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Business leaders round on Boris in 'pingdemic' row

Business leaders round on Boris in 'pingdemic' row

7/31/2021 7:00:00 PM

Business leaders round on Boris in 'pingdemic' row

Tony Danker, head of the Confederation of British Industry, is the latest to demand a change in the government's timetable for freeing double-jabbed workers from having to stay home.

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Woman's Hour - Music from Martha Wainwright, Australian campaigner Grace Tame. Dame Kate Bingham former chair of the Vaccine Task Force. - BBC Sounds

Martha Wainwright on her new album, Australian campaigner Grace Tame, Dame Kate Bingham.

Boris Johnson should end self-isolation rules ‘tomorrow’, say business leaders Boris Johnson should end self-isolation rules 'tomorrow', the head of the UK’s leading business group has declared

General calls on Boris Johnson to set out new strategy to stop Afghanistan becoming terror base‘Twenty years of failed geo-strategy’: Retired army chief rues Western ‘defeat’ Why do you continue your f....g stupid analysis of what still happens in Afghanistan? It's no more your business US surrogate! UK/EU are JUST AMERICA'S VASSALS! UK withdrew because American master🇺🇸 demanded it! China🇨🇳 is the best SUPERPOWER to deal with peace in the region

How many children does Boris Johnson have?Prime minister and Carrie Symonds have tied the knot at Westminster Cathedral Why should that be my business? Enough to get a holiday yacht built , in order to take them all on holiday ! How many children does Boris not have?

Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson are expecting their second childCarrie and Boris Johnson have announced they're expecting their second child, after she suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of the year. Rass! you mean more Boris coming? Alrite Boris do you thing🤣🥳🥳🥳pandemicbabies

Boris Johnson 'reviewing numbers' on triple lock to avoid pensions rising by £700BORIS Johnson is “reviewing the numbers” on the triple lock – in order to avoid a sky-high rise in pensions this year. The PM’s spokesperson gave another suggestion today th… Will pensioners still vote for him if he implements this !? I’m guessing yes and more as likely so is he . We can’t give money to pensioners that have worked all of there life & paid NI & taxes, all of there life, there are 1000s of illegal immigrants crossing the Channel that need a hotel a house, benefits free NHS that haven paid a penny, can anyone explain how that works?

Don’t give them an inch, Boris! PM told now is time to stand up to ‘flat-out arrogant’ EUBORIS Johnson has been told he must finally stand up to the EU over a whole range of issues - or face further attempts by the bloc to exploit Britain in the coming weeks and months. GetBritainOut GetBritainOut Oh dear what utter Brexit bullshit GetBritainOut Protocol not working out. Gibraltar not happy. Union may break up and yet Brexiters knew what they were voting for 😡