Cafe branded 'mean' after ordering mum to pay for cuppa for elderly man who fell

Cafe branded 'mean' after ordering mum to pay for cuppa for elderly man who fell

10/23/2021 4:42:00 PM

Cafe branded 'mean' after ordering mum to pay for cuppa for elderly man who fell

One mum was left outraged by the service at a local cafe, whose staff helped an elderly man who fell down outside, before charging the woman for a cup of tea he drank

The unimpressed customer took to social media to ask for advice on whether she should have refused to pay for the cuppa.On Mumsnet, she explained that she was visiting a local spot with her kids, which is popular with cyclists and walkers.She came to the aid of an elderly man who tripped over and cut his face - by wiping the blood away before staff took over and asked if he needed a drink.

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Get the news you want straight to your inbox. Sign up for a Mirror newsletter here After the man left, the woman went to order her food - only for staff to charge her for the cup of tea they'd made the injured man.On the parenting website, she sparked a debate by asking if it was reasonable for her to pay for the charge.

She wrote: "I had tissues and wipes and cleaned up the blood so we could see the injury - as these things often are the blood made it look worse than it was."My son told a staff member of the cafe there had been an incident and to bring a first aid kit. headtopics.com

"Eventually, the man felt able to sit up and he was helped to a table at the cafe by some lovely people. A member of staff brought the First aid kit and we cleaned up his face and temporary patch."The man was with a walking group and I found 1 of them who began to walk to get his car to get the man home.

"The staff member asked if he wanted anything. He wanted water (blood in his mouth) and as he'd have to wait for whilst his lift arrived he wanted a cuppa tea with several sugars."I went into the cafe and put in his request, took them to him. His friend appeared 20mins later with the car eventually and off they went.

"I returned to my children and dog and then went to order drinks and cake for us. As I paying the member of staff was running through my order said "oh yes, and a cup of tea.""Me: I hadn't ordered a tea. Staff: 'It's the tea you bought earlier.' Me:'But that was the man who had the accident....'

"Staff 'Is he coming to pay for it? Me: 'No he's left'. Tumbleweed silence.....staff member looking at me.Me: 'Oh whatever I'm not falling out over a cuppa tea,' and I paid. I'm a scaredy-cat afraid of a challenge, aren't I? I shouldn't have paid." headtopics.com

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People were left divided, as some argued that the cafe shouldn't be left out of pocket.One fumed: "How much does a teabag and cup of hot water cost, what a bunch of meanies. Hope he is ok."Another wrote: "I can’t believe they expected anyone to pay for a cup of tea! How much does a cup of tea cost them to make? Certainly not what they charge for it. They could have covered it themselves for the man who fell."

But a third added: "Well, you should have offered to pay for it, to begin with. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind not to offer."One commented: "Although it seems tight if any business is near a place where people have regular accidents, it could cost them a fortune. No business can sustain that."

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