Boris Johnson, Uk Supreme Court

Boris Johnson, Uk Supreme Court

Cabinet minister says public see courts as 'biased' after judges rule proroguing Parliament was 'unlawful'

Kwasi Kwarteng, the business minister, said that voters were 'beginning to question the partiality of the judges'


Kwasi Kwarteng, the business minister, said that voters were 'beginning to question the partiality of the judges'

A Cabinet minister has raised accusations of "bias" against the judiciary after a Scottish court ruled Boris Johnson had misled the Queen when he “unlawfully” prorogued Parliament.

Three judges accused the Prime Minister of suspending the Commons for the “improper purpose of stymying Parliament” over his Brexit plans and said last Monday’s prorogation was “null and of no effect”.

But Kwasi Kwarteng, the business minister, said that voters were "beginning to question the partiality of the judges" and accusing them of "interfering in politics".

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The judges are saying the queen is gullible which is she was easily deceived by Boris. If you remainers are not so self obsessed, you would have issues with those judges statement. It's funny how remainers crawl the web looking for things that will offend them. This screams of desperation and mental health issues.

That man is an utter disgrace. Just listened to Shelagh Fogerty who could contain her ire at his comments. My goodness KwasiKwarteng should not be Minister let alone an MP He is a Tory lies just drip off the tongue i believe he is a remainer and will probably get his next GE if we dont come out on 31oct

Voters have begun to question the biased Telegraph Gaslighting par excellence...... And he’d be right! I am a voter and I question the partiality of those judges What next - will he question impartiality of army or emergency services ? I am no fan Brexit, This is not partiality, It's currupution. People voted, for not wanting independence in Scotland. However the elite take advantage. Divide , Cause chaos. The focus needs to be on moving forward and helping people, businesses We need change

Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament is 'unlawful', court rulesThe Scottish Civil Court has ruled that Boris Johnson 's decision to prorogue parliament was unlawful. FFS An actual circus! How can it be illegal if the Queen has passed it🙄

Undermining Judges , that's on the list Utter drivel. It is you putting ideas into the heads of gullible people because you don’t like the judgement allied by the Mail. A dangerous and highly divisive comment. Shameful. This is not football it’s democracy and the law. Voters are beginning to question the value of not having Tory ministers jailed.

Totally gutless excuse for an MP. Why not just say it! At least that’s what Farage did. I used to think that Kwarteng had some promise as a parliamentarian, this whole debacle has lowered the bar to Terrible depths. Attacking the judiciary for trying to maintain the integrity of Parliament – and blaming 'voters' for the move. A facsimile of the Trump/Bannon school of government.

One of realDonaldTrump (12k false or misleading statements thus far and counting) favourite openings “people tell me” He has been slapped down by Number 10 any chance you could mention that of course not you want this view because it’s what your owners and their billionaire US mates want to see crap journalism

🤔 White upper/middle class privately educated, Oxbridge, live in London or some rural idyll, holiday home en France. Leave Voters? Maybe not. He is right in that people are saying it. Whether they are right is a different matter. The bigger issue is that to function effectively the structures of law and governments requires the consent of the people, the damage being done by the remain side to that consent is very bad.

Scottish court rules prorogation of parliament is unlawful – videoScottish appeal court judges overturned an earlier ruling that the courts did not have the power to interfere in the prime minister’s political decision to prorogue parliament Who cares; it’s Scotland. Pfft...since when does Scotland matter? Who cares?

And by 'people' he means... ? A bit of a coward hiding behind voters and putting blame on voters. Typical politician when it was his party who created the conditions over the last 10 years. This is typical of this reckless, irresponsible government who, like Trump, would happily trash our democratic and judicial institutions for political gain. They have shown that they are completely unfit for office and unfit to govern.

Disgraceful. RobertBuckland Disgraceful for government to question impartiality of judges. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Beginning? They were asked by citizens of the UK to apply the law, and did so. Politicians to not operate in a law-free space. Everyone has the same rights and responsibilities under the law. Kwarteng's comments were a disgrace.

'People are saying' means 'I'm saying this, but I'm too cowardly to admit it'.

Boris Johnson's Parliament shutdown ruled unlawful by Scotland's highest courtThe bombshell ruling - which triggers a case in the UK Supreme Court - comes less than 36 hours after the Prime Minister went ahead and prorogued Parliament anyway This is scandalous. This man must be a sociopath. He is dangerous. But he really didn’t - and didn’t need to. The Queen acts on the advice of her ministers, whatever their motivation. And she doesn’t ask them to justify that advice before deciding if she follows it - she’s asked to suspend Parliament and has to say yes. PippaCrerar this is a good headline, I’ll definitely pick it up tomorrow

Demands to recall parliament as court rules suspension unlawfulSNP MP joannaccherry has accused Boris Johnson of 'misleading the Queen' and says because of that, he should 'seriously consider his position' as prime minister. A Scottish court has ruled Johnson's parliamentary suspension as 'unlawful': joannaccherry Your a disgrace it’s obvious the judge made this into a political verdict joannaccherry This woman is despicable, as most in Scotland already know. joannaccherry Can he be charged for lying to the queen? Please say yes please say yes 😆

Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament ruled unlawful by high court Boris Johnson 's prorogation of parliament has been ruled unlawful by a court in Scotland. Give them tending They bring great news. The Scots tackling the idiocy of the day once again. better arrest the queen

Government to appeal after parliament's suspension ruled unlawful.JolyonMaugham says the advice given to the Queen to approve the suspension of parliament was 'unlawful.' The barrister initiated the case that is challenging BorisJohnson's decision to suspend parliament. Read more here: JolyonMaugham BorisJohnson Another twat wanting to get on tele 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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