Buffalo shooting: President Biden urges all Americans to reject 'poison' of white supremacy

The US president and the first lady have paid their respects at a makeshift memorial after the deadly attack in and around a supermarket in the city of Buffalo.

5/20/2022 11:39:00 AM

The family of Heyward Patterson was one of many families of the victims of the Buffalo supermarket shooting to step up to the podium to share their grief. Read more:

The US president and the first lady have paid their respects at a makeshift memorial after the deadly attack in and around a supermarket in the city of Buffalo.

The US president and the first lady have paid their respects at a makeshift memorial after thedeadly attackin and around the store in the city of Buffalo.Mr Biden and his wife Jill met families of the 10 victims who were all black, as well as first responders and local officials.

The couple laid a bouquet of flowers at the memorial of blossoms, candles and messages of condolence, outside the Tops store in New York state.Three other people were injured in last Saturday's massacre, which police say was"racially motivated".

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Joe Biden says ‘white supremacy is a poison’ | First ThingPresident attacks those who promote racist conspiracy theory ‘for power, political gain and for profit’. Plus, first open briefing on UFOs since 1966 But these guys get advanced US and UK weapons and truck loads of cash. The western press makes the old Soviet-era Pravda look like a beacon of independent, watch dog journalism. Any racism is poison Joe. Quit playing politics in your basement mentality. Go to work and earn your pay. Right JoeBiden , you don't see what is happening with black on black violence in your own country? More black on black violence in just year 2021 (over 8k killing of black on black?) then there has ever been KKK or 'White supremacy' ever ... Look to your own shore old man

White House on alert after reports of North Korean nuclear test during Biden’s Asia tripTHE WHITE HOUSE is on high alert following intelligence reports that suggest North Korea are planning nuclear testing as President Joe Biden visits South Korea and Japan.

Buffalo shooting shines light on racist ‘great replacement’ theory\n\t\t\tKeep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world.\n\t\t\tStay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert\n\t\t\tcommentary and analysis you can trust.\n\t\t USNEWS survey: US among the 10 worst countries for Racial Equality. No one needs this division going on...respect and harmony is the only way ahead. People unite to talk down any race hate. ♥️🇺🇦 The shooter was from the same group as Ukrainian soldiers.

Buffalo shooting followed tripling of gun sales in 30 years, ATF figures revealFederal agency reports annual sales rose to 11.5m in 2016, while suspect bought rifle legally despite murder-suicide threat After the BLM looting and shop burning, are you surprised? ThePerezHilton It's an arms race. And nobody wins.

Buffalo shooting: New York to investigate social media's 'bone-chilling' roleProsecutors will ask whether social platforms were 'used to stream, promote, or plan' the murders. What about mainstream media too In other words the Democrats are trying to ban all guns and put severe restrictions on our Internet. media supporting blm con artists still

'The only thing I want to hear is change'The parents of one Buffalo victim want to know what's being done to prevent another mass shooting. What about the black guy who shot up the New York subway? You ignore black terrorists don't you? Poverty causes many problems Guns are not a new thing either But removing poverty will have better results than removing guns Murder has many faces Poverty is simply cash