'Bye bye Boris' rings around the Commons as PM makes a hasty exit

7/6/2022 3:30:00 PM

The prime minister bolted for the exit seconds after Sajid Javid concluded a brutal attack on him.

As Boris Johnson made a swift exit from the chamber following PMQs, opposition MPs shouted ‘bye bye Boris’.

The prime minister bolted for the exit seconds after Sajid Javid concluded a brutal attack on him.

a devastating statement following his resignation last night.Piers Morgan believes that Boris Johnson won't make it to the weekend as Prime Minister after the bombshell resignations of two of his Cabinet Ministers on Tuesday evening.Listen to this article Loading audio.Lorraine Kelly has taken a swipe at the Prime Minister after the drama that has unfolded in the last 24 hours.

Opposition MPs shouted ‘bye bye Boris’ as he shuffled past a front bench diminished by furious exits in the last 24 hours.The PM left his seat seconds after grimacing his way through Mr Javid’s bruising speech.It is now believed that Mr Johnson is fighting for his political life once again, with some bookmakers suspending betting on him resigning.He said he had given Mr Johnson the benefit of the doubt on several occasions but concluded ‘I do fear that the reset button can only work so many times’.Rishi Sunak quit as chancellor on Tuesday, alongside Sajid Javid who resigned as Health Secretary, in a move that came just as the Prime Minister was being forced into a humiliating apology to address the row over scandal-hit former deputy chief whip Chris Pincher.Mr Javid urged other cabinet minister to join him and Rishi Sunak in their efforts to oust Mr Johnson, saying ‘not doing something is an active decision’.Piers told his viewers: "He's been engulfed in a scandal again, after being caught lying, again.He told MPs: ‘Last month I gave the benefit of doubt one last time… I have concluded that the problem starts at the top and I believe that is not going to change and that means that it is for those of us in a position who have responsibility to make that change.A humiliating apology from the Prime Minister was unable to prevent the departure of Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid yesterday, with both writing incendiary resignation letters.

The PM endured a bruising session in the Commons amid an ongoing exodus from his government (Picture: Commons TV) ‘I wish my cabinet colleagues well and I can see they have decided to remain in the cabinet.The scandal and lies have gone on for three years - is tonight the night that his house of cards finally collapses?" Having made a pound bet with one of his contributors that Mr Johnson wouldn't survive until Christmas, Piers continued: "I think he's got two hopes until surviving the weekend - no hope and Bob Hope.Mr Sunak and Mr Javid - both potential leadership rivals - offered sharp criticisms of Mr Johnson in their resignation letters.They will have their own reasons.’ Laughter could be heard in the chamber as Mr Javid went on: ‘But it is a choice."The list of his own MPs who are expressing no confidence in Boris Johnson, I think by the time we come off air his position becomes untenable.I know just how difficult that choice is."Conservatives at their best are seen as hard-headed decision-makers, guided by strong values.But let’s be clear, not doing something is an active decision.He knew exactly what Pincher was like, it had been brought to his attention." As she confirmed what else would be on the show, she added: "Obviously, we'll be following any more resignations and indeed what is happening in Parliament.

’ The statement followed a PMQs during which the Labour leader savagely attacked Mr Johnson.He said remaining ministers were ‘only in office because no one else is willing to debase themselves any further’ and." Piers then got into a heated debate with Tory MP Peter Bone, who believed that the Prime Minister had not lied or misled the House of Commons and that people cared about the "policies, not the people" One of "Boris Johnson’s closest allies" stoked the flames, telling the BBC that this signals the end for the PM.The vote of confidence last month showed that a large number of our colleagues agree.

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Before they shouted “bye bye Keir?”

Piers Morgan predicts 'lying' Boris Johnson won't make it to weekend as PMTalkTV host Piers Morgan turned both barrels onto the under-fire Prime Minister after two bombshell resignations on Tuesday night left him clinging on to his office

Boris on the brink: PM reshuffles Cabinet after Sunak and Javid quitBoris Johnson has been left desperately trying to save his premiership after a pair of Cabinet resignations and a series of Government exits. A KOMPROMISED GOVERNMENT IS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT. Does anyone want a cabinet role? ANYONE? Crap 2 colonisers out of government positions What's not to like

ITV's Lorraine Kelly slams PM Boris Johnson with 'surely it's over' jibeThe Scots TV presenter is never one to hold back her thoughts and made it clear how she's feeling about the drama surround the PM. reallorraine well done ,a was listening lastnight aswell ,he needs showing the door 🚪 Is this coming from the real lorraine kelly or the actress lorraine kelly who avoids paying tax He doesn't even know you dear. Whose Lorraine.😂😂

Boris Johnson: Embattled PM vows to keep going amid Tory revoltThe PM says he has a 'colossal' mandate from voters and will stay despite a growing revolt among Tory MPs. Did he? More people voted for someone else. His 'colossal mandate' is a quirk of the broken electoral system. BorisJohnson does the nation vote for the party or the leader? That's like thinking you have a full packet of fags but then discover you've only got one left.

i morning briefing: Boris on the brink - how long does the PM have left?📨 i morning briefing: Boris on the brink - how long does the PM have left? 📬 Sign up to our Early Edition newsletter here ⬇️

‘Enough is enough’: Sajid Javid slams Boris in heartfelt demand for PM to goFormer Health Secretary Sajid Javid delivered a poignant statement to MPs today after he resigned from the government, telling the Commons 'enough is enough' saying it's time for a change of leadership. Very special man made me proud! Good luck to him! A real man! Uninspiring. Yawn.