Budget 2021: £1bn Towns Fund for 45 areas of England

Budget 2021: £1bn Towns Fund for 45 areas of England

3/3/2021 11:17:00 PM

Budget 2021: £1bn Towns Fund for 45 areas of England

The list of places in England receiving funds is dominated by the north west, Yorkshire and Midlands.

Workington in Cumbria will receive £23m, which the local council said would support projects including a sports village and innovation centre.Mike Johnson, Conservative deputy leader of Allerdale Borough Council, called it "absolutely fantastic news" and said the authority would work to "bring these projects to life and make the town an even better place to live, work and visit".

image captionGreat Yarmouth will receive about £20m in funding from the dealPeter Barnes, the BBC's head of political researchThere are 45 towns named but as some cover multiple constituencies, I've counted 56 constituencies that benefit.

Forty-seven are Conservative constituencies - including 14 gained from Labour at the 2019 election plus quite a few more recent Conservative gains, while nine are Labour constituencies.Fifty-three of the constituencies voted "leave" at the EU referendum. Three voted "remain". headtopics.com

In a way that's not very surprising - Labour seats and "remain" areas are concentrated in cities - but it's still pretty striking.The plans that the Norfolk seaside town of Great Yarmouth has for its £20m include job creation, supporting new homes and "to tap into and grow a thriving arts and cultural scene".

Chairman of the town deal board, Henry Cator, said the "ambition [was] to realise a vibrant and inclusive coastal economy".Meanwhile, Lincolnshire has five towns, as well as Lincoln, in the list to receive funding.Jo Walker, assistant director for growth at City of Lincoln Council, said the £19m it was due to receive would "help make a significant difference in the city as we come out of lockdown and begin our recovery from the pandemic".

But Mr Reynolds, the Labour MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, used the example of Greater Manchester and called decisions for where funds would go "inexplicable".He said: "A government serious about levelling up would look at things like council funding. It would look at the funding of the health service to address health inequalities in post-industrial areas.

"Instead what we seem to get are these pots from the chancellor dependent on giving money to backbench Conservative MPs, and I find that so frustrating and a misuse of public money."Challenged on the allocations at a Downing Street news briefing, Mr Sunak said that "if you looked at all the things" the government was doing it was "benefitting people in every corner of the country". headtopics.com

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You might also want to report that 40 out of the 45 towns that received this funding just so happen to have Conservative MPs! But hey, corruption, who cares about that these days!! Milton Keynes in the East, ? It’s 50 miles north west of London 🤔 More Conservative levelling up in Conservative constituencies.

DJAFothergill Swindon & Bournemouth are not really the SW! Nowt when you think of the billions they've give their mates for ridiculous contacts. Track and Trace the £22 billion world beating failure.