Call for city to become 'more European' amid rise in restaurants

6/27/2022 9:30:00 AM

New cocktail bars and restaurants are set to open

Not everyone is in favour of more restaurants and bars

New cocktail bars and restaurants are set to open

When asked what they would like to see more of in Nottingham city centre, residents have suggested a number of different ideas.An Alliance councillor has called on City Hall to match funding for LGTBQ and ethnic minority groups with that given to Irish cultural groups across the city...

These include more things for families and teenagers to do, more restaurants and more shops.It comes as a number of licensing applications for new cocktail bars or restaurants serving alcohol have been submitted to Nottingham City Council.However the newly co-opted Alliance Councillor for Balmoral Micky Murray called out the programme on its allocation of £100,000 for trad Irish events, while giving half of that, £50,000 each, for ethnic minority events, and LGBTQ+ events.Among them include plans for a new steakhouse, a cocktail bar in the old All Saints shop, and a restaurant with a retractable rooftop bar on Trinity Walk, all of which could open this year.But he did talk about what it was like to shoot the scenes.But not all residents want to see more hospitality venues open.Read more:Belfast Council £150,000 fund for hard-up artists "not even a bandaid", official admits The Extended Cultural Programme came about after the council’s Queen’s Jubilee programme was conceived, following a discussion at the party group Leaders consultative forum earlier this year.One woman from Sneinton said she would like to see more on offer for families and teenagers than for nightlife." However, this view was not shared by many as most of the comments section was unimpressed with the so-called "date night.

READ MORE: Amazement as The Park and Castle rated second-worst area for anti-social behaviour in Nottinghamshire Tracy Miller, 37, said: "I'd like to see more things for families to be able to do.At the Committee Councillor Murray said: “I am new to the council, so I don’t know what the rationale behind the amount of funding was, but I would like to propose that we either equalise the funding across the three groups, or we try to find additional funding LGBTQ+ and minority ethnic groups.And because it was a separate section of us shooting the scene, I don't know what actual episode it's in.Bars are brilliant for Nottingham's nightlife, but there are already a lot of them."A new bar or food place seems to crop up all the time.So I think this is a great way of being able to address those issues head on.I think it's good when I go, but it's not great.There could do with more things for teenagers to do.” Green Councillor Mal O’Hara said: “I appreciate the sentiment Councillor Murray has, but this money was agreed a couple of months ago, and the imperative is to get this out as quickly as possible." Most read in Fabulous.

It would help them to stay out of trouble, to grow and meet more people."I've got five children, my youngest is 10 and my eldest is 22.” Sinn Féin Councillor Ronan McLaughlin said: “I do have sympathy with what Micky is saying, however I don’t think in this financial year it could actually be achieved, because we will be looking at trying to achieve another £100,00 if we’re perfectly honest.There could even be more places for people to learn and feel better in themselves."The city centre needs a library again soon, it helps out so many vulnerable people and a number have been closing in the city boundary.“I am more than happy to work on equalising that funding next summer, when capacity in organisations is built up.It shouldn't have shut in the first place, and I've used them for years to take my kids to take books out and I've even used them before to look for jobs and that kind of thing.

"There could be more activities in Market Square too." People Before Profit Councillor Fiona Ferguson said: “I don’t think the two sides are exclusive - is it not possible we agree the tranche of funding here before us tonight, and provisionally agree that an additional amount could be added on the basis it could be found by the financial director.Everything seems to be used for food markets which I think have extortionate prices." The comments come after it was reported work was due to start this summer on the fit out of the long-awaited Central Library, based at the new Broad Marsh Car Park and Bus Station.” Councillor Murray said he would agree to sign off on the current £200,000 allocation, on the basis council officers would look at finding new money, and would engage with the two groups on how this money could be spent.It replaces the old Angel Row library which has closed and could be redeveloped into a vast new block of flats, reaching 15 levels in height.A man from Clifton is happy at the prospect of more restaurants, and would like to see a designated area of the city for food.READ NEXT: Belfast Council warned of "crisis of confidence" in cleansing services as city labelled "dirty" Belfast's Grosvenor Road to get 14 storey office development New Belfast hotel approved despite objections from the Merchant owners Belfast student flat plans could lead to "mono-culture" in city centre, it is claimed For all the latest news, visit the Belfast Live homepage here.

Especially if fried chicken is involved.Tom Keetley, 31, said: "There are a lot of food places, it would be good to have a food section or something..It would be good to have benches permanently in Market Square so people had somewhere nice to sit and it would fill the space."More restaurants are a good idea for me, though, I love restaurants and everyone needs food.I'm a big lover of fried chicken, so it would be great to have more places like that, as well as any more social things.

" And one man who lives in Nottingham said the city could be more "European in its outlook".He wouldn't be against more restaurants coming to the city, as long as they are not big chains.David Mee, 73, who lives in the city, said: "Nottingham could be a bit more European in its outlook.I think there could be more shops than say restaurants or cocktail bars.I think Market Square is diabolical at the moment, it was a lot better years ago, I've never liked it since they made it all concrete.

"More restaurants and that kind of thing has been done for the student population.Some restaurants feel the same, though.I'd much rather have independent restaurants than big chains." READ NEXT:.

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Hate what’s being done to our city , it’s being turned into a student accommodation city and everything about them , people who will come and go as they graduate, us the locals the people who will always live here , we no longer matter With all these students in the city we need hundreds more

City Hall faces call to spend same on LGBTQ & ethnic minorities as Irish culture'I would like to propose that we either equalise the funding across the three groups, or we try to find additional funding LGBTQ+ and minority ethnic groups.' Forget about Gay Pride wheres the investigation into Vaccine related deaths? Best funding minority groups and Irishness, the +people have enough thesedays and we dont need it

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