being dropped off halfway across the channel of no interest to you lot? No I didn't think so ..absolute waste of space and needs to be shut down

Why is BBCWorld BBCBreaking so hypocritical? You publish news of political targets- but you avoid a valid corruption report (Your reference: CAS-5948870-Z1P1G5)— Is a bribery and corruption not against your public service obligations? bbclaurak bbclaurak Calls from opposition as he single handed lay dismantled them at the election 😂😂

bbclaurak proof they think they are better than those they make decisions for My daughters partner had covid19 a 3 wk old newborn baby & a very sick 12 month old rushed 2 hospital - non of us able to help! If he was fit enough to drive 260 miles he was fit enough to look after his child like many others did without choice, he should be ashamed

Aha, so the Chief Puppeteer has finally shown it's true colours.Your sell by date has expired 'Matey Bollocks'!!! bbclaurak Since we all know that Cummings won’t resign, you need to move the focus onto your darling Johnson, who should sack him forthwith. Why scroll down when it'll just be apologists who probably called for ThAt WoMeN's HeAD when the Scotland's CMO travelled unnecessarily. 'Let him off. He left his favourite hat there and had to get it. What do you mean confirmation bias!'

I'd love to go one round in a ring with this goon. He thinks he's untouchable I beg to differ bbclaurak This is a classic distraction setting the daily news agenda. Talk about this issue which splits the electorate while economy crashes and deaths mount. But yeah let’s all talk about if this guy visiting his mum was ok.

Surely if he's too sick to watch his own children he's too sick to drive 270 miles? Footballers didnt get the sack though 🙃 bbclaurak ..... calls from the Leftwaffe and remainer Tories. Except that he didn’t break the rules! The EU flag waving jebends, yes. Normal folk have bigger things to worry about.

Sure BorisJohnson_MP must have known where his boss was? They should sack him ,but they won't because this government think its one rule for plebs and one rule for them. As for Boris Johnson making a decision, we will be waiting till Christmas. Hey! you can just see the lefties, the anti government brigade, the FBPE badge wearers and the media all having orgasm after orgasm with this bit of news.. bless...

He needs to practice what he preaches or don’t be part of the Government. Full stop. The sneaky weasel... one rule for us “pheasants” and different for them? He just gave it away that this is a well organised propaganda perpetrated on humanity! Disgusting! Truth will prevail always! Dark to Light! WWG1WGA

He’s already breached it why should he be allowed an exception for child care issues when there’s probably millions in need of child care help but stuck to the rules government have one rule and British people have to have another. Cummings should be sacked for gross misconduct, non of pleasantries of resignation

Well that’s rubbished he was seen in the garden by a neighbor playing with his child. You traveled there together and they all needed to isolate children included so you shouldn’t be offing childcare to someone else. Elderly parents! Seriously. Another priveleged 'do as I say not as I do' preacher does as he wants and people raise an eyebrow. Hardly news. Just another typical day in the UK.

This muppet has to GO !!! How can the Government expect people to follow their new Track & Trace rules for the next step to reduce Lockdown when this Clown 🤡 can't abide by the rules. SackCummings Get rid! How many pensioners does it take to pay a bbc journalists salary? They won't get rid of their commander and chief.

Kept alive by our bias lefty liberal Marxists media The article reads like something out of Heat magazine the number of times it mentions a 'source' He may think it’s time to move on & use this to b sacked & not allowed to resign as any contract outstanding he will b compensated for! Nice of you to sneak this one out at 6am, any word on calls for your Tory PR machine to resign as well?

The scientist had to go. Double standards 3/3 ...Tax-payers money pays for all of this Keir_Starmer Ianblackford_MP KirstySNP EdwardJDavey DLidington including BBCNewsnight in their desperation for gutter-press stardom🤦‍♂️🤮💩 1/3 Who's calling? Keir_Starmer? Ianblackford_MP? KirstySNP? EdwardJDavey? DLidington? Oh, right, only KirstySNP doing a 'live' meltdown over this. Both symptomatic, young baby, immediately travel and isolate in separate annex apart from parents...

2/3 ...situation covered should intervention to CARE for child be required. Have guidelines actually been broken? Puzzled. Why the bleating knee-jerk politiking by Keir_Starmer Ianblackford_MP KirstySNP EdwardJDavey DLidington? Is this what their day-job is all about?... No, don't be daft, the country needs him.!!!

Seems like he did the sensible thing and needed childcare. So can’t see this as an issue.Dom needs to stay and help guide the UK Brexit ship out of the EU’s clutches Urgently required childcare & stayed in a seperate building. I think we can give him a pass. He's not an MP either so calls for his job are just point scoring.

Oh pleeease, DominicCummings & his wife travelling to stay with his parents to act as childcare while sick with Covid19 & breaking lockdown is quite simply a non story Weirdo Cummings is married & has produced 2 children! Wow who knew, now that really has shocked the public! Don’t count on it with Tory propaganda like bbclaurak and bbcnickrobinson BBCBias ToriesOut

Don’t let the truth get in the way of an angry mob eh? 🙄 It's unlikely he will, and if he does he will come back in another position quite quickly after his Tory mates wangle it. One rule for us, one rule for everyone else mentality. One rule for the them and another for the rest of us. Typical of a Tory elite

I admit it, I went to see my parents yesterday....😞 Is Dominic Cummings issue seriously your lead story on BBC Breakfast? The Scottish health minister resigned do the right thing Dominic pack your bags and leave Never mind resigning he should be sacked It disgusts me Where did they use the bathroom or refuel? They put us all at risk His parents should have travelled to him

Anti Brexit BBC... You and the MSM are trying to disgrace the govt at every turn, for your own agenda.. Us the gen public can see this, why do you think their popularity goes up. while yours come down!! Bloody disgrace 🇬🇧 It's a non-story and it's two months old. The lefty media hates Dominic Cummings... and he couldn't care less. Which only makes them hate him more! 🤣

His resignation is due immediately I can’t see our de facto prime minister stepping down any time soon. His arrogance knows no bounds. One rule for them, one rule for us Calls from the left wing media He should be SACKED To have an entire nation endure so much emotional pain, and then to discover that those in power delivering the Stay At Home messages to us have not even bothered to adhere to them, really sort of rattles me.

Lock him up NNOOOO.... how will 10DowningStreet, SAGE & Boris Johnson survive without their 'top scientist' & Reich Minister of Propaganda if Cummings is forced to resign..? Is normalcy restored In Italy & Spain Seriously, more than half the country, has broken the rules. Guidance isn't for them If he broke the rules he has to resign

사랑해요 Jackson_Carlaw your silence is deafening.....werent so quiet about Catherine Caldwell were you? 🤔 He travelled the 200 miles on 31 March, covered-up till now obviously, appalling corrupt Govt Sack him. Rules for one Rules for another .. Mainstream media move on to Cummings now seeing their hit piece on Johnson/Jennifer Arcuri failed. Pathetic

And banned from any interactions with government ministers! The POS. Can't stay. Not after Ferguson had to go. Problem is people / labour / media have been shouting ‘resign’ at DC for about 9 months now so this’ll be water off a ducks back. Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson broke lockdown rules when she travelled from Camberwell to Chequers. Why not report that in the same way?

This is the bloke dictating how the country is being run at the moment, and bbclaurak Downing St source - WhereIsJohnson highly unlikely to sack Cummings. Are we really surprised that Tories do one thing and say another!?! WorstPMever And the response to calls for resignation - “zero chance” - arrogant as you would expect. Now commands “zero” respect.

Calls for the whole government to be charged with genocide against its own people. Fucking jokes 🖕 *From remoaning idiots. He's going nowhere. So for 9 weeks my mum is self isolating alone & v lonely in Sheffield. I’m healthy, asymptomatic & DID NOT VISIT HER despite Norfolk being a damn site closer than London is to Durham. Have I been had?

Wait... This DominicCumins thing has progeny? Oh dear. Clearly the guidance he helped create was so complicated he couldn't even follow it himself. Poor guy dominiccummings Close friends of Dominic Cummings said: “He isn’t remotely bothered by this story, it’s more fake news from the Guardian. There is zero chance of him resigning.”

Wow, the right bring press that went bonkers when a senior aid to Nicola Sturgeon broke the rules a few weeks ago are going to be really upset with Dom this morning. Why would Boris's boss resign? Don't you know who he is?! His excuses was his parents needed to look after his kids, but making the kids travel for four hours in a confined space of a car with a Covid symptomatic person and then handing them over to his parent is the actions of irresponsible neglectful parent and son.

I want DomGone Feel a fool for observing the lockdown and staying at our daughters as that’s where we were when it was announced and she was unwell. Didn’t realise it was optional. Когда мы узнаем правду? Oh bugger off. The only people who give a sh*t are the loony left. The man was sick and went home to Mums house. Who doesn't do that?

....and then there's the truth. Did Stephen Kinnock resign? Just asking? The BBC is a fing joke. Time for it to be lose its licence fee. See how long it continues with its biased woke agenda. There are more calls for him to stay. Child care was stated as an exception back in March. We know he won't, tories are above the rules. He will be suspended and then quietly moved back in after he works from home for a period. This happens over and over again , they and their media chums hound out rivals but tories are treated differently

I would have thought that should already have been the case back when he said “if that means some pensioners die, too bad” cummings Expecting incoming from bbclaurak and her sources. No chance! Cos of all his Cummings and Goings Dominic Cummings will be Dominic Goings He is a protagonist of herd immunity even if 'a few old people might die' so can't be overly surprised by his actions. What I really mean is - he's a twunt.

Piers Morgan leads calls for Dominic Cummings to be sacked for breaking lockdownPiers Morgan is demanding Prime Minister Boris Johnson sack his chief aide Dominic Cummings after he travelled from London to Durham when he was self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms Like that’s gonna happen...😂😂 Of course he is 🙄 Wouldn't allow you on board the election tour bus eh?

Dominic Cummings' movements since lockdown as he faces calls to resignTop Downing Street aide Dominic Cummings was spotted at his parents' home in Durham on April 5, in breach of Government rules - here, we take a look at his movements since the coronavirus lockdown Did you do a timeline for TahirAliMP and Jeremycorbyn when they ignored the rules ? I wonder why Cummings thinks the press are a joke

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What to do if you're getting tired of video callsExperts explain why video calls can be so mentally draining

Dennis Rodman calls Susanna Reid ‘Cynthia’ and ‘Cindy’ in car crash GMB interviewA bad connection between London and Los Angeles meant that Rodman, Reid and Piers Morgan were all left confused People power And the leech people, they challenge the common sense Wisdom and intelligence With power you don't use intelligence The rich and powerful think that the disease comes from China but they don't China is the first to test only, they People power And the leech people, they challenge the common sense Wisdom and intelligence With power you don't use intelligence The rich and powerful think that the disease comes from China but they don't China is the first to test only, they Cr*p show at best of times.

'It started as joke': the animal Zoom calls delighting a locked-down publicFrom throwing an alpaca party to adding a goat to a work call, video calling is providing a financial lifeline for businesses How delightful Do people still use Zoom? 🤔 The world is cruel to goats, too hard for them😁